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"Rasengan," The two Uzumaki cousins shouted, hurling giant pieces of chakra toward each other.

As they were about to hit each other, they each felt some people behind each of them. Naruto only had two people behind him, but Kashii had two behind her. As the two were being held back they had lost control of their rasengan and the balls of chakra flew right toward a huge pile of bouldars. The rocks exploded off as everyone ran away with an Uzumaki. When all the rocks blew off and were on the ground, everyone stepped out from behind a tree. They were all surrounding the big hole the bouldars had flown off of. They saw something at the bottom, causing most of them to be confused.

"What is it," Naruto raised a brow as he looked into deep hole.

"It's a person, idiot!" Sakura exclaimed.

"Well sorry," he muttered.

As they looked down the hole, Kashii and her teammates, Tatsumi and Zazike, looked at their sensei, Satsuki. As Satsuki looked down at the body, he turned his saddened, shocked and confused face to his older brother, Kakashi. Kakashi only starred at the body, letting his one visible eye widen. While he turned his head to his younger brother, he nodded at him and both jumped down into the hole. As they were down there, the students carried on a conversation.

"So, who do you think it is?" Naruto whispered quietly.

"I think he's an old missing-nin." Kashii smirked. "He looks kind of like a missing-nin."

"He looks like a cry-baby." Sakura sneered.

"Gee, you're one to talk." Zazike rolled her eyes with a giggle.

"I wonder if he's ok." Tatsumi said to no one in particular.

"I'm sure he is," Naruto nodded. "They're always ok. They're ninja."

As Kakashi and Satsuki lifted the boy up enough to have him sit up straight, they saw half of his body all crushed up, but it was moveable. Kakashi widened his eye again. How could it be moveable? The boy was crushed years ago. Satsuki only knew the a boy a little bit. He knew enough to know he was crushed immediatly after saving his brother's life from Kakashi's crying and the boy's eye he had given him.. As the thriteen-year-old boy opened his single eye, he saw a man that he had known very well and man that he had known just a little, but remembered him. Kakashi put a hand on the boy's shoulder as his only eye widened from underneath his goggles.

"Ka-Kakashi," the boy asked as the man nodded.

"Obito, it's you, isn't it?" Kakashi asked hopefully.

"Yes," Obito nodded with a smile as much as he could. "How am I not dead?"

"We were hoping you could tell us that." Satsuki sweat-dropped.

"I remember a deeper hole inside here as more and more bouldars crushed me." Obito squinted his eye, remembering. "I can only move a little bit of me right side, but not much."

"We could get that fixed." Kakashi smiled underneath his mask.

"Hey Sakura," Satsuki called on the pink-haired girl.

"Yea, sensei," Sakura jumped down with a raised brow.

"We need you to fix Obito up. His whole right side is crushed." Kakashi explained.

"Hai," she nodded and began her healing.

As the green chakra moved to the pinkette's hands, she began to heal all around his right side. He groaned and grunted in pain a few times, but he calmed himself. Obito opened his blurry eye every now and then to see what was going on, but he couldn't quite make anything out. Even with his sharingan, he was still getting over the fact of himself being deceased, causing his eye to become a bit more blurry than normal. He didn't know how he could become out of being deceased. Obito racked his brain for an answer, but he gave up after a few moments and came back to focusing on his bits of agony he was being put through. As Sakura continued the treatment, the others jumped down and looked at the boy.

"Hello," Obito wiped the tiny tear from his eye.

'This surely is Obito.' Kakashi thought. The boy had dust in his eye, crying just a bit from the pain. He was strong, but even one spec of dust could screw his eye up pretty bad and make tears.

"Hi," They replied while waving.

"I can't completely fix him." Sakura sighed. "I have his right leg fixed, so he can walk to the hospital with us to get Lady Tsunade working on him."

"Ok," Kakashi nodded as Obito smiled and had help getting up from Naruto.

"Hi, nice to meet you!" Naruto exclaimed, putting his hands on his hips with a goofy grin plastered on his face.

