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Chapter 2: What a hell of a day!

We were on September 2nd. Yahoo! We were starting school today, again. High school was one of the experiences in my life I clearly didn't want to have twice in my live. And here I was, in front of my closet, trying to figure out what clothes I should put on. I couldn't believe I was about to wear those things. I looked at all of them. I was desperate.

"Bitch, hurry up. We have to go to school." Emmett shouted from downstairs.

I frowned and snarled. He seriously will never let that nickname down. I was stuck with it for life. I turned my attention back to my closet. I grabbed the things that seemed more suitable for a day in school. I put on a pair of dark skinny jeans and a pink shirt that had some black scriptures on it. I put on my cowboy belt and then walked to the mirror and applied some makeup on my face. I put on more than usual because that was the way teenagers groomed themselves. This morning, I let my hair air-dry so they were currently gently waving at the middle of my back. I decided to let them down but I put a pink headband on that matched my t-shirt. I got into my heels and put on a black scarf. I already had on my everyday necklace and the wedding of my father on my thumb that I always wear. I put on two sets of bracelets, one on every arm. I took a deep breath and looked at myself in the mirror.

I looked like an 18 years old girl, not a 25. So, my cover was going to work. People will definitely believe that I am 16, soon to be 17, with my skills in acting. I looked again at myself and I must say, I did a good job. I looked good. Not too slut, not too classic. I sort of look punk and hot. I decided it was time to show Emmett the new me.

I grabbed my backpack and ran downstairs. I stopped net when I hit my brother who was waiting for me right at the end of the stairs. He looked at me, wide-eyed.

"Holy shit, Bella. You look great. You have a good sense of fashion, you know. You look like a hot teenager. Well more like a young woman and not a baby." He then chuckled. "You don't look too much like a slut."

I slapped his chest. "Oh! Will you shut up?"

"No but seriously, if the guy is not interested in you, he must be blind or something. I'm going to have a hard time keeping all those hormonal teenagers away from you."

He sighed and then looked at me from head to toe about three times in a row. His eyebrows rose up and he smirked.

"What?" I asked.

"You are so going to kill yourself with that." He said, pointing at my shoes.

"I can walk with these now, you know. I am not as clumsy as before."

"Oh! Aren't you now?"

I rolled my eyes at him. Fine, when I was in high school, for real this time, I was really clumsy. Like a lot. You might have called me disabled. There was no way I would have been able to wear three inches heels at that time. But the police training I had helped me improving my sense of balance and coordination. And ten years back then, I wouldn't have wear clothes like this or makeup. So right now, I felt pretty exposed to everyone but hey! That's my job.

"Let's go!" I simply said, walking to the Jeep. I then heard him wolf whistled.

"You know, you are going to kill guys at first sight. Especially with you walking like this. Men, have you seen your legs in skinny jeans? You have Barbie legs. And you are wearing heels, which means you have even longer legs. I am definitely going to have to kick some asses today. Should be fun…"

"No, you won't." I interrupted him. "If you do, Newton won't ever look my way because he'll be scared shit of you. No matter what happened. And I mean, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENED, you don't do anything. Don't kick any ass, don't threaten anybody, don't do anything… Let the big girl handle things herself."

"Big girl of 16." He muttered. I pinched him. "Fine, I'll just glare at them."

"You sound like a dog that is marking his territory." I laughed.

"Huh?" He wasn't sure how do take it.

"No but seriously, don't even glare. You are pretty scary when you give people that look. And remember, you are supposed to be the super cool teacher. The friendly one. Just pretend that you don't really care about what I do. Just say something like 'She is old enough to know what she wants…' or 'If she has problems, she'll come see me. Other than that, she can handle things by herself…'"

"Fine, I'll say something along those lines. But don't come sobbing on me and destroying my shirt if some teenage jackass touched your butt or made you some advances."

"No… I'll wink at them, not sob. Remember, I must hit on the teacher, so I must feel desirable." I said, opening the door of the Jeep. I got in at the same time Emmett got in the driver's seat.

