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Well, maybe I shouldn't say Bacon anymore. I mean, after all, bacon should not be kept around for long. It gets gross, slimy, and frankly, no one wants to go near it.

I suppose I'll think of another name for you when the opportune time arises. So for now you are to be continued...

I sigh, close my laptop and lean back against the head rest. Have I really gone insane? I'm now actually talking to my diary, I mean journal, like it was an actual thing.

Maybe I've breathed in too many chemicals or have had too many Milky Way bars. Whichever the case may be, it can't be good for someone who is already in a bad position to begin with.

Max is still pretty pissed off at me. The tension seemed to ease a little, after we stopped to get some cheap doughnuts, though.

Although, I'm really not too concerned about Max at the moment, I'm more worried about what Ella thinks of me.

Lately, I've been careful not to make any wrong moves in front of Ella. I guess it's all my guy hormones acting up.

I don't burp like I usually do or play tackle with Gazzy when she's around. I act like a poised gentleman. Well, as much as a six foot mutant bird kid can be.

Leaning over I whisper to Ella, "Are you mad at me?"

I can feel her breath as she leans closer to me and gives a breezy laugh as she replies, "Of course not. It's not the worst you could have done."

I laugh, "Well, what did you have in mind?" I lean in closer to her. She's about to reply when I hear a cough coming from the passenger seat.

Automatically, I scoot away from Ella and back to the position I was in before.

"Alright you love birds, we having a bathroom break" Fang says. I scowl at his joke.

Gravel crunches under the car so I know we must be in some remote area. I feel the car jerk left and then right and then jerk to a stop. Max is still a crappy driver, even though we've been on the run for awhile now. I don't think she'll improve.

I've already suggested that I should drive but I immediately got negative responses from the flock. Something along the lines of "I'll kill them all". Psssssh, whatever.

So the Erasers won't kill them, but me behind a steering wheel will? Give me a break.

Car doors open and slam around me as everyone files out. I step out myself and do one of my classic body stretches. Being crammed in a car for hours on end isn't good for a normal human being, let alone a mutant human.

"Finally! I thought I was gonna have to go in the car!" Gazzy says as I hear him run into a store, which I assume to be the gas station.

I laugh inwardly. We, bird kids, are notorious for eating a lot of food, which means we have a pretty big stomach.

The downside to that is since we have a huge stomach, there's not as much room for our bladder.

Which means not a ton of room to hold our pee.

I'll let you do the math.

Angel touches my hand lightly and I squeeze my hand around hers. "What does it look like?" I ask. I try to pick up on temperature surroundings but there's not much to go off of. There's no breeze and there's clouds covering the sun.

These are the days I get frustrated for being blind. It's hard enough being in a new area but when you can't see, it just sucks.

"We're in a desert area" Angel says. "There's lots of cactus, and sand. We're at a gas station right now. Fang, Gazzy, and Nudge are in the store. Max is getting gas for the car. And…" Angel pauses for a moment and giggles.

"And?" I ask, curiosity in my tone.

I hear the smile in Angel's voice as she replies, "And Ella wants to talk to you about something important." She laughs her little girl laugh and skips away. I feel my face heat up as I blush uncontrollably.

Keep it together, Iggy. It's just Ella. It's not like you like her or anything. Wait…no, you do.

I sigh and tell myself to shut up. I hear Ella shuffle over to me, quietly and if my ears don't mistake me, shyly.

"Hi, Iggy. Do you want to go inside?" Ella asks, "It's pretty hot out here."

I shake my head slightly. "Nah, I'm trying to work on my tan. Us fair skinned people need to roast and toast." I smile in her general direction and then to demonstrate my point, I lift my head towards the heat of the sun and put my arms out in front of me, with the underside facing up.

Ella laughs, which is exactly what I was hoping for. Score. "You're so odd. Do you want to walk around for a little while, then?"

I nod my head and cautiously hold out my hand for hers. Thankfully, she takes it without hesitation and we slowly walk down the gravel road.

Think, Iggy, think. What would a romance novel conversation begin with. Think Twilight….

And yes, I read Twilight. Any reasonable person does if they are to become a more romantic person. And so, me being the very quick tongued person I am, I immediately blurt out the first line I can think of.

"I'm sorry I'm not the right kind of monster for you, Bella."

Did I really just say that?

I'll have to add that to my "What Not to Say to a Girl You Like" list.

Awkward minutes pass and I try to think of an excuse for saying that but Ella beats me to it.

She stifles a laugh, "Did you just quote Twilight?"

"Yes?" I ask questionably, trying to make sense of what I really just said. The blush creeps up my neck as I try to shrug it off. Of course that doesn't work and I begin my descent into hell.

She stops walking and I'm forced to halt my embarrassing tread into the abyss. She turns to me and leans in. "Well, I thought it was pretty cute, given the circumstances." I don't move as she leans in and gives me a quick kiss on my cheek.

I feel as though my entire body is freezing except for where Ella kissed me, which has turned extremely hot and I hope it stays like that the rest of my life. I slowly and cautiously smile. I'm about to speak and say something intelligent when Angel runs up to us.

"We're going to get going soon so you might want to hurry up….with whatever you guys are doing" She giggles and lightly skips away.

Now it's Ella's turn to go red as we head back to the gas station. I feel her hand get warmer in mine to know she's blushing.