"Hi," Obito smiled widely. Naruto acted like him, which he could deal with. "I'm Ob-Woah! Kakashi, I can walk to the hospital."

As Kakashi shook his head, he picked Obito up and gave him a piggy back ride. Obito had to admit, even though it was kind of embarrassing and a waste of time, he felt like a loved child. He shrugged and sighed as they ran to the hospital. As they were running, Naruto came up beside Kakashi and gave his signature smile to the goggle-wearing boy.

"Sorry, who are you again?" Naruto sweat dropped.

"I'm Obito Uchiha," Obito stated with a smile much like Naruto's.

"Uchiha," Everyone exclaimed in shock.

"I thought they all d-" Naruto was about to blab before Kakashi Sakura slapped a hand over his mouth, making him angry.

As they entered the hospital, everyone stopped immediatly. They were all about to run into Lady Tsunade. She was about to become angry until she noticed the boy on Kakashi's back. Obito shook his head and opened his eye from the abrupt stop. He looked at Tsunade with a raised brow and scratched the back of his head. She was amazed, but before she could put a word in, Kakashi and Satsuki already read her mind and shrugged, shaking their heads. Tsunade shrugged as well and took Obito off Kakashi's back and held his hand as they walked to the emergancy room.

"So, how have you been Obito?" Tsuande asked with a smile.

"I'm still crushed." he shrugged. "How'd you know my name, Lady Tsuande?"

"How'd you know mine?" she smirked.

"Well, they said that they'd take me to the Lady Tsunade and Minato-Sensei said that his sensei was your teammate." Obito explained.

"Oh yea, I forgot Minato was you're sensei." she smiled.

"Yea," he nodded with a goofy grin. "So, how's you know my name?"

"Like you said. Jiraiya was my teammate and then he had Minato as a student and you're Kakashi's teammate." Tsuande stated.

While Obito nodded, they entered an emergency room. He was now afraid. He saw needles, exotic plants, scissors, sharp tools and blood was being cleaned off the floor. Obito shuddered as Tsuande closed the door and ordered him onto the bed. He screamed and tried to escape before Kakashi stepped in and stopped him. Obito looked wide-eyed at his now grown teammate as he went down to Obito's level.

"What's wrong, Obito?" Kakashi asked.

"I saw a bunch of sharp things." Obito suddenly became interested in the floor.

"You've been crushed by a rock. These will barely hurt compared to being somewhat deceased." Kakashi stated.

"That is true," Obito put a finger to his lip as he thought about this. Once he came to his decision, he nodded with a straight, serious face. "I'll do it,"

"Good, now just trust Lady Tsunade. She's a good person and she'll take care of you." he said.

"Ok," Obito nodded.

When he stepped onto the table, Tsuande smiled at him and got some plants poured and stirred into a bucket. She added some water with it after it had all been drained in it's prison. While she took a second to channel all her chakra into her hands, she told Obito to go ahead and grab a hospital gown and get dressed in the bathroom. He gave her a look that reminded her that he couldn't move his right side so much because of the accident. She sweat-dropped and Kakashi took Obito's hand, saying he'd help his old teammate out.

"So, I was gone for a while, huh?" Obito asked as Kakashi pulled his right arm through the gown.

"Yea," Kakashi nodded. "I never got to say thank you either."

"Very welcome, Kakashi," Obito gave a wide grin as he picked up his goggles.

While he was trying to use his right arm to get them over he head, it stung and he groaned in agony. Kaksashi gladly helped him out and put the goggles over his eye. But Obito slung it up to his forehead-protecter instead. Kakashi went wide-eyed as Obito explained that he'd want them to put some kind of new eye in there. Kakashi sighed, but he smiled underneath his mask, which Obito took as a happy sort of statement. As they walked into the emergeny room, kakashi helped Obito up onto the table and walked out. Tsunade finally had chakra channeled into her hands and the big orb of it swam and mixed along with the plant mixing. She told Obito to pull up his robe. He sighed in relief when he remembered he left his boxers on, mentally thanking himself and Kakashi. While Tsuande chuckled over this, the healing wasn't painful at all to one of the remaining Uchiha.

