Percy stopped struggling as tears trailed over his red cheeks. He wanted to go home. He wanted his daddy. He didn't like the man who was holding him. He looked back to see a faint sight of Thalia. He reached his hand out toward her which the man didn't really seem to care.

"Let go!" Percy screamed when the man's hand against his mouth loosened. He received a slight hit to the back of the head causing him to cry out in pain.

"Shut up, little brat," the man growled, turning down into another hall trying to find a different way to get out of the hotel. Its not like he could carry Percy out the entrance, with the kid crying and everything, and if he did the other thing…Well the gods would find out exactly where he was going.

They passed the pool area and water shot out of the pool and toward the man. He waved his hand at it and the water dropped back in the pool. "No more of that."

Percy squirmed and his hand shot out and hit the man in the face. He scowled and threw the little boy over his shoulder. "Stop moving."

Percy looked toward where he saw Thalia, when he saw she wasn't there anymore he whimpered.

Meanwhile, our very own smart little girl, Thalia had used her electricity power to unlock one of the floored hotel rooms. She slid into the room quickly and threw open the slide glass window and dashed to the end of the building, waiting for her cousin and her prey.

Percy had his thumb in his mouth, dried tears stained his cheeks as the man carried him. He had given up fighting, knowing he was too small to do any damage. The man sighed in relief when he saw himself approaching the exit door.

"Once I get to the destination, I can finally bring him to-"he never got to finish his sentence. A basketball was flung out of no where into his face. Normally he could have dodged it but not expecting an attack kind of threw him off guard.

"Percy! Do your trick!" A voice yelled and said little boy's head flew up smiling and water suddenly drenched the man. Thalia ran up and aimed a kick at the guy's shin but was soon grabbed by the arm.

"No!" she cried. "Now! Luke!"

Suddenly a boy appeared out of the bushes with a knife in hand, he tried stabbing the man but his foot shot back and causing look to cough and grab onto the man's leg.

"Let him go!" Thalia growled angrily at the guy.

A large wave of pool water crashed onto them. Percy, Luke, and Thalia were pulled off of the man and dragged back toward the controller of the water.

"Oceanus, leave now," the Sea God's angry voice growled. He gathered up his shaking son and glared at the predator in front of him.

"Fine, but I'll be back, for Percy," the god smirk before he turned around and disappeared in a disperse of mist. The moody Poseidon turned back to the kids behind him.

"Uh oh…" Thalia whispered, she knew they were busted.

Percy clung tightly to his father's leg, crying. Poseidon's eyes softened as he picked up his son. " This doesn't mean ya'll are off the hook."