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Chapter 1: The Mission

"Hey Babe! Aro wants to see you."

I looked up from the files I was revising and saw detective Heidi grinning at me. I smiled back at her.

"Do you know what he wants?" I asked casually. Her grin grew wider. Oh shit. I just opened a door for more teasing.

"No idea. But I have to get The Bear in his office too." She giggled. "Did you two do something not too catholic that the boss did not approve of?" I definitely opened a door for teasing. Damn myself. I rolled my eyes at her.

"He is basically my brother, Heidi. That's just gross!" I replied, disgust written all over my face.

"I'm kidding, Virgin Marie. Don't blow yourself a fuse." She said. "No but, back to business, I think the boss is sending you both on a mission." She added dramatically, whispering as if what she just told me was a secret. I hell wasn't. I rolled my eyes again. Of course he was sending us on a mission. We, Emmett and I were his best agents / detectives. He always gave us the big deals because he knew we could handle it. The reason behind my previous question was that I simply wanted to know if Heidi had any idea of what the mission consisted in itself.

"Whatever." I stood up and kissed her cheek. "Go fetch Teddy Bear." I pushed her towards Emmett's desk and walked off to Aro Volturi's office. I sighed. I knew what was coming.

Everywhere Emmett and I would go, people would stop working and start whispering to each other. They would look at us and nod their head, acknowledging us. We were respected by everyone in the entire company. We were the bests after all; the bests among the bests in all the States. People admired us. And for good reasons.

Emmett, for instance, was 28 years old and was rather impressive physically speaking. He was huge, bulky, muscular and everything. Every girls I knew were looking at him like he was a piece of meat. They clearly wanted to... Yark! I seriously didn't want to imagine Emmett like this. He was sort of my big brother. We weren't biologically related but he always acted like i was his baby sister. Since the first time we met, he treated me as such. He always was super protective of me. He helped me a lot after my father's death. He was there all along when my mother wasn't. I loved him so much. But not in a romantic way. When people were teasing us about having a secret affair, just like Heidi did before, well... it was just plain yurk. It blew me over the top. I clearly never saw him like that and I never will. As if I could be in a romantic relationship with The Bear. Yurk... Totally out of place.

And me, the Virgin Marie. Humph. I clearly didn't... okay, not true. I clearly did deserve the nickname. Damn it. I was 25 and still virgin. But hey, what could I say. It wasn't my fault if My Teddy Bear of a brother was way to protective... and that I was too absorbed in my job... and that I was never going out... and that I didn't want to date... and that boys were just... some stupid assholes.

Well the ones I met were some stupid assholes.

I had only dated two guys and both times, it didn't turn out too well. First with Jacob Black. He was head over heels in love with me so I decided to give him a shot but... I realised he was more of a friend that anything else. When I broke up with him, he didn't took it very well. I had barely talked to him ever since, and it's been 8 freaking years. The second guys was just... I thought I loved him. At first, he was so sweet and everything. I almost gave him my V card. But I wasn't ready. No yet. That's when he revealed himself to me. He was a pure jackass. Damn he tried to rape me and if I had not been in the police school at that time and that Emmett hadn't showed up, I wouldn't be virgin anymore. Fortunately, James was sent to jail. Apparently, I wasn't the first one he aggressed.

After James, I had been extremely suspicious about men. Of course, I could trust Emmett with my own life but any other men, i just couldn't. The girls in the company were always trying to match me with some guys during blind dates. But I just couldn't forget what almost happened to me. The memory just won't fade away.

When I reached the door of my boss, I knocked on it only to hear him telling me to come in. I opened the door and stepped inside the office of Aro Volturi. He was one of the three headmen of the Seattle department of the CIA. He was the most influential of the three, and my favourite one. I walked over to his desk and stopped right in front of it.

"Good morning, Agent Swan." He greeted me with a smile.

"Good morning, sir."

"Something to drink?"

"No, thank you. I'm quite fine."