"Yeah, but don't you forget what we talked about…"

"I know, I know… double personality." I replied. Emmett explained to me that guys liked girls who had two personalities: the librarian and the stripper. So we decided that I should be shy and reserve in the inside but hot and sensual on the outside. So basically, I was a hot chick who was playing hard to get, unconsciously. So here I was.

On the road to school, I thought of the reaction of Aro when Emmett explained to him how I was born. My boss simply laughed his ass off. Literally. He had nothing to say against our story so he simply let us go. They gave us an apartment in Forks so we wouldn't have to drive 4 hours everyday just to go to school. Plus, it helped with our cover. If, by pure chance I had to do a teem work or if Emmett received school colleagues… well let's just say it would be easier if we really had a home in Forks.

Emmett pulled in the parking lot of the school. It was almost already full. I took a deep breath in and looked at my colleague / brother / best friend / lifesaver on many occasions… He gave me my microphone and earrings. I put them on and we tried them to see if they were working, and they did. Nice, I had to hear his voice all day long. He smiled at me and hugged me.

"Ready, Bitch?" He asked me kindly, pressing his hand on my shoulder.

"Ready." I agreed.

I opened the door and stepped out of the car. I felt like a Hollywood Star that was about to walk the red carpet. Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY was looking at us. No STARING at us. It was really disturbing. I took my back and walked around the Jeep to join Emmett who seemed to appreciate the looks thrown our way. I, on the other hand, didn't enjoy it. Especially when I could hear what they were whispering to each other. I tried to ignore them but I just couldn't. We were new and the gossips wouldn't end until a few days, maybe even weeks. Horror.

Emmett walked me to the office where I would get my schedule. He squeezed my hand. I heard people speaking in the background.

"He's yummy!" Durk, he's going to be your PE teacher…

"Are they together?" Nah, he's my brother.

"Who are they?" I am definitely not an alien, so stop acting like I was a Chinese toy.

"She is so hot!" Good… maybe Newton will see that too…

"He's way to old to be with her, or to be a student. I wonder…" You are wrong and right. He's only two years older, not that I care much. And he is not a student. He's your teacher which means… Don't touch. Only Newton has the right to touch students. And I will be the last one.

I shivered at my own thought. And oh my god, I didn't miss high school at all. I was already bored of it. Gossips after gossips after gossips… Great. I was going to enjoy this. Emmett kissed my forehead, drawing my attention on the current situation. He then spoke to me loud and clear for everybody around us to hear.

"Have a nice day, sis. See you after school."

"You too, Em. Have a lot of fun teaching PE." I replied. Maybe then people would stop saying that he was my possible boyfriend.

"As always." He grinned at me. Shit! What was he going to do? "Don't do anything foolish. If I hear that you did something such as… I don't know… spitting on somebody… you'll be grounded."

My eyes widened. Me? Spitting on someone? Oh! He didn't. Yes! I did spit on someone back in high school, but he kept touching my but and asking me out on a date. Once, he grabbed my arm and wouldn't let me go. At that time, I had no idea how to free myself from his grip so I did the first thing that crossed my mind; I spitted on him.

"You are not my dad… brother." I said harshly. Just like a teenager in her adolescent crisis. I worked hard not to laugh at my thought. It was quite funny. I looked around me and saw the faces of the students. They were either surprised, hopeful, or… emotionless. Some were just staring, simply staring.

"But you are under my charge, young lady." Emmett smirked. He freaking smirked.

"Yeah. Yeah!" I said loudly. "In your dreams." I muttered only for him to hear.

He then left me alone with a bunch of teenagers that were still freaking staring at me. It was quite annoying. I walked to the secretary's desk. She looked at me with a weird expression on her face.

"You are new." It wasn't a question, but more of a statement. Of course she would know if I was knew. Forks is so small that each grade only had two classes of 20 persons… at most.

"Yes." I said shyly, remembering Emmett explanation about the librarian and stripper.

"You must be the Swan girl." She said.

Shit, how did she know that?

"Yes. But how do you know?"

