The Rise of Power

Summary: Bella is a guard on the lower level of the scale while Alec is part of the elite guard, or top dogs. They've seen each other around the Volturi Castle, but thought nothing of it. Then everyone finds out that she's not just a beauty, as she makes her way through the ranks and moves to princess as Marcus's daughter, and learns that Alec is her mate.


Prologue of Sorts:

Varying shades of color from gray to black. Then there's the red. The colors show our ranks. The lightest of grays being the lowest while the red is the elite guard. As a guard member, and a very low one at that, I go on missions for the Volturi to make sure that no vampire breaks the rules that we have set up. I am Isabella Swan, and this is how I went from being the lowest of low, to princess-almost queen- of the vampire world. But it's also how I met the most wonderful vampire, mate, husband, and elite guardsmen of all. His name: Alec Volturi.

Chapter 1: Bella POV:

I don't think he's ever seen me before, but I've seen him multiple times and he's gorgeous…no more than that, but there isn't a word made that I can use to describe him. But he's also an elite guardsmen, and with his sister at his side, he's one of the most feared in the world. What am I to him but a lowly guard who doesn't have any power of doesn't go on that many missions? I can easily answer that; to him I'm nothing, solely because I don't exist.

Alec Volturi, tall, dark hair, about 18 or so, but frozen forever as a vampire. But then again, I'm frozen forever as a vampire also, with mahogany hair, of average height, and 17. Anywho, back to the telling of this story. Alec, and his sister Jane, they practically rule over the guards, while Aro, Marcus, and Caius rule over the rest of the vampire world. Us guards go on missions making sure that no human knows of vampires, or bringing in vampires that broke the law. We only have one law, and that law: Make damn sure that no human knows of us.

Unfortunately, I was one of those humans. I didn't know how I knew that they were vampires, but I just did, and now, because of the time that I was in the southern wars, I have many scars. I had escaped before The God of War noticed, during a battle. His second in command, Peter, noticed but my guess is that he didn't tell anyone because I was like his little sister, and I owe him for it. As soon as I caught the color of some evil, twisted bitches eyes, which were a brick red color, I knew she wasn't human, and as soon as she touched me, I knew that she was a vampire, and she changed me, saying that one day I would have a great power. Yeah fucking right.

So, I'm going to skip ahead in my story by a few hours, because in between now and then, I didn't do anything except for read, but Aro called all of the lower guards to the throne room, and all 100 or so of us were present within the second. All of the elite guards were there as well, since they were the protectors of Aro, Caius, and Marcus when they weren't on missions. I hadn't realized it, but today was 'judgment' day. The day that some guards are moved up in ranks, and some killed. I had a very strange feeling, that today of all days for me, was going to be hectic starting now.

"So, as all of you know, today is our judgment day. 20 of you will be promoted, and 40 of you will be killed…" Aro stated in his sickly sweet voice before coming to stand in front of us. He started to walk down the line that we had formed, and he stopped in front of me, stopping his speech, and his movement. "What's your name little one?" he asked me. All eyes were on me, and I was freaking out in my mind.

"Isabella Swan, master," I muttered, looking anywhere but at him. I faintly heard Jane growl, but I wasn't paying much attention as to who she was growling at.

"Ah, yes, Isabella, I remember you," Aro said. "You came to us, wanting to join because of undisclosed reasons. May I see your hand?" he asked while holding out his hand. I, reluctantly, gave him mine, not wanting him to see my time in the southern wars. After a few seconds of Aro holding my hand trying to get a read on my memories, he stood there in shock. He dropped my hand before taking a step back. "I…I can't read you. Jane, Alec, come here," he said.

"Yes master?" they said at the same time, while I visibly gulped. I couldn't take my eyes off of Alec even if he was going to torture me in the way that any vampire can be tortured, by losing their senses. Jane I knew would get a tickle off of putting me in so much pain, I'd collapse to the floor.

"Jane, I would like you to cause Ms. Swan some pain," Aro told her. I just stood there, while Jane was glaring at me, and I didn't feel anything. "Incredible," Aro breathed. "Alec, try cutting off her senses." Again, nothing happened, and there were gasps going around the room, and I was just standing there, to shocked to do anything. "Incredible…I can't read her, and the witch twins power doesn't work on her," Aro said.

I started to look away, and I know that as a human, I would be blushing so hard. I saw a glimpse of movement from behind Aro, and saw Marcus start to make his way to where Aro, Alec, Jane, and I were. "Brother?" he asked, holding out his hand to Aro, while his eyes darted between Alec and I. "Maybe she's a mental shield, and from the looks of the amount of scars she has, it looks like she knows how to fight," he continued. If I wasn't shocked before, then I am now. Marcus has never said this much since Didyme died. More gasps went around the room as Marcus smiled before giving me a hug. "Mia figlia," he muttered, and of course everyone heard and gasped again. "My daughter," he muttered again, but this time in English. After he let go of me, I fell on my ass, much to my embarrassment, and everyone looked at me some more.