He showed me the seat in front of his desk, silently requesting me to sit down. We waited for Emmett to arrive. About two minutes later, Emmet barged in the office without knocking. That man needed to review his manners.

"Hello boos!"

Aro smirked while I rolled my eyes. Only Emmett could act like this with Aro. No other agents had the right to, or the guts for the matter. But Aro Volturi likes us both… a lot. So Emmett, being the clown of the company was simply acting natural around him. It was kind of good to have him around, constantly lightening the mood.

"Hello Bear." Volturi greeted him, using his 'code name'.

"Hello sis." Emmett said, messing with my hair.

"Emmett…" I snapped and slapped his chest with my hand.

He chuckled and sat down in the seat next to mine, not waiting to be invited to. Every time he and I were in the boss' office, it was the same scenario. I was first, he lacked in manners and acted like Volturi was his best buddy while I glared at him. Thinking about it, it was sort of funny.

"So…" Emmett said, breaking the silence.

"Agent McCarthy, Agent Swan. As you must have figured it out by now, we a mission for you two." Aro simply said, not beating about the bush. We both nodded, waiting for the explanations to come.

"We have to catch a man that has been assaulting young ladies." I growled at that. But he continued as if I didn't make any sound. Emmett took my hand in his, comforting me. "The thing is, we don't have anything against him."

"What do you mean, you don't have anything?" I shouted. "You just said you knew he was assaulting girls. How… It doesn't make any sense."

"Belly. Breathe." Emmett said, rubbing my shoulders. Okay, at that moment, I had to admit that we looked like a married couple: nicknames, giving orders, holding hands and rubbing shoulders… But it wasn't my fault if we knew each other like the back of our pockets. If we knew each other better than ourselves and that he knows exactly what to do in order to calm me down. Aro was a little surprised by my outburst. I wasn't the usual type to yell at people. He continued nonetheless, not asking questions.

"We have two girls who are attesting against him, but he aggressed them about a year ago. We don't have any proofs other than their words. I mean we don't have any tangible proof. The girls are saying that it wasn't his first time. It had been going on for some times now and he is still… sexually active." I growled again. If the two other brothers had been here, in the office at the moment, they would have put me back in my place. But Aro was kind enough not to.

"So, what do you want us to do?" Emmett asked.

"Find some proofs, so we can win this case with one's hands tied behind one's back. He needs to be put behind bars, and we cannot afford to have, even the tiniest chance for him to stay free." He paused and looked at us. He took a deep breath and continued. "You see, he's a high school teacher and…"

"Don't freaking tell me he is assaulting his students!" I yelled, standing up. I was pissed. "And minors? It's even worse!"

Emmett grabbed my arms and pulled me down back in my seat.

"That's exactly what I'm saying miss Swan." He was calm and I was seeing red. It wasn't fair of me to take out my anger on my boss but right now, I wanted to destroy something. But fortunately for everyone of us, Emmett put his hand on my neck resulting in calming down instantaneously, and Aro spoke again.

"So, what I want you two to do is enrolling in school. Well, sort of. Bella, you will be a student and Emmet…" He looked at the source of my sudden relaxation. "There is an open job as a PE teacher. You'll be the new teacher. Bella, I want you to 'seduce' him and make him talk so we can record him. Emmett would try to learn as much things as possible as a colleague."

We nodded. We understood what we had to do. I understood. Fuck. I had to play an innocent flirty teenage girl. I had to be interesting to this fucking teacher who deserved nothing more than being castrated. But I understood that I had to make him talk because I couldn't just let him try and assault me. It wouldn't prove that he aggressed the previous girls. And since I am major, he wouldn't be charged with pedophilia.

What a hell of a job!

And Emmett was there to try and infiltrate the teachers' circle. Two different points of views on the same case. Wow!

"Here are the files. School starts on September 2nd. In the envelops are everything you need for this mission. So I wish you good look, and bring me back that asshole." He smirked.

