Author's Warning: this third and final chapter contains smut. If you don't like it, please don't read it. You've been warned.

For a second, their eyes met and Jenny wondered whether it was just completely unfair to Brian to have used him for a while only to go back to Jethro in the end, but as the latter attacked her lips with his own in a breathtaking, bruising kiss, the tinge of guilt she had felt flew out the window.

This was so much better than kissing Brian had ever been. It was Jethro taking the lead, kissing her the way she liked to be kissed. No tentative touches, no pulling back except to take a breath when the lack of oxygen became a problem.

It was overwhelming and familiar, and filled with more emotion than she should have been comfortable with.

Her hands fisted in his short silver hair, and she pulled him flush against her, moaning low in her throat as his hands moved down to her bare thighs and hitched her up against him, her long, toned legs wrapping around his waist while the door supported her back.

Feeling his solid body pressed against hers felt different from what she had experienced in the last few months; it was as though her body was designed to fit his perfectly, every curve and hollow of her figure finding its right place against his body. And the feel of his lips on her neck - kissing, nibbling, marking her skin with bruises that she had never allowed Brian to leave - turned her on more than she expected.

Her nails raked a trail down his nape, and she smiled when he shivered at the sensation, before she took care of divesting him of his jacket and made quick work of unfastening the buttons of his shirt. The garments were immediately dropped to the floor, and she grabbed a fistful of his hair to pull his face up to hers, pressing her lips to his in another hard kiss.

When the intense battle for domination was over, and they finally emerged for air, Jenny grasped the hem of her T-shirt and pulled it over her head herself, before roughly taking Gibbs' ever-present white polo shirt off his torso, hungry for skin-to-skin contact.

A low moan escaped her throat as his lips attacked her now exposed breasts, fondling and sucking her erected nipples in a way that soon had her begging for more.

Before she knew it, the rest of their clothes were scattered on the floor and he was thrusting inside of her. Sensations coursed through her violently, and their lips met for another rough kiss; tongues mimicking the fast, hard movements of their hips slamming against each other's.

There was nothing tender about this kind of jealousy-fuelled sex they were having, but still it was filled with more emotion than they both would have probably wanted.

A string of incoherent words left her mouth as they broke the kiss, and she hugged Gibbs' head to her chest, her nails digging into his shoulders as she neared her release.

As her skin slid against his, their bodies glistening with perspiration, Jenny let out a loud moan as she grabbed his hair to pull his head up to hers again. His hands gripped her hips tighter, bruising her fair skin and struggling to hold himself back as the look in her eyes told him exactly what she wanted.

Granting her silent request, Gibbs pushed himself deeper inside of her, and pressed her harder into the door - the wood creaking like it wasn't going to last - as he sneaked a hand between them and rubbed her gently but firmly, just enough to coax the response he wanted from her.

Their eyes met as her orgasm washed over her, and she screamed as her muscles contracted around him; her whole body tensing up as the intensity of her climax took her by surprise.

She hadn't experienced such a mind-blowing orgasm in years, and, god, it felt good.

Once she found her release, he thrust into her a few more times before he let himself go, her muscles still contracting around his spent erection as he kept on gently rubbing her core to prolong her orgasm; Something that he knew she'd always appreciated.

When she finally started to squirm beneath his fingers, her clit way too sensitive by now to allow further stimulation, he pulled his hand away from her and gripped her hips again, slowly letting her down and supporting her until her legs stopped shaking.

"God, that was good."

It was just a breathy whisper, as Jenny leant against the door and closed her eyes, her arms still tightly wrapped around his shoulders to hold him close to her.

"Yeah." Gibbs smirked and didn't move, looking at her with a satisfied gleam in his eyes.

When he started to press small kisses to her jaw, Jenny looked at him; and rolled her eyes when she noticed the look in his, "Wipe that smirk off your face, Jethro. You're not that good."

But god, they both knew she was lying.