Chapter 1 Downward Spiral

Raven now waking up from a good night sleep let out a yawn. Wait, she thought after yawning. "There's something I'm suppose to remmeber." She spent a couple of momments trying to think what it was but had no luck in figuring out what it was. It will come to me eventually she thought and if it doesn't no big deal, it must not have been very important if I forgot it she reasoned. Reassured she put on her robe and made her way to the living room.

Meanwhile Beastboy had also just woke up but unlike Raven he remmbered why today was so special. "Awww,"he said taking a deep breath,"Today is gonna be a great day I can feel, call it my animal instincts"' he giggled at his own joke. He took a quick look in the mirror making sure to fix is horrible bed hair. After his hair was to his liking he left his room and sneaked his way to where he was hiding his cake. He spent most of last night trying make it he had to strat over a couple of times because he had licked the spoon clean of the cake batter and with out realizing it until it was over he ate all the batter in the bowl too. He apparently hadn't learned his lesson the first time because he ended up repeating it on his second try to make the cake ,but on the third and finally attempt he was able to restrain himself just enough to stick it into the oven for it to bake. All that hard work is going to pay off today thought Beastboy. Grabing his cake he went into the living room where all the other titans were.

Starfire was rolling around on the floor playing with silkie. Cyborg and Robin eyes were fixed on the TV screen as they played their video game. Raven was reading a book silently in the corner of the room as she floated in mid air. Nobody notice Beastboy walking in carrying his cake. "Hey, who wants some special cake I made?"asked Beastboy to the titans. All the titans except for Raven looked up at their friend who was struggling to hold up the massive cake he had.

"Let me help you with that friend," said Starfire. She took the cake from him and set it ont he table.

"Thanks Star," said Beastboy.

"You are welcomed Beastboy," said Starfire.

"You want a piece of it Star?" said Beastboy.

"No thank you I believe I am the full of food from breakfeast," she repiled. Cyborg paused his game to go check out the cake. He Took his finger and slid it across the cake to get the iceing off. He sniffed his finger and then ate the iceing off it.

"Ewwww gross what kind of iceing is this!?" shouted Cyborg.

"Tofu iceing its dairy free, you think you'd learn by now that I don't eat anything that comes from an animal," said Beastboy.

"You finally did it Beastboy, you found away to make cake the most delious food in the whole world gross!" sobbed Cyborg.

"Come one Cyborg it can't be that bad,"said Robin. Robin took a bite off the cake and had to force himself to keep it down.

"Well,"said Cyborg crossing his arms and taping his foot.

"Sorry Beastboy its that bad"said Robin.

Whatever they just have bad taste. Besides Ravens opinon is the one that really counts thought Beastboy.

Beastboy then took a a piece of cake over to Raven."Here Ravne try a piece,"said Beastboy. Raven just ignored him continuing to read her book. Beastboy never beginning the one to give up shoved the cake between Raven and her book. Raven began to get annoyed as she pushed it away.

"I don't want any!" answered Raven.

"Come on try it your love it I promise," Beastboy said. Once againshoving the cake in Ravens face.

"Can't you take a hint Beastboy, I said I don't want any!"shouted Raven as she pushed the cake away a second time.

"But Raven,"winned Beastboy putting the cake for a third time between Raven and her book.

"No!"shouted Raven as she slapped his hand causing him to drop the cake in her open book. Raven now full of anger used her powers to take the the rest of the cake off the kicthen table and threw it directly at Beastboy. Knocking him down and covering him with the cake he had work so hard to make the night before. "Seriously Beastboy what is you problem. All you ever do is annoy everybody and piss everyone off! Why are you like this, why are you so oblivious to everyone elses feelings?!" angerliy shouted Raven.

Beastboy raising up from the floor struggling to hold back the tears in his eyes said bitterly "You're the one who's oblivious to others feelings!" Then he turned around an stomped out of the room. Raven grabed her cake stained book and left the room just as angery. The other titans just stood speechless as their friends relationship took a downward spiral. Robin finally broke the intense silence.

"We need to go talk to them and help them work out their differences,"ordered Robin."If we don't act soon there friendship could be lost completely,"warned Robin.

"Yes, it is are duty to help our friends through anything,"agreed Starfire.

"Well y'all can go have fun with that I ain't about to mess with either of them,"said Cyborg

"Why not?"asked Robin.

"Hello, did you not just see what happened I've never seen those to more mad and I don't feel like getting eaten by a T-Rex or sent to another dimention. So if you need for any other reason besides this I'll be in the T-shop where it's safe."answered Cyborg.

"Fine be that way Cyborg. Starfire you go talk to Raven and I'll find Beastboy we'll see if we can't male these two get along again,"ordered Robin. Starfire left to find Raven, Robin went to find Beastboy , and Cyborg went off to the T-shop.

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