We nodded and got up. Emmett opened the door for me. We walked over to my desk. I let myself fall onto my chair. I put my head in my hands. "I can someone do something like that to someone else?" I asked.

"I don't know, belly."

"It's purely disgusting."

"Your choice of words doesn't really work well together but I understand." He wasn't really comfortable with all rape situation either. It pissed him off too, even though he wasn't showing it to the entire world like I was. Every time, he remembered seeing James over me and me, trying to push him off. He never said so but, I could see it in his eyes. It sort of traumatised him. I didn't trust men in that way anymore, neither did he.

I sighed. "A week. We have a week to prepare."

"So what was it this time?" Felix appeared next to us, coming out of thin air.

"Felix…" I started. I seriously, didn't want to be teased right now. But he interrupted me.

"You were caught in the bathroom." He laughed but stopped when he heard me and Emmett growling. Usually, Emmett would laugh with him and I would simply forgot about it but right now was not the best of time to play with our moods.

"Felix, shut up." I snapped. His eyes widened.

"Oh! Bad news, I guess." I nodded. The thing I loved about him and Demetri, another friend of ours, is that he knew when to play and to be serious.

"What is it this time?" He asked.

"Pedophile." Emmett answered.

"Oh!" Felix said. He understood. He, Demetri and Emmett were best friends since high school. They were the only agents that knew about James. So, he understood why it was a touchy subject.

"Do you get to play roles?" He looked at us and saw our smiles. "Ah! So you get to play roles. What are you?"

"I'm a PE teacher." Emmett almost squealed. He just loved sports.

"I am the unfortunate student that is going to be trapped in the spider's web. I am the victim, as always." I giggled.

"Wait! You are going in a school?" He asked, shocked.

"Yeah. The asshole's a high school teacher." Emmett replied harshly.


"You can tell." I said. I then saw Caius walking toward us. Oh my freaking god! What does he want? He was the one of the three boss brothers that I hated the most. Aro was nice and super friendly with everybody. Marcus was just Marcus. He barely talked to anybody. He looked like a dead living; no thoughts, no emotions. Caius was just simply annoying the hell out of everyone. He was arrogant, superficial, egocentric, bossy…

"Swan, McCarthy." His voice interrupted my thoughts. "Your Jeep has been filled with all the equipment required for your mission. You can both go work at home, in peace. You start in 7 days, but you must come here in 5 days and give us your first report. In the main time, we will find agents that will be in the mission as well. Farewell."

He then walked away. I picked up my stud and kissed my friend on the cheek.

"See ya later, Felix." I said.

"See ya, Bella. Em."

"Chiao, man!" Emmett said. He followed me to the Jeep. I got in the passenger seat while Emmett started the monster of his. He drove us both home. Our home was a little out of the city and it was isolated in the woods. We had to drive a mile on a dirt road that led only to our house. It was magical. Nobody to disturb our peace.

Oh yeah! That was another reason why everybody was teasing us all the time. We were living together. We were both eternal unmarried people so… why spending money on two places when we could economize? And we were always at one's place anyways. But mostly of the time, we were at work or on a mission.

"I wonder what they got for us this time." Emmett said, point to the back of his Jeep. I turned around and saw some metallic cased. I looked back to the windshield.

"Probably the usual stuff. Guns, Keys, papers, recording equipment, microphones, and all that shit." I replied absently.

"Oh come on, Bella. I know it's not nice what the guy is doing but we are definitely going to enjoy playing with him."

I glared at him. Enjoy this? Was he out of his mind? He wasn't the one who had to flirt with a pedophile.

"What? It's going to be fun." He added.

"Fun? I have to play a teenage slut and seduce a pedophile. Tell me, of dear brother of mind how this is going to be fun?"

"You like acting. Even little slut teenage." I was about to say otherwise when he cut me off.

"Don't say you don't. You do. I know you sister. You do."

I smiled at him. I did like acting, and playing little slut, but not with a pedophile. I was a little scared about the outcome. What if something went wrong and that I froze, not able to defend myself? And as usual, Emmett felt my discomfort.

