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Fang of Kiva!

Chapter 11! Enter Kivala! Femme Fatale Royale!

(Last time on Fang of Kiva...)

She grinned. "Now!"

IXA didn't waste any time and ran forward, slashing at Neo Bishop. He cried out in agony and fell to his knees, leaving himself wide open. Nukid quickly reacted and placed a device on his belt.


When his sword glow a bright orange, he lunged and landed a fatal slash. The Fangire cried out one last time before he shattered into several pieces.

Both of them stood there, breathing heavy and aching. Megumi couldn't help but smile slightly and sigh in relief. "Finally…"

"Heh, I think he was more of a nuisance than a big challenge…" Nukid joked as he dehenshined. Then, he turned to her and asked, "You okay?"

She nodded. "I'm fine…" She pushed herself up, but she staggered slightly from her hurt leg. "Well…not one hundred percent…"

He chuckled and walked over to her, helping her stay standing. "C'mon, let's get you back to HQ. Then, we'll come out here and find some more Fangires." He said.

Megumi nodded as they made their way to the motorcycle…


"Your right boy, I am Neo Queen, and I am here to eliminate you," She said calmly as she prepared another attack.

Kiva tensed up ready to evade again when suddenly a small blurring figure slammed into the face of Neo Queen making her stagger then it seemed to slash something at the Neo Queen's arms, as she was a Angler Fish Fangire who growled, as the figure landed on a nearby lamppost,

"Who are you!" Neo Queen growled as she was glowing in rage.

"What was that?" Kiva muttered.

" can't be...?" Kivat gawked as the figure was shadowy at the moment...but was Bat shaped, almost like the shape of Kivat...

(And now back to the normal episode)

Neo Queen was nursing a bump on her cheek from the unknown figure that had attacked her, while Kiva...looking confused on his bike as a small figure was standing on a nearby lamppost.

"Alright you little cretin, who're you!" Neo Queen growled as the figure giggled an almost light female voice..

"Presenting, the Beautiful Princess of kivat clan, beautiful, sexy and ooh so cute, ladies and Gentlemen, I am Princess Kivala!" Is heard as the figure was revealed to be a Kivat clan bat, Silver in color with red eyes with eyelashes, pink lipstick lips and was almost half Kivat's size...

"KIVALA-NEE-CHAN!" Kivat said as he flew over to her unperching from Kiva's belt as he looked at her.

"What're you doing here!" Kivat asked.

"Oh Onii-sama! I was just checking up on my big brother of course," Kivala smiled as she smiles.

"Besides I wanted to see the one who's your battle partner, and I must admit he is strong," Kivala said looking at Kiva.

"But I'm also here for another reason, I've been searching for my battle partner," Kivala said as Kivat froze.

"What? What!" Kivat said in shock as Kivala giggles.

"Oh silly Onii-sama," She giggles and almost turned her head to a nearby street.

"You can come out not Aibou," She giggles as slowly a figure walked down the street into view of Kiva, Kivat and Neo Queen who was still confused and angry but Kiva's eyes behind his helmet widened.

"Hikari-nee-chan.." Kiva said as Hikari Ino walked into view and smiled softly.

"Ross-nii-san, allow me to fight this one," Hikari said softly as Neo Queen just scoffed and turned to the Balance.

"A Balance huh...hmm I have always wanted to taste that energy," She purred as Hikari glared and suddenly her Fangire Markings appeared surprising Neo Queen and Kiva.

"Kivala," She said softly as the Bat giggles and flies into Hikari's right hand as she holds Kivala between her thumb and one finger.

"Henshin" Hikari said softly as a heart shaped purple mark appeared on her forehead, as suddenly a huge amount of Purple Hearts flew into the air and began forming around Hikari shielding her from view as an armour formed around her.

White almost Silver Armour was on her body with a purple breast plate, her helmet was Similiar to Kiva except with Bright Red Crimson Fangs on her helmet, a small thin belt with Kivala on it as Hikari now Kivala stood there holding a long almost fencing styled sword.

"Who are you suppose to be!" Neo Queen glared.

"Kamen Rider...Kivala!" Hikari said in a confident voice.

