Well, my friends wanted me to start or continue with a story. I had two stories that I started a few months back. My eye sight got kind of bad so I could not focus clearly for a couple of months. Things have gotten better and now with thicker glasses, I can see clearly. So hopefully we can get a good story out of this.

This story is a continuation of the 'So He Creeped' series. This is picks up where the twins are five years old. Gin is nine months pregnant. He and Byakuya are still happy. My friends told me to get started and they will help me with it.

Byakuya was walking towards his manor from his office. He was lost in thought about his family. He decided to walk off the common trail to take a short cut. He wanted to get home to give Gin a break from the babysitting Yumichika's son, Katsuo and Kira's son, Fumio. With the twins starting school and the new baby on the way, it has been a little no easier on Gin. He wanted Gin to rest but Gin wanted to help out his friends. In return for babysitting, Yumichika and Kira helped Gin get the baby's room ready.

As he ventured deeper in the woods, he started to feel a slight pressure; the pressure of a hollow.

Byakuya stopped. He closed his eyes and placed his hand on the hilt of his sword. He felt the pressure suddenly stop. He opened his eyes.

Just then, Byakuya pulled his sword as he heard a noise on his right side. "Why do you hide from me?" The tip of his sword was inches from the throat of an Arrancar.

"Would you actually slit my throat, Byakuya?" the Arrancar said with a with smirk on his face. His voice sounded of the sarcasm that matched the smirk on his face.

"If it wasn't for Gin, I would kill you where you stand, Starrk," Byakuya said as his steel gray eyes stared at him.

"Wow, Gin? How is he doing? The last time I saw him, he was pregnant and trying to get back to you," Starrk said as he smiled at Byakuya.

"What is it that you want? I do not have time to waste on your silly games," Byakuya said as he continued to point his sword at Starrk's neck.

Starrk sighed. He raised his hands to signal that he did not want to fight. "Byakuya, I have no beef with you or your family. I wanted to come and warn you that Gin maybe in danger."

Byakuya lowered his sword. He backed away from Starrk but never took his eyes off Starrk. "Continue," he said.

"When you killed Aizen and destroyed the castle in Hueco Mundo, the only ones who were left in a leadership position were me and Yammy," Starrk said as he placed his left hand on the tree. Byakuya noticed the number '1' tattooed on the back of his hand. He then replaced his sword but kept his hand on the hilt. His stance was more of a precaution than that of trust.

Starrk continued to speak. "Since we were the last two survivors, we needed to rebuild our world, well, that is what I wanted to do. I, for one, believe we can live in a balanced universe. But Yammy did not believe that. He wanted to rule Hueco Mundo and destroy both Soul Society and Earth. A lot like Aizen plans." Starrk looked at Byakuya. He took a deep breath and slowly let it out.

"We split Hueco Mundo practically in half, Yammy kept the castle but I got most of the files that Aizen had made, not all of them. While I was going through Aizen's files, I came across one file that had notes that included Gin."

Byakuya looked at Starrk. His interest was now peaked because Gin's name was mentioned. He thought of how he and Gin worked hard to get past the whole Aizen – Hueco Mundo Affair. How they made sure that their twins, Hideki and Hiroki, were protected and prepared. Also, how they were preparing for the birth of their third child. "What are the notes concerning Gin?" Byakuya patience started to wear thin again. "Starrk, as I stated earlier, I do not have time to play your games."

"Okay, Byakuya, I am getting there. The file was about some destructive device, from what I understand the notes, it is very powerful. From what I read, the blast from this device will destroy both Hueco Mundo and Soul Society. The location of this device is unknown. I have my guys searching in Hueco Mundo for this device. The thing I fear is that it could be here, somewhere in the Soul Society or on earth." Starrk said as he started pace back and forth.

"This device has to have two things it for it to be activation. One is the Hogyoku. The other is a series of numbers which only Aizen knew, one for activation and another for deactivation. Now, Aizen always had a back up." Starrk looked at Byakuya. "That is where Gin and Tosen come in."

Byakuya looked at Starrk. His mind started to racing. "How does Gin fit into this?"

"Aizen would not trust anyone with the code. But he would place it were he could get to it easily."

"Gin doesn't know anything. He would not…"

"What, Byakuya, keep a secret from you? No, I think he would not knowingly keep a secret from you. Subconsciously, he would." Starrk got up and stood in front of Byakuya. He took his finger and pointed to the temple of his forehead. "If Aizen planted the code in Gin and Tosen here, that means it has to be a trigger, like a word or phrase, for them to give up the code. With Tosen dead, all that leaves with a code is Gin. "

Byakuya started to ball his fist over the thought of Aizen still some connection to Gin.

"As long as no one activates it, the damn thing will just sit there. It has been that way for years. But…." Starrk stopped.

"Yammy?" Byakuya whispered under his breath.

"Yeah, Yammy. He is a different story. From my intelligence gathering, we are ahead of him. He doesn't know the device out there. He doesn't know where or how it works but if he finds out about the device, he could come after Gin, thinking that he may know about it."

Silence took over the conversation. Starrk started to walk away. He stopped and looked back at Byakuya.

"Aizen always hated you. He hated you because Gin loved you. Aizen figured out that Gin was only with him to protect you. But Aizen would make sure that Gin would have some connection to him. He so desperately wanted to one up on you. My opinion is that Aizen placed the activation code with Gin," Starrk said as he walked to a Garganta some of his troops were waiting on him. Byakuya watched Starrk leave.

"Will I speak or see you again? How will I know if Yammy figured it out?"

"Byakuya, I can't watch Gin and fight Yammy. I wanted you to know. I like Gin and Gin a very strong person. I know that you are a strong person too. I know that you would kill anyone who hurts Gin or your children. Follow your instincts."

Byakuya stood looking at Starrk as he disappeared behind the Garganta.