"Nothing is going to happen, Bells. You are strong and able to defend yourself. It's different than with him." I shivered at the memory. "An I'm here. He's going to make the mistake to talk in no time, you'll see. And I'll be there to wrap him up as fast as possible."

He took my hand, giving me gentle squeeze. I squeezed it back. He always knew what to say to make me feel better. I guess I could say that we could be twins in some way.

"It'll be over soon." He added.

God, I loved my brother. He pulled in our driveway. I got out of the car, took the files in my hand and walked to our front door. We got in and I went directly to the living room while Emmett headed himself to the refrigerator. I dropped the files on the coffee table and launched myself on the couch, groaning. Emmett came back with two beers. He sat down on the floor next to the table and gave me my beer. I took it and sat up on the couch. I looked down at the files. Emmett followed my eyes.

"Ready?" He asked. We always read the files together. It was funnier and faster. I nodded.

"All right, bitchy." I chuckled at my new nickname. He made those up instinctively. He opened his document and I did the same.

"So, Mike Newton… Nice name." Emmett started. "I bet when he was younger he was a spotty unpopular and unsatisfied lad." I chuckled.

"34 years old. Celibate. Never married, therefore never divorce." I added.

"Math teacher at Forks High School for 7 years. He must have worked in Spoons before." He said seriously.

I laughed hard at that and gently slapped his shoulder. "You are so stupid sometimes Emmett."

"That's why you love me, baby sister." He grinned at me.

"That's why I love you, big Teddy Bear of a brother." He smiled at him. Technically, I must say, he was my brother; my foster brother. His parents adopted me when my father died.

"So… he drives a black corolla."

"Not so nice of a car." Emmett said as if it was written on the paper. I rolled my eyes. Only Emmett could find comments on every little information that were written about our guy.

"Not everybody can afford buying monsters like yours." I replied.

"My baby is not a monster." He pouted.

"I know. I love it. But not everybody has the money, Emmett."

"I know." He sighed loudly. "So, let's go back to our favourite asshole."

I chuckled. "5 feet 7."

"Man, the guy's a dwarf!" Emmett exclaimed. We both laughed.

"Yup." I said, popping the p. "Next to your 6' 4'', everybody is." I shook my head. "That might screw the whole mission."

"What are you talking about?"

"If the guy is too scared of my big brother… too scared that you are going to kick his butt, he might not make a move on me." I explained.

"Nah. I'll make him feel comfortable around me. I might be a bear as you guys call me, but I can also be a Teddy Bear, can I not?" He grinned. It was true. When you looked at him, at first, you surely wanted to run away but then, you simply wanted to hug him. That was until they figured out he was a federal agent that could kick your ass in matter of seconds.

"Hey, check the dude. I don't see what girls find in him." He said, showing me a picture of Mike Newton, our target.

I looked at him. "In fact, Emmet, a lot of girls would jump on him." He looked at me, wide eyes.

"Not me, calm down. I don't trust men, remember? And I had enough with psychos for the rest of my life."

"But what do you mean 'a lot of girls would jump him'? I hope you are kidding." He chuckled nervously.

"No, I am not. Look. Blond hair. Blue eyes. Kind of cute. Teacher. Every fantasies of a teenage girl. And I must say he doesn't look like a teacher and he is probably the hottest one in the school."

Emmett made a funny disgusted face. I had to laugh at his ignorance about young girls.

"He's an adult. Teenage girls looooveeeee that." I said in a girly voice.

"Were you like that back then?" He asked, trying to remember if I ever had a crush on one of my teachers.

"Don't you remember our teachers, Emmett?" I laughed more. "Girls like older men, but not dinosaurs. Our teachers that were male specimens were all in the sixties and above." I sighed. "Plus there was Jacob."

"Yeah. Right. Jacob." We were silent for a minute.

"Okay, back to business." I finally said.

"Well that's pretty much it actually."

I re-read the files one more time, just to be sure we caught everything that needed to be.