"Well, I think that covers it." Tsunade smiled. "Try and move your shoulder, arm and hip.

"Ok," he smiled back as he obeyed. Successfully, his body was back to working. He couldn't believe that he'd been stuck under a rock so long that his body was finally becoming unstiff. "Thanks so much Lady Tsunade! But, can I ask another favor?"

Tsunade thought this over. She took mercy on the boy and smiled, nodding her head. "Sure, why not?"

"Thanks," he grinned. "Can I have an eye transplant? I don't care what color it is. I don't even care that it won't be able to use sharingan!"

"Well, the people who worked herew before me were kind of weird." Tsunade explained, pulling open a drawer that was marked in bright blue letter 'Uchiha' and took some red looking things out of it. "So when they heard of the passing of the Uchiha clan, they saved all the eyes."

"My clan died," Obito asked quietly.

"I'm sorry, but it's true. They were betrayed by one of their own." Tsuande frowned and looked at the floor, much like Obito. "But you can bring honor back to their clan. You know, grow up, get married, have a few kids?"

"Sounds like a good idea." Obito perked up. "Are there any more surviovors besides me?"

"Well, there was one named Sasuke Uchiha. He was the brother of Itachi, the one who killed them all. But Sasuke left us a while back ago. Itachi is still alive and Sasuke is being trained by someone evil to figure out how to kill Itachi. There's also a thought about Madara Uchiha being a survivor, but we have no clue. Besides, if he really was alive, he'd probably become evil by now." Tsuande shrugged, bring an amount of left eyes to Obito. "But you can be the one who doesn't become evil. You can be the change that every other good Uchiha wanted. Itachi screwed up big time, Sasuke's to stubborn to see his mistake, and who knows where Madara is now, but you can be the good one, Obito. I have faith in you and so does everyone else in Konoha."

"Ok," he smiled. "I'll be the good one. I just have to find a girl around here."

"That shouldn't be to hard." Tsunade chuckled, ruffling Obito's hair. "Now, onward with our surgery. Which eye would you like? They're all sharingan, so don't be afraid to pick one out."

"I think I'll have...that one." Obito pointed one out that looked exactly like his own single eye he had at the moment.

"Good choice," Tsunade giggled, grabbing some gloves and ordering obito back on the table.

He nodded and did as she commanded. Without a word, Tsunade had her assistant take some gas and put Obito into a deep, deep sleep. Once she knew he was finally asleep, she quickly began the surgery. While she was fiinishing the last stitch up, she made them match his skin color with a just a little shed of skin she off his cut up thumb. it wasn't even noticeable, the scar. She made a few samples of coloring to put on his stitches and they all successfully matched. She sighed in relief once she was done and removed the gas from his mouth. Obito's eyes fluttered open and his smiled widely, giving Tsunade a giant hug.

"Thanks a bunch, Lady Tsunade!" he exclaimed.

"No problem," she chuckled out. "Now, would you like to see your friends?"

"Yea," he nodded, getting off of her.

As Tsunade opened the door, Kakashi, Satsuki and their teams immediatly filled the room. Tsunade left and Isamu, Lee and Gaara came in as well. Obito grinned at them all and they all smiled back. All but Naruto and Kashii who were sharing identical grins. No one was really silent, they'd all decided Kakashi and Obito tell them all what happened so they'd understand better.

"So you're Obito Uchiha?" Naruto asked with his grin still showing.

"Yea," he nodded, pulling his goggles down. "And you're Naruto Uzumaki?"

"Yea, and this is my cousin, Kashii Uzumaki, dattebayo!" he pulled his cousin closer with an arm.

"Nice to meet ya." Kashii smirked, sticking out a hand, which he shook.

"Nice to meet you to." Obito smiled.