"Oh. We haven't had outsiders for three years now. And it's not everyday that we have a new teacher and his daughter 'attending' the same school." She giggled.

"Daughter? No. He's my big brother." I replied. "Come on. We only had 11 – coughed – 2 years of difference. He couldn't have gotten a girl pregnant at that age for Christ's sake. I didn't even know if it was technically possible."

"Oh. Sorry." She looked at the screen of her computer.

"Swan. Swan. Swan. Swan. Swan. Swan." She chanted at the same time she was searching for my schedule.

"Swan. Swan. Swan. Swan. Swan." Arg. I got it… I was quite tempted to say it out loud but I didn't. Bella remember, librarian means shy, reserved. Not aggressive and arrogant.

"Ah ha. Here it is. Isabella Swan." She practically yelled my name for everyone around to hear. She pressed print. "Beautiful name by the way."

"Thank you." I blushed. Nice… it was coming back fast and I hadn't even been in school for a day yet. I secretly hope that I wouldn't ever blush ever again. Guess I was wrong. She gave my schedule to me and smiled.

"Enjoy your stay in Forks and have a good year in our school."

"Thank you." I walked away, not looking at any of the students. They all heard my name, meaning that in… what… 10 minutes at most, everybody in the school would know my name, and the fact that my brother was the new PE teacher. I looked down at my schedule.

Calculus: Mr. Newton

Biology: Mr. Davis

French: Ms. Garnier


English: Mr. Cullen

History: Mr. Whitlock

PE: Mr. Swan

Well… this was going to be easy. Calculus; at least I have Newton as a teacher. Biology; I had already done this course and I still have all my exercises and homework in Seattle so, if I needed help, I could just browse through my old class notes. French; no problem with that. There is a reason why Emmett and I decided to pretend that we were in Montreal for the past years. We are perfectly fluent in French. And Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Arab… and the list goes on and on. English; my favourite course. I just simply loved English literature. History; a fascinating topic. Knowing our past is simply really important for me. PE; teasing with my brother.

I put my schedule in my bag and walked around the school to familiarize myself with the building. It was really small. In about 5 minutes, I had seen the entire school. The bell announcing the start of classes rang. I walked to my first class: Calculus.

As I walked into the classroom I saw our target, Mike Newton.

"Target in view." I whispered for only Emmett to hear.

"Copy." I heard him in my earring.

It was funny to think that we were playing spies, just like in the movies Mission Impossible or Bourne Identity.

I sat down in a desk in the front row. There was a girl next to me and she was looking straight at me. I looked at her shyly and smiled.

"I'm Jessica." She was dyed blonde and she was wearing so much makeup it was sort of disgusting.


"You're new." Once again it was a statement, not a question.

"Yes. I am."

"Where are you from?"

Before I was able to answer her question, the teacher, aka pedophile man, started his class.

"Hello everybody. I am your Calculus teacher. My name is Mike Newton. But please, call me sir or Mr. Newton. Not Mike."

Note to self: likes being in power.

"So, today, we are not going to have a charged class but we are going to introduce ourselves." Everyone in the class groaned. They all knew each other for years now. I was the only one that was… let's just say it, nowhere.

"Now, now, please. I don't know all of you and I believe we have a new student here so… For her sakes." He then looked straight at me. His gaze sent me shivers through my entire body. Despite my conscience that was yelling at me to stay away from that dude, I smile at him. Inside of me, I was literally boiling.

"Let's go in alphabetical order, shall we."

During the self presentations, I looked at everything at the same time as registering what the students were telling about themselves.

Youva: from Algeria, 17, likes prank

The teacher is constantly looking at the cleavage of his students. It's freaking disgusting.

Sara: 16, study

Girls are all looking at him like he is some piece of meat. No to why he feels the need to satisfy them.

Carmen: 17, sports

Tyler: 17, cars

Newton seems not to care much about Carmen. More Sara. It means he doesn't like sportive girls even though they are pretty cute. Carmen is beautiful..

Lauren: 16, slut #1

Oh, and he likes slut like Lauren. Man, he is salivating. d-i-s-g-u-s-t-i-n-g.

