E/O Drabble Challenge

Challenge word: crust

Length: 100 words

Sam's thoughts during the "home" scene of Dark Side of the Moon. All dialogue was taken from that epsiode, the rest is mine....well, except for Sam and Dean. *pouts*

Sam watches his mom cut the crust from Dean's PB&J.

Please look at me.


Just one glance, please. I'm your son too.

"Guess it's not your memory Sam. Sorry."

Is that supposed to make it easier?

"Dean, uh, we should go…keep looking for the road."

It hurts too much to stay here.

"I know that. Just give me a minute okay."

I can't.


Should being in heaven make your heart ache?

"Sam, please, one minute."

Sam lowers his eyes. A minute in heaven doesn't begin to compare with the forty years Dean spent in hell, so he waits.

A/N: I also posted a tag for 99 Problems this weekend called A Good Place to Start. It's Sam's POV following that episode.