"These are my teammates, Tatsumi Akahinaz and Zazike Hirotoka. This is my sensei, and Kakashi-sensei's brother, Satsuki!" Kashii introduced her team. "We're team 15!"

"Hi," Tatsumi waved, which he waved back to.

"Hi, nice to meet you!" Zazike waved wildly.

"You to," Obito nodded with a grin.

"This is Sakura Haruno." Kakashi put a hand on the pinkette's shoulder. "She's my student along with Naruto."

"She thinks Sasuke is her boyfriend." Naruto rolled his eyes.

"He is and I'll prove it!" Sakura exclaimed.

"Alright, Suckera, sheesh..." he whispered, causing Obito to chuckle.

"What'd you say, nimrod?" she yelled even louder.

"Shut up, you two." Kakashi ordered.

"I'm Isamu Mikara," Isamu shook his hand after introducing himself.

"I am Rock Lee!" Lee gave a thumbs up with a ping from his teeth. After he did so, Obito tugged on Kakashi's shirt and the masked sensei lowered to him.

"Why does he look like Gai?" Obito whispered.

"He's one of Gai's students." Kakashi shrugged.

"Oh," Obito nodded with a grin. "Nice to meet you guys!"

"No difference here." Isamu shrugged with a smile.

"A pleasure to meet you to!" Lee grinned.

"This guy's Gaara," Naruto said while Gaara said nothing.

"Come on, Gaara, smile!" Kashii whispered as Naruto nudged him.

"Hello," Gaara tried to smile.

"He's just getting used to making friends is all." Naruto sweat dropped.

"You look an awful lot like Minato, Naruto." Obito stated.

"I do," Naruto raised a brow. "Pervy Sage told me that to!"

"Who the heck's-"

"Don't ask," Kakashi sweat dropped, scratching the back of his head.

While they talked for a while, Kiba entered the room with Akamru planted in his hood. He greeted Obito with a smile as Obito did the same. Akamaru barked and jumped out of Kiba's hoof, making his way across the table to Obito's face. While Akamaru licked the boy's face, he couldn't help but chuckle a bit. The dog was very nice and friendly. He pulled Akamaru into his lap and started petting him.

"Nice to meet you and Akamaru, Kiba." Obito chuckled out.

"Yea, you to," he smiled.

"Kakashi," Tsunade stuck her head through the door. "I need to talk to you and Satsuki."

"Yes ma'am," The senseis nodded, walking out and closing the door.

"Ok, so..." Obito cocked a brow with a smirk planted on his face.

"Yea," They asked.

"Who likes who around here? I can see some of you look at some others." Obito gave a wicked smirk.

"We don't like anybody." Gaara blushed, looking away.

"Come on, I know you guys do! Even I had a crush on a weird girl named Rin before I got crushed." Obito stated as Akamaru jumped into Kiba's jacket front.

"No we don't." Naruto pulled his forehead protecter over his eyes.

"Liars," Kiba chuckled. "I'll tell you everything. Naruto has a thing for my shy teammate, Hinata. Isamu likes my foster sister, Tatsumi. Kashii and Lee can hide it kind of ok, but not to much to fool me. Zazike makes Gaara have that little energetic feeling, so you can tell he likes her! And Sakura is in love with Sasuke Uchiha."

"No we don't!" Everyone but Sakura exclaimed while Obito and Kiba laughed over and over.

"Alright, alright," Obito lifted his fogged up goggles off his head and wiped them down with his hospital gown. "This thing's so annoying, I want my normal clothes back."

"I think you're allowed to go change now." Naruto looked the clock and handed Obito his clothes. "We'll stay in here and tell them where you went when they come in."

"Thanks," he smiled, taking the clothes and hurrying to through that bathroom and to the hallway.

On his way, he heard Kakashi, Satsuki, and Tsunade talking. He couldn't but become interested. He hid behind the wall on the otherside and listened in on them. He knew it was wrong, especially to do to the hokage, but couldn't stand it.

"Listen," Tsunade began. "I need to tell you something about Obito..."

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