Stephen: 16, womanizer

Eric: 16, chess

Ben: 17, movies

He didn't look at any of the guy. He basically looked really bored when the three guys talked. He just looked at me in the eyes. I don't know what he's trying to see, and I hate that.

Jessica: 16, slut #2

His attention turned to the girl who was sitting next to me. Okay, note to self: he really likes slut.

Jessica Stanley sat down next to me. Shit, my turn. I stood up and walked in front of the class. I could feel his eyes on me. Agent Swan:1 - Rapist Newton: 0

"Euh…" I said shyly. "My name is Isabella Swan, but please call me Bella." I smiled at the teacher. "Euh… my brother and I just moved here this summer. He is the new PE teacher…" I didn't know what else to say. So I simply remained silent.

"Come on, Bella. Nobody knows you here. Tell us a little bit more about yourself." The teacher said. The students nodded in agreement. Agent Swan:2 - Rapist Newton: 0

"Okay. I am 16. I am an orphan. My mother died giving birth to me and my dad died, killed by guy who was robbing a store. Just before moving here, Emmett and I used to live in Montreal. Euh… I enjoy Literature, Science, and Math." I said the last word looking straight at the teacher. Yeah, I know , it's cheesy.

"Okay. Thank you. Anything question?" He asked to the class, reluctantly breaking my eye contact.

"So the big guy who was with you outside was your brother?" Lauren, aka slut #1 asked.

I nodded. "Yes, he is the one who raised me when my father died. I was only 10."

"And he was old enough to take care of you?" Carmen asked me. She really seemed interested. Not in a 'paparazzi' way. Just in a friendly way. She looked like someone I could get along with.

"We have eleven years of difference. He is sort of my second father." I then saw the teacher's eyes looking away from me. So I was right when I said that if he knew that my brother would kick a guy ass only because he kind of like me, he would back off.

"Only without the disadvantages. He basically let me do what I want, when I want, with who I want. He is not really strict on me." I added. The teacher's attention was then turn back on me. So easy! Agent Swan:3 - Rapist Newton: 0

After that, I then sat back into my previous seat and continued watching the teacher at the same time as listening to the rest of the self presentation. There was a girl in my class, other than Carmen that seemed to have a lot of things in common with me. I believe we could become friends. Her name was Angela and she reminded me of the old me. The one I used to be during high school.

The bell rang. I got up last and walked to the teacher. Okay, I got to admit. He was cute. I haven't seen the other teachers but I was sure they weren't like that.

"Mr. Newton. I just wanted to say that, I learned my maths in a French school and in another country so the methods might be slightly different. I was just wondering that if I had some troubles, maybe you might be able to help me outside of class?" I told him, twisting a strand of my hair in my hands. I was also biting my bottom lip. It took him few seconds to assimilate what I just said.

"Well, of course Bella. If you need anything, just come and see me." He replied with a huge smile.

Oh! So you believe you just caught your diner. But believe me Sir, you are the insect caught in my Spider web.

I smiled to him. "Thank you. Have a nice day, Sir." I walked to the door.

"You too, Bella."

I walked to my next class. Agent Swan:4 - Rapist Newton: 0

"The dude is for sure a pedophile, authoritarian that loves power. He might be sadistic and he is totally over me." I muttered very lowly. Nobody was close to me so nobody heard me. Except for Emmett.

"Yeah, so I've heard. You are a total wicked little whore, you know." He answered about 2 minutes after I talked to him. He must have been with someone and couldn't answer me. But when he finally did, he chuckled.

I continued walking to my Biology class. "I am so not a whore. And you might have heard, but you didn't see it. He was drooling."

He started to laugh and tried to turn it into coughing. I giggled. "I have to go to my next class with Mr. Davis."

"I met him early. He is nice. In fact, I met almost all the teachers. And you were wrong."

"About what?" I stopped walking, waiting for his answer. But it never came. "Go to hell, Emmett Christopher McCarthy." I muttered under my breath. I then enter my Biology class with Peter Davis.

