A/N: I had this sitting around. Figured it could be my first fanfic. Might as well post it, right? A one-shot.


The cave she sat in was dark. It was wet, it was clammy, and it was cold in a silence that echoed from stone wall to stone wall. Never had she faced such a lack of sound as when she knelt before the loudest, most brash, obtrusive, crude girl she knew.

But of course the girl she faced was now silent as well, cold and noiseless as if made of the same stuff as the cavern surrounding.

"Why are you ignoring me?" Her tone had been flat the first time she had spoken to the distant girl, but now it rang with frustration. "This is worse than before, you know. When you were beating us to a pulp, exploiting our weaknesses…" Clenching both jaw and fists at this, she continued in a low voice. "Even when you were begging for death it was better than neglecting us."

She traced a finger along the wild girl's name, inscribed in a plaque at her feet. "He's not taking it well, you know, and he's been there for me before, so I… figured I should be there for him. Redistributed justice. But when I came foreword, he snapped at me. In the literal sense. He howled and nipped and growled until he scampered with his tail between his legs.

"He's in your room now, and he won't come out, so we take turns bringing him essentials. Food, clothes… He won't let me in. The door opens for the others, but I'm neglected just as you're ignoring us all." She raised her head to gaze at the girl's once blue eyes and once blond hair. "So I asked our resident detective about it, and he said that I was shunned because I was right the whole time. That we shouldn't have trusted you at all.

"So I repented. I told him I'd changed my mind and was just as wrong as he. And after groveling, begging… I swear if you tell anyone that I'll turn you to stone," she laughed, bitter as unsweetened tea, "but after all that he spoke in my presence for the first time since we all brought you these." A quick motion to the deadened bouquet between them rustled the dry, gray flowers. "He said three words: 'That's. Not. It.'

"So I decided to consult another girl on the issue, and she told me something that left me seething at the edge of control… She said it was because we were… Alike. Can you believe that? You and I alike in any way? No. That's impossible. We're different as day and night… And you know very well that you're not the one anywhere near being a creature of the night. She said we were both stubborn, tempted by fate. She said we both fought because only little things made us any different. You took the easy way around the mountain of flawed control. I climbed the arduous journey up it. And you know what I said?" Again, a chuckle of tea leaves. "I said 'Shut up.'

"I never like, or trust, people at first. Because, and I told the others of this upon our first meeting, but because I sense things. When I first meet people I can't turn it off. Well, I can never turn it off, but I can't ignore it like you are now until I become used to it. I don't like going out. I get overloaded with secondhand anguish and joy, pity and…" the last of it was said in self resentment, "pride, so on our first mission with you I felt you… You know what I mean by that, right? I knew you were volatile. You were scared of yourself, of the sheer power that was on the brink of corruption.

She grinned as she stood, showing her teeth as she rarely did; the predatory canines intimidated people.

"And I just wanted to tell you that I feel the same way, Terra."