Something inside me chickens out and I know I don't have the guts to go into the gas station holding hands with her. Especially when everyone's there.

"Ella?" I say while stopping.

She stops, too and turns to me, hope in her voice, "Yes?"

I wish I could tell her my feelings right now but all that comes out is, "I left something back in the sand. I have to go get it. Why don't you meet me inside?"

Ella's disappointment shows in her voice, "Oh, okay. I guess I'll just…yeah."

Great, now Ella thinks I hate her or I really don't like her. I start to run back to the spot where Ella gave me the kiss.

Why can't I be manlier for her? I think to myself. Come on, Iggy. You've fought monsters, but you can't tell a girl your feelings?

Maybe I have gone insane. I'm about to have a full out debate with my self when the world turns upside down.

A massive, solid, force hits me front on. The force feels like a wall, and believe me, I've had plenty of experience with those. I rebound from the force and fall flat on my back.

I'm trying to make a cool remark or even cuss but all that comes out is a deep groan. I feel blood gushing from my noise, but other than that I think I'm fine. I get ready to stand up, but instead pass out.

I wake up slowly. I try to adjust to my surroundings as best as I can. I'm lying on something hard and cold. It must be the floor of the gas station. It's airconditioned but I feel hot breaths close to me. The flock and Ella must be around me, probably worried out of their minds. I groan and slowly sit up.

"Careful," Max says "You took a real hit" Yeah, no kidding, Max. Way to point out the obvious.

As a confused person I ask the most sensible question, "What the hell happened?"

Gazzy laughs, "We were inside the store while you and Ella were…ummmm….outside." He pauses awkwardly but continues when I glare at him, "Then Ella came in and you were running the opposite direction. Then it was so weird…"

It was now Nudge's turn to butt in and continue The Fantastic Tale of Iggy, "It was like something just hit you. Or more like you ran into something. Like an invisible force? Sooooo Coool!"

I nod, "Yup, that's what it felt like. I'm glad you're concerned, Nudge" I'm now able to sit up and I feel a warm hand close around mine.

Ella. At least she's not as upset as I thought.

I hear Max stand up and sigh, "I'll go check out what it was. You guys stay here and I'll meet you in the car." She grabs some cash from her pocket and hands it to someone.

Fang, I'm guessing. "Buy some food for the trip."

I hear the bell, that signals a customer, beep as she leaves. I'm finally able to stand up and do so. I wipe a hand across my face and feel dry blood. I've had worse. But lately I've been worried about my appearance. Again, guy hormones.

I still feel Ella's hand in mine. I have to go wash off the blood but I don't want to leave her again like I did outside. So in as confident a tone as I can do, I say, "Ella, can you help me clean up a bit" She smiles.

"Sure, the bathroom's over here" She gently leads me through the aisles of candy, and junk food to the bathrooms in the back. We walk into the bathroom but don't shut the door. Don't want the flock to get any ideas…..

Outside, at the register, I hear the cashier ask, "Are you sure you can pay for all this?" No doubt in awe of how much stuff we got. We mutants need our energy.

Ella starts the water in the sink and pulls some paper towels from the roll. "I swear, you are the clumsiest person I have ever seen." She laughs and begins to gently wipe off the blood on my cheek.

I laugh along with her, "I've seen clumsier. And Ella?" She continues to clean but I know she's listening. "I'm sorry for not saying anything out there. I guess I was just a little bit nervous."

She smiles, "A flying kid? Nervous? That's a first." I don't smile back though. This is it, the moment where I have to lay my cards on the table and confess my undying love. Okay, so maybe I have been reading a little too much Twilight.

What's a guy to do?

"It's just, I was nervous to tell you how I really feel. I just.." but of course, with my luck something always goes wrong. Whether that being hit by an invisible force or Gazzy. He runs into the bathroom, out of breath.

"Yes, Gazzy?" I say as calmly as I can, even though I'm as jittery as hell inside.

Panic fills his voice, "It's Max. She's gone!" I step away from Ella. In unison we yell, "What?" and run out of the bathroom, the moment before forgotten.

Ella grabs my hand and leads me out the gas station front doors, over pot holes and to the spot where I was attacked by an invisible force.

"Where did she go?" Angel asks, fear creeping in to her voice. No one answers her, trying to look for answers.

Slowly, I walk forward and rest my hand on something. It feels likes a wall. "Is there a door here?" I ask. I feel it, but since I'm blind I can't exactly see if it's really there.

Fang steps forward and puts his hand on it, too. "No, It's invisible" I carefully walk my hand down the wall, trying to find a doorknob but no such luck.

My hand finally hits the ground, there's a breeze coming from the other side of the invisible force even though the desert is still. And then I feel it.

A lone piece of paper.

It's folded into a rectangle, half sticking out from under the door. I slowly grab it and hold it up for everyone to see.

"What are we looking at?" Nudge says. So it is invisible like the door. I carefully open up the folded piece of paper. My sensitive fingers roam over the cheap paper, looking for signs or clues that could help us.

And then I feel something.

At the top left corner of the paper are four letters that are lightly raised on the paper. Only my sensitive fingers would have caught them. My heart sinks as my finger tips carefully slide over each letter, one at a time.

I swallow and read the word out to the flock and Ella.


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