"Ross-nii-san, go...she is mine," Hikari said softly as Kiva glanced at the Rider and Fangire before nodding,

"Right.." Kiva said as his bike began revving up.

"You be careful Imouto!" Kivat said before the Bike drove off leaving the trio alone. Kivala calmly turned to Neo Queen as Kivala herself giggled.

"Now let's begin Hikari-chan," Kivala said to her, as Hikari nodded under her armour as Neo Queen calmly summoned her weapon,

"Right! Let's go!" She said rushing at Neo Queen her sword at the ready as the Fake Queen brought her own sword to block Kivala's attack.

There blades clashed in a shower of sparks as she chuckles.

"Impressive but not good enough little one," She grins pushing Kivala away who rolled backwards landing in a crouch with her sword in guard position.

"Hmm not bad for a faker," Kivala giggles from the belt as Hikari who wore the helmet watched Neo Queen scowl at that looking more angry than she let on as she clenched a fist on the blade she held.

"Faker! I am the real Queen!" She growled before rushing forward as Kivala rolled to the side to avoid it before slashing at Neo Queen's Chest as sparks flew the Fangire stumbled back glaring at Kivala who calmly moved into another sword stance.

"Wow...this is incredible.." Hikari said softly as Kivala giggled.

"Yeah it is Hikari-chan, just let me give you all the knowledge you need," She said as Kivala jumped forward and went for a rapid fire stabbing attacks as Neo Queen constantly tried to avoid the strikes but a few connected causing sparks and shards of Stain glass to go flying as Neo Queen landed hard on the ground as Kivala moved her sword pointing upward on her right side as almost Purple like wings seemed to appearing behind her,

"That's it, now Sonic Stab!" Kivala called out as Hikari lunged forward and suddenly stabbed into the Neo Queen who gasped as the blade's tip came out the other side.

"No...NO! This can't be possible!" She screamed out before she turned into stain glass and shattered into nothing, as Kivala sighed,

"We did it!" Hikari cheered as Kivala giggled again.

"Yes we did Hikari-chan, but first let's get to Kivat-onii-sama and his partner," Kivala said as the new Rider headed off after Kiva...


The Thundering roar of the Machine Kivaa was heard through the streets as Kiva now only heard one tune from the bloody Rose...only one was left to handle as he revved up the motorcycle and continued moving forward heading towards a nearby open town square, where calmly leaning on a tree was a figure, wearing dark carapace bug like armour with stain glass wings and also stainglass around its yellow eyes and on it's torso, he was all over very menacing looking as he had a Beetle like horn between his eyes poking straight up and a longsword like the ones normal fangires used but twice as long and wide it was currently in a sheath on his back as he chuckled.

"So finally made it...I'm glad to see the others didn't slow you down too glorious my victory shall be.." He laughed as Kiva got off the Machine Kivaa and stared down Neo King.

"Your Comrades are defeated Neo King, there is nothing you can do now!" Kiva said unsure where Neo Bishop had gone not knowing of the Fangire's death at IXA's hand.

Neo King just chuckled before laughing almost maniacal, "Oh foolish Kiva, I only have to Defeat King myself...the King of the Fangires, once he is dead, the title of King shall be mine, I shall rule the Fangire Clan and put Humanity and all races in there place, as Cattle for us to feast on," He laughed as Kiva clenched his fists.

"And what makes you think I'll simply let you do that?" Kiva asked moving into a fighting stance as Neo King chuckled cracking his knuckles.

"I was hoping you'd say that Kiva...once I defeat you, King will be a stepping stone," He chuckled grinning darkly as the pair faced off an almost eerie calm fell the area...before a nearby tree had it's leaf blown off it's branches and Kiva suddenly lunged forward fist reared back for a Punch!

'This ends now!' Was Kiva and Kivat's combined thoughts!

(And that's that, Neo Queen is dead a New Rider appears and Neo King and Kiva are ready to time, Kiva pulls all the stops to finish off Neo King, when none of the Monster arms work alone...Kiva goes for a risky move and goes all in! Next time! Rumble of Kings, DoGaBaKi!)