Aro grabbed Marcus's hand again and started to squeal like a little girl. "Okay, uhm, this will continue at a later time today, everyone but the elite guards and Ms. Swan are dismissed," he said while I was being helped up by Marcus.

"Thank you," I told him, smiling some.

"Oh, this is just great!" Aro squealed again, while looking between Alec, Marcus and I. "Mia nipote," he muttered.

"Uhm, not trying to be rude, but what the hell is going on?" I asked.

"Yes, I think an explanation is in order," Caius agreed.

Nobody would stop staring at me, and I was getting frustrated. "Damnit, I'm not some shiny new toy, so you can all stop staring at me!" I yelled, shocking everyone and myself at the same time.

"Feisty," I heard someone mutter. I ignored that, while looking down, and finding interest in my neon pink converse.

"Yes, feisty she is," I heard Aro say. "Ms. Swan, would you please tell us of your story?" he asked me. I gulped and nodded my head slightly before sitting back on the ground. "Would you like a chair?"

I shook my head before saying, "No thank you. The ground is much more comfortable." I took a few deep breaths before telling them that they may want to sit down somewhere, and to my shock, they all sat down in front of me. "Well, I was changed around the time of the American Civil War by someone named Maria. I knew what she was as soon as her icy hands grabbed me and I saw her eyes. When I woke up from the transformation, she grabbed me by the hair and dragged me over to her commanding officer, someone called "The God of War," and his second in command, Peter," I said, pausing when I heard them gasp at the name "God of War." I gathered my thoughts some more before I continued.

"'Jasper, teach her everything you, Peter, and Charlotte know. One day she's going to be powerful beyond belief,' Maria said. I was just staring at her in shock, and very calmed. Jasper, Peter, and Charlotte did as they were told, and after about 100 battles, not only between the other newborns and I, but with the wars for territory, I gathered my multitude of scars, and during one of the battles, I couldn't take it anymore and I ran. Peter was on duty for making sure none of the newborns killed each other, so he saw me run, but I came to love him as an older brother, and me his little sister. My guess is, is that he didn't tell anyone that I escaped, because no one came after me, I wandered around for a few years, learning different languages, seeing different sights, before I came to your doorstep and asking to join the guard. Now I know everything there is to know about fighting, because of Jasper, Peter, and Charlotte, and that's my story," I told them.

"Wait, you trained under Jasper Whitlock, the God of War?" Alec asked me. I nodded my head before playing with my fingers. "Prove it then," Alec said.

I raised an eyebrow at him. "Who would be willing to fight me? I can take on multiple attackers, or just one. Ripping their limbs off or not?" I asked him.

"Felix can fight you, and you can gladly rip his limbs off," Caius said.

"Gladly huh?" I asked mischievously. "May I take the robe off because it'd just be a waste if it ripped?" I asked them. They all nodded their heads and as I took off the robe, I heard everyone gasp. I forgot that I was wearing a blood red tank top, and that everyone would be able to see all my scars. "Oh yeah, forgot about all those," I muttered. "Which one of you is Felix?" I asked the 4 elite guards, while smirking.

"I am," said a big burly figure with reddish hair.

"This is going to be easy," I muttered more to myself then anyone around me, but they all heard me anyways. Everybody gave Felix and me some room to work with as I started to crouch down slowly. Felix did the same, and we started a deadly dance, circling each other and growling slightly. I waited for him to make the first move, and he did. He came barreling at me, and I sidestepped him while grabbing an arm and twisting it behind his back before pulling it off. All you could hear was the sound of metal being shredded. I threw his arm to Jane, before Felix came barreling at me again. This time I punched him while kicking out his legs and grabbing those in the same manner as his arm, and twisted them off and threw them in opposite sides of the room. He couldn't move anymore unless he dragged himself on one arm, and he did, but I stepped on him and pulled that arm off. "Must I rip off his head too?" I asked the shocked onlookers.

"That won't be necessary," Marcus told me, which caused me to pout. "Although you can help us fuse him back together."

"Okay, fast and easy, or slow and painful?" I asked.

"There are two different ways?" Jane asked me? I nodded my head before grabbing an arm and holding it into place before slowly licking around the tear.

"Fast and easy," I said, after I did that while crinkling my nose. I grabbed his other arm and just held it there, waiting for the skin to slowly fuse together. "And slow and painful," I muttered darkly. "I am not going to lick his legs back to his body, someone else can do that or let him suffer greatly," I said to everyone.

I heard faint chuckling from someone standing next to Alec, and I watched and sent him a glare as his shoulders stopped shaking. I looked away again, and I heard him mutter something like, "dude, she's your dream girl," to Alec, but I really didn't care. He spoke up again, this time louder than before. "How did you do that in under a minute?" he asked me.

"I'd say talent, but it's mainly because other than Peter, Charlotte, and Jasper, I was the best fighter. Almost took out the bitch that stopped me, but Peter and Charlotte calmed me down," I told him.