"I wonder if he is selling." Emmett said suddenly.


"You know…" He seemed uncomfortable. "Pictures, Videos, Pornography… That king of shit."

"Fuck. Don't say stuff like that. I have to flirt with him." I shivered. "I'll make sure to figure it out." I finally said.

"Yeah! That's the spirit, sis." He got up and walked to the front door.

"Where are you going?"

"Checking what they put in my Jeep." I followed him outside and brought all the cases in the house. He opened the first one and wolf whistled.

"What?" I wondered what was in it. He took out of the case a black dress. Classic but at the same time everyday wear. I raised my eyebrow. "What the…"

"It seems that the CIA took the liberty of rearranging your wardrobe." He then pulled out a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt with a huge, but I mean a huge cleavage.

"I'm not going to wear that." I simply said, shaking my head. "Uh, Huh. No way. That's called slut clothes."

"And that's what you are supposed to be." He teased me. I growled at him and opened the next case.

"Argh." Other clothes. He chuckled.

The next case was full of shoes. For heaven sakes…

"That's more like at it." Emmett said. I looked up, glaring at him. I thought he was talking about 'new' shows when I saw him holding a gun. I looked at the case he just opened and saw that is was full with guns and ammunitions.

"You're right." I opened the last cases. T-shirt, Jeans, Skirts, Guns, Accessories, Microphones, Clothes, Cameras equipment.

I sighed. More of the majority of the cases were filled with clothes that real necessary equipment. I ran my hand in my hair.

"So… Bitch. What do you think?" He chuckled. I threw a shoe at him. He laughed more. I swear he was going to use that nickname more often now. "No. Seriously. It's good they thought about it. You only have business suits and, the clothes you have for clubbing and everything aren't what a teenager would wear."

"I NEVER wear things like that back in high school." I pointed to a skirt that wasn't bigger than a belt and a shirt that was basically see-through.

"Bells, come on." He chuckled. I growled and rolled my eyes.

"Fine. Let's check our identity paper." I walked to where we left our envelops and took out the papers: driver's license, passports…

"Isabella Marie Swan. September 13th…" I almost shouted the last part. "… 1993. Fuck I'm so young."

"You're sixteen, Bitch." He laughed hard at that.

"Soon seventeen." I stuck my tongue out.

"Yeah. But a baby nonetheless."

"So, I guess I'm a junior… But shit… so young."

"It's easier if we keep the same birthdates. Fewer things to remember. And since you are born in September, they couldn't say you were already 17 for you would turn 18 in like, what… 3 weeks."

"Geez, you know, you are really intelligent when you want." I replied. "My question was purely rhetorical by the way."

"Oh, thinking about it, I almost forgot about your birthday. In three weeks you'll be 26… oh not, sorry… my bad, you'll be 17."

I slapped him in the chest at the same time he boomed out of laughers. "Stop laughing at me. I have the hard part of the job. You are just going to be playing sports all day long."

"Not true, I'll be listening to you with the micros and everything. It's going to be disgusting hearing everything he'll say to you. And I'll be the little voice in your head."

"And I'll be yours too. Now zip it and let's check your papers."

"Fine, euhm… Emmett Christopher Swan. Looks like I'm your real biological brother this time."

"Seems so…" I grumbled.

"Euh. July 5th, 1982. Nice, same birthday. Day, month AND year." I slapped him again. "I'm a PE teacher…"

"Wait. We have eleven years of difference. Nice…" He chuckled at that. "I'm your elder, young lady… Be respectful."

"To the old man." I muttered. He laughed.

"Here's a note from Aro." I checked at the letter he had in his hands. I peeked under his arms and read it.

Agent Swan, Agent McCarthy,

I hope you find everything you need in the cases that were put in your car. So, as you saw in you identity papers, Isabella you are 16 and Emmett 28. We are letting you create your own story surrounding your past. I'll see you on September 1st, on the eve of the start of the mission… and school. You should then explain to me and my brothers your story and I'm sure we will abide to it. Enjoy and good luck on this mission.