The morning passed slowly and I feared the afternoon would be even worse. Emmett and I hadn't talked, in real or through the micros after my math class. I talked to Angela and I figured I had all my classes with her. So, for lunch, she invited me to join her. She was sitting at a table with Carmen, Ben a girl named Kate and some guy named Eleazar. Quite unusual. He was a senior while we were all juniors. Ben and Angela were a couple as well as Carmen and Eleazar. Kat was Carmen best friend. Kate had two older sisters that were my real age.

French in Charlotte Garnier, as expected was really easy. The teacher asked us to talk a little in French, just to know what our level was. When I started to talk, the teachers eyes widened. She was impressed. And the students… I was pretty sure most of them didn't understand a thing of what I said. Let's just say I was talking fast and using complicated words. I know… Show-off…

"What did you think of Newton?" Eleazar asked. I figured he must had him last year.

"Girls seemed to be hitting on him a lot." Ben chuckled.

"No!" We all said at the same time.

"He is cute actually." Kate added. She wasn't in our class but since the school was really small, she must have known who he was.

"Euh… Have you seen Cullen and Whitlock?"

"Sure… But everybody looks lame next to both of them." Carmen added.

"Thanks." Eleazar replied.

"Not you… You are way better."

They then kissed.

"Arg. Get yourself a room." Kate teased.

Lunch passed really fast. It was my first day at school and I was already part of a 'gang'. And I was glad that I wasn't stuck with the group of bitches and machos.

The bell ran. Angela and I were the only one in English so we both walked to our classroom. We sat down next to each other. When the teacher entered the room, my heart stopped. Literally.

So that was what Carmen meant when she said that everybody looked lame next to Cullen and Whitlock. The thing I was sure about was that if Whitlock was better looking than Cullen, he would be god. Not more than god. Because the man that was standing right before me was already god.

He was about 6'2''. He had the strangest hair color of all time. It was sort of reddish, copper and blond. But damn, his hair was really secy. I wanted to brush my hand in it. And his eyes. Fuck. His eyes. Green. The deepest green I had ever seen. I was lean, but muscular.

Holy cow! The guy couldn't be my English teacher. He was too perfect. He should be a model or a Hollywood Star. Not a teacher lost in the village of Forks, Washington. Then, he started talking. And what a voice! He had a British accent. What the fuck! Could he get any hotter?

"Hello everybody. I'm Edward Cullen and I will be your English teacher this year. "

I completely lost the rest of what he said. I just stared and stared and stared. He didn't even look at me. On the contrary of Mike Newton, he didn't seem to be affected by cleavage or anything. Yeah. The guy probably was already married with a beautiful mannequin… nope. He didn't have a ring. Okay… The guy probably already had a girlfriend who wasn't a teenager and he was completely happy with it. But man… he was just so hot.

Wait! Did I just think that? Me? Virgin Marie who doesn't trust any male specimen?


I had never felt this way before. Not even with Jacob nor James. Edward Cullen was just… too perfect.

Then suddenly the room was empty and Angela was looking at me.

"Are you all right?"

"Yeah… Sure." I got up rapidly and walked outside of the class.

"You were just… somewhere else." She seemed concerned.

"Yeah. Remembering the past." I replied. Well only a little.

"Let's go in history"

We got in history and once again, Carmen was right. Whitlock was really good looking. He was hot too. Though he wasn't as sexy and handsome and perfect as Edward Cullen. My history teacher introduced himself as Jasper Whitlock and he had a southern accent. It increased his charm.

After this class, I had PE with my brother… Oh joy! I looked at him and he raised his eyebrow. I knew what he meant. He wanted me to say that I was wrong. That they were better looking teachers than Newton. Hell yeah! They were all better looking than Newton.

The class finally ended and we both got home without speaking. I opened the front door of our apartment and sat down in front of the tv. He walked behind me in the living room and leaned himself on the doorframe.

"So… any teenage guy you are interested in?" He teased.

I looked at him and stuck my tongue out.

"No way… I'm not going out with babies."

"Any teacher you might be interested in?" He rephrased his question.

I froze.

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