Chapter 14: Dream Come True

Author Note's: This will be the last chapter of this fanfic there's a Bible verse that says " Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof" so I hope that after three years of this this last chapter is worth it. Also the fans have spoken and it seems people want this to have a _ ending. Well I'll just let you read and see.

"Yo Robin have you found out anything?" questioned Cyborg through his communicator to Robin.

"Negative, have you seen Beastboy pass by any of the city's cameras yet?" questioned Robin.

"No,"answered Cyborg,"I'll keep looking though for as long as it takes!" said a determined Cyborg.

"Me too, I'll let you go and see how Starfires doing. Robin out," said Robin as Cyborg's is replaced by Starfire on Robin's communicator. "Star have you seen anything of Beastboy at all?" asked Robin.

"I have seen no sign of our friend flying above the city, Robin," answered Starfire just as Beastboy in eagle form flew by behind her, "I fear that something terrible has befallen him Robin. Slade almost killed him yesterday he may have succeeded today!" continued Starfire as tears begin to build in her eyes.

"It will be alright Starfire Beastboy can take care of himself and I'm sure we'll find him it's only a matter of time. We just have to keep our eyes peeled and stay vigilant. Anyways I've distracted you to long all ready let's continue the search. Robin out,"said Robin as the screen goes black.

Beastboy saw Starfire as he flew by and quickly picked up speed headed for the tower. Luckily Starfire was distracted by Robin over the communicator to notice him. Bestboy was now out of Starfires sight and almost to the tower. Beastboy was a nervous wreck almost like he was going to talk to her but he knew he wasn't. I'm just going to slip in her room as a bug get one last goo look at her then run away for good thought Beastboy but what if she isn't there Starfire isn't in the tower what if she isn't. Well I guess I'll have to stay in there and wait for her. God I sound creepy. Beastboy however justified his creepiness by thinking that this is going to be the last time he ever sees the girl he loves so he has a little room to be a little creepy.

Beastoy landed on the roof climb through the air vent as a bug then changed into a mouse and ran through the vent until he was sure he was in the one that led to Raven's room. He had already did this before when he spied on Raven and Malchoir when he was a fly on the wall while Malchoir taught her new spells. He turned into a fly and flew right into her room and landed on her wall.

Raven was lying on her bed crying hold the stuff chicken he had won her. Weird I thought she hated that thought Beastboy What is she crying about? Raven got up from her bed and got down on her knees. What is she doing? thought Beastboy. Raven was doing something that she had never done before she was about to pray. When your half demon praying isn't something you really do but Raven was desperate.

"Dear God,"prayed Raven out loud "I'm not really sure how to go about this so I'll just say what I want. If you can bring the boy that I love Beastboy back so that I can finally tell him that I love him that would be great." said Raven sobbing "Also if you can give me better control over my emotions and powers so that I don't accidentally throw him through a window again that would also be great...what's tht word that is used to end these?"

"Amen!" said Beastboy who changed back human.

"Beastboy! I love you!" cried Raven who then ran over to him and gave him the greatest kiss of his life. Her arms wrapped around his neck as his arms wrapped around her both where to busy making out to notice that her powers were not going out of control. When the kiss finally came to an end Beastboy said "I love you too Raven. I only regret that I never told you sooner."

"I wish I had said it too. You know they say love is blind and I guess this is what happens when love is blindest." answered a smiling Raven "You know the other's are out looking for you we might want to tell them you're okay,"suggested Raven.

"Nah let them keep looking for a little longer I just want little alone time with you," Beastboy said kissing Raven again.

"My prayers were answered!" shouted Raven.

"And my dream come true!"shouted Beastboy.

Indeed Beastboy dream had come true after five years of dating the two of them finally got married. There wedding was beautiful all honorary titans attended. Cyborg was Beastboy's Best man and Raven's Bride's maid was Starfire. Saying "I Do" felt like saying "I love you" for the first time back in Raven's room all those years ago. Within ten years of marriage they had two children a boy with Beastboys green hair and Raven's skin that could turn into animals and a daughter with Beastboy's green skin and Raven's violet hair that also inherited Raven's power's.


PLEASE READ: There it is A very happy ending to a fanfic that took me three years lol. Thank you to ever one that has tooken the time to read this Thank you to all who favorited and followed this and or favoritered or followed me. I'm really like about to cry as I finish this hope that it might have the same effect on you. Did you like how a slip the title of every chapter in the dialogue if you pay attention I also slipt the name of the story in this chapter. So once and for all THANK YOU ALL FOR READING!