"Wow," he muttered, along with everyone else.

I chuckled darkly before putting my robe back on. "Is there anything else you need me to demonstrate?" I asked them.

"The three brothers had a quick conversation before Aro spoke up saying, "Jane, go get Isabella another robe, a red one if you will." Then he turned to me and said, "Nothing else to demonstrate, but you will be part of the elite guard and work with Alec and Demetri on making your shield expand, and you will teach them what you know about fighting, so that they can do what you just did."

I bowed my head respectfully and said, "Yes master," as Jane came back in with a red robe, and smiling.

"Here you go Isabella," she said sweetly, handing me the robe while giving me a beautiful smile.

"Uhm…thanks?" I asked, slightly scared while everyone else was staring in shock.

"What? I'm finally excited that I'm not the only girl in the elite guard, and I can finally have a friend that's not scared of me," Jane explained pouting slightly.

I gathered her in a hug before saying things that I didn't expect to say, such as telling her that she'd be the first friend I had since Peter and Charlotte. She hugged me back tightly before we let go of each other. "So…uhm…can I ask a question?" I asked them.

"Yes Mia figlia," Marcus told me.

"Why are you calling me that?" I asked slightly rudely. "Sorry, didn't mean for that to be rude."

"No matter. Now, you know how I can see the bonds that people have with other people correct?" At my nod he continued. "Well, I can sense your bonds very well, and the bond that we share is father daughter, while the bond that you share with Aro and Caius are more uncle niece. Jane is your sister while Felix and Demetri are your brothers, and so on like that."

"Weird, but okay," I said, slightly wondering why he didn't mention Alec, but too shy to bring it up.

"Jane, will you take Isabella to her new room? The one between yours and Alec's?" Aro asked her. He turned to me and said, "All of your stuff has already been moved into your new room. Then come back here tomorrow for there shall be a mission."

"Yes master," Jane and I said at the same time. She linked her arm with mine and we started to skip out of the room while singing, "We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz." We heard laughs from the throne room, while the people in the halls were giving us weird looks. After a while, we reached a door in the middle of a hallway and we stopped there.

"This is your room. I'm on the left side of you, and Alec is on the right side. Don't hesitate to ask either me or him anything," she told me before pushing me into my room. It was beautiful; it had dark red walls and carpeting, with a large, four-poster, queen sized bed in the middle. It had two walls that had all of my books on them, on the other wall, was two doors, one leading to the bathroom, and one leading to the closet. I walked over to both, trying to figure out which was the closet, and I got it right on my first guess. I grabbed a pair of the black skinny jeans that I own, a dark blue tank top, and a matching pair of lacy bra/panties before walking into the bathroom and getting a shower. I washed my hair and did all the things that a girl would need to do before getting out of the shower and grabbing a towel. I dried myself off and then started to towel dry my hair. As soon as that was done I put on the panties and bra, before I brushed out my hair and pulled it up into a bun. Then I put on my jeans and shirt before I walked out of the bathroom and back into the closet. I found a pair of dark blue heels and put them on before I put on my robe.

At about that time, Jane poked her head in and told me that we had to go back to the throne room to get our mission. We made it back at the same time as Alec, Demetri, and Felix, they all bowed and let Jane and I go first, and I raised an eyebrow at Jane. "Is that normal?" I asked her.

"Only if they're up to something," she said. I smirked at her before suddenly stopping. I knew that Alec was behind me for some reason, and I felt him bump into me.

I turned around quickly before looking away in fake embarrassment. "Sorry, I didn't realize that you were behind me," I told him, while Jane started to giggle. I leaned up to where my mouth was next to his ear before whispering so only he could hear me. "Do it again, and you'll lose something vitally important to a man," before walking away from him and towards Jane, who was down right laughing. I looked behind me and saw Alec with a look of awe, shock, and fear on his face. I started to laugh with Jane, before we got called to order.

"Your mission, is to find Peter, Charlotte, and the God of War, and get them to come to us so they can either help us defeat Maria's army which is uprising in the south, or to train us so we can do it ourselves," Aro said, sounding bored. "If they choose to help us, then they can bring their covens with them if they have one and once they help us, they can go back to living their ordinary lives. Either way, they need to come to Volterra to train us. Dismissed."

We bowed our heads before leaving to go to pack some clothes, and go to the airport. We all went to our rooms, and I only grabbed a small sized duffel bag and put the import necessities in it before walking back to the hallway. Alec was already done and Jane was coming out of her room carrying a huge ass bag. "Jane, do you have enough clothes?" I asked her.

"No, this isn't even a drawer full of clothes," she told me. I stared at her in shock before slightly shuttering.

"I don't even want to know how much you shop," I told her, while slowly inching my way towards Alec. Jane pouted before walking towards me, which caused me to make my way towards Alec even faster. "Please, don't! I hate shopping, and I know what you're thinking," I said to her.

"Fine, but lets just go meet up with Felix and Demetri so we can go already," she said.

I sighed out of relief and stopped moving towards Alec