Waves crashed gently on the beach sand as the water ran up and down the shore. The sunset provided light to the little boy on the beach. He lay asleep on the sand as water rushed up to his feet and pulled back.

He was alone, but not for long.

In a crash of thunder with a strike of lightning, a man suddenly appeared on the beach. The waves crashed harder on the beach as another man emerged from the water. They walked in silence over to the sleeping boy.

"Poseidon…" the man who had appeared after the lightning struck spoke. Poseidon hushed him with a hand. He reached over and gently picked up the sleeping child.

"Zeus…" he spoke in a quiet voice. The child leaned against his chest, his small hand clenching the Hawaiian shirt as he slept.

"You know the rules." Zeus breathed. He eyes the sleeping form and sighed.

"I know but… Sally…She's gone…And Percy he's just a child" Poseidon said sadly.

Percy stirred for a second before falling still again.

"Zeus, let the counsel decide, shall we?" Poseidon asked willfully. Zeus stayed silent for a moment.

"It is not of my ways…But we shall let them decide." He said unsure.

Poseidon gave him a small smile," Thank you, brother."

Zeus grunted and turned from him.

"…Mommy?" a small voice asked in a frightened tone. Poseidon rubbed Percy's small back before whispering comforting words to the two year old. Zeus shut his eyes and sighed.

"Meet me back at Olympus and I shall get Hermes to gather everyone." He said before disappearing in a flash of lightning.

Poseidon looked down at his son, whose eyes were still frightened." I guess its just you and me then." He said softly. There was a loud boom of thunder and a crack of lightning.

"I guess I should not test your uncle's patience." He chuckled before he and Percy disappeared into a wave.