Aro Volturi

Head of the Seattle Department of the CIA

"I really like him." I said. He was sort of a father to us all.

"Yeah me too. Caius is too weird. He's a freak. And Marcus looks like he has a stick stuck in his butt." He added as I laughed at that.

We sat down in the living room. I turned on the tv and zapped through the channels until I stopped on the movie Bourne's Identity. I looked at Emmett and we both laughed. It was one of our favourite movies. It was so exaggerated. We watched it a little, at the same time of thinking about our possible past.

"Okay, for our parents, we could use your real parents." Emmett said. He was right about one thing; if we used real facts, we had less chances of forgetting things.

"Okay. So Renee and Charlie Swan. Our mom was a housewife and our dad a chief of police."

"Yup. We can say that Renee died giving birth to you and that dad died when you were 10, attacked by a crazy man. And that I took care of you ever since."

I nodded my head. It was a good story, not too different from mine. It was quite close to the truth. My mother didn't die in childbirth… She left me and my father when I was one. She ran away with some baseball player. I never heard anything from her until my father died. She wanted me to move in with her and her new husband. I refuse. Emmett's parents sort of adopted me. My father's death though was the same as what my foster brother just said. He died when I was 10, attacked by a drunken guy who just robbed a grocery store. He shot my dad, thrice. That's why I decided to become a cop, before being recruited by the CIA.

"I'm fine with it." I finally said. "But we have to find a reason as to why we have 10 years of difference." I let Emmett find a story. He enjoyed it and he was good at making good stories that stood out but that were still plausible.

"Euh… I know. Renee only wanted on child. Me." I glared at him. "But, one day, she dropped her pills in the toilet and stopped taking it for few days before buying others. Friday night was party time with dad. And surprise, surprise. Wakeup sunshine and mamma is throwing up and Baby Bella is here." He said, actually enjoying the story.

"That's bullshit, Emmett. Nobody will believe that. Dropping her pills in the toilet. Humph. It really is funny but impossible…"

"That's actually what happened to my parents. My mom did drop her pills and Friday night, Emmy Bear was created."

I was shocked. "No. That's true?"

"Yup." He said, popping the p.

"Okay…" I looked at the tv. I didn't know what to say. And I wasn't sure about the story.

"So… Please." He begged. Freaking begged! "Can we take that story. I would feel more part of the family if we took some of my past too and put it in the story." He smiled at me. Fuck, I couldn't resist that smile, and he freaking knew it.

"All right. All right. Renee dropped her pills in the toilet and since Charlie was in deep need, he jumped her and voilà. Isabella Marie Swan walked this earth, killing momma at the same time."

"Yes. It's going to be fun." He said, chuckling. I sighed. "Where did we live before?" He asked.

"We can say… hum. I don't know." I said.

"We should find some place that for sure no student or teacher had ever been before… just to be sure they won't ruin our cover." He replied.

"Canada?" I asked.

"Quebec." He grinned.

"Montreal." I said.

"In French…" He added.

"Show-off." I teased. "You like it when people know you can talk many languages, hein?"

He nodded. "Boastful" I muttered.

"Mais bien-sûr, madame. Mais sachez que vos insultes n'ont aucun effets sur moi." (Well, of course, madam. But know that your insults do not have any effect on me.) Emmett said, imitating the Parisian accent.

"Frimeur." (Show-off) We both laughed. "But I guess it's good. I don't think anybody in Forks has ever lived in Montreal so, we are good."

"They might have visited it, but they wouldn't have been there, in school, in French." He agreed with me.

"But why were we there?" I asked.

"When dad was alive, we were both living in… Pheonix, Arizona. But I wanted to change landscape so we moved to Montreal. And I wanted you to learn French so…"

"Here we are, coming back to the fold."


"I guess that's it then, Mr. Swan." I said.

"I guess so… 16 years old teenage Swan." I slapped him, making him laugh more.

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