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Gin sat next to Tonia holding her hand. She had started to go into labor earlier that day but her nurse had told her that she had a ways to go. She was on the verge of tears but Gin tried to keep her mind occupied.

Gin left Hitoshi with his father because Ukitake, along with Kira and Yumichika were watching the children and Byakuya, as his Protector was standing watch over Gin and his sister-in-law, Tonia.

Two days ago, the group left to go rescue Starrk, King of Hueco Mundo. Tadashi was leading the group, whose members were his cousins: Hideki, Hiroki and Emiko. His close friends: Katsuo, Fumio, and Megumi. Yachiru went with them also. Some members of all of the division volunteered to help them.

Byakuya stood outside staring at nothing particular but he did not want Gin to see the slight concern in his eyes for the children. But as a former captain, he knew that some risk had to be taken. And this mission was for family. This was not only a search and rescue of his brother, Tonia's husband but it was a search and destroy mission.

The faction that was holding Starrk hostage would be destroyed. This is what Gin had seen when he located Starrk in the session.

Byakuya closed his eyes, took in a deep breath and slowly exhaled. When he opened his eyes, a slight smile appeared on his face. He knew that it was success.

His mind wondered on his childhood. He thought about the times he wished for a sibling. Boy or girl, he wanted someone to talk with. He remembered walking with his father and grandfather outside of the gate. Although most were poor the children his age were happy. The smiles on their faces were ones he wished he could have.

One of the things he tells Gin that one things he is very happy about is that Hideki, being the older child, has a brother Hiroki, younger only by five minutes. His sons are very fortunate because they have friends, who were like brothers to them. Katsuo and Fumio, only children to their parents but they always looked to Hideki and Hiroki as their older brothers.

He and Gin always wanted to make sure they would be there for their children. He remembered how he wanted Gin to be at home for the children. He remembered how he felt when he would come home from work and see his children waiting for him to play outside or practice techniques with them. As they got older, they trained the younger ones, along with Emiko and Megumi.

When he found out about his brother, Starrk, they made sure that although he was an Arrancar, he was the strongest and fought to take his rightful place as king, they were brothers and his son, Tadashi would train with children and they would be mighty warriors.

Gin said that it was up to him to grow the tribe. He noticed that not only are his boys are Minčių Skaitytojas but Emiko is becoming a Raštas. So he knows that his grandchildren and Megumi's child will be trained appropriately.

Byakuya took another deep breath as he heard Tonia yelling as her contraction become more frequent and stronger. He knew come hell or high water, that it will be nothing that will stop him from seeing this child come into his or our world.

Suddenly, a Garganta opened. His 'baby girl' walked out first then Hideki walked out. Hiroki and Tadashi walked with Starrk between them. He was weak and needed medical care but he wanted to come to be with his wife, Tonia, and witness the birth of their second child.

Byakuya went to the group and hugged his children and when he came face to face with Starrk. It was an awkward moment but they both did something that shocked them all. Instead of the stoic stance that they usually greet each other with, Byakuya bowed to his older brother then stated;

"I am glad that you have returned."

Then Starrk asked them to let him go and he stood in front of him. Although he was in pain, he stood as stoic and Byakuya and bowed. When he stood again, he felt his knees weaken and started to fall.

Before he fell, Byakuya caught him. They found themselves in an embrace.

"You are my older brother. I know that we did not grow together but we are here now. Let me do my duty and support you when you are weak," Byakuya said as hugged his brother. "Come, let's go and see your wife. I think your child is ready to come."

On a rarity, both men smiled.

"Hiroki, bring the doctor here for your uncle. Hideki, make sure everyone is accounted and debrief." Both boys bowed and left. "Tadashi, let's take your father in to see everyone else."

As the men walked to the room, Byakuya and Starrk spoke jokily.

"Brother, if you want to lean on me, please try considering losing some weight," Byakuya said with a slight smile. He noticed that Starrk was leaning on him more because he did not want his son to see him as a weak.

"This is just my way to see how must training I have to give my little brother," Starrk said as they made their way to the room.

After about an hour, Tonia was holding a beautiful baby girl in her arms. Tadashi was helping his mother as the doctor was finishing her examination of Starrk. Byakuya wrapped his arms around Gin and kissed his cheek. They both stared the happy family as Tadashi stated that he was a big brother and he would be ready to train her to be a great warrior.

"Are you ready to go?" Byakuya asked.

"Yeah," Gin smiled. "I think Hitoshi is waiting on us."

They said their goodbyes and told them that everyone else will probably come tomorrow to see the new member to our family. When Tonia heard what Gin said, she started to cry.

"Are you in pain or," Gin said as he was cut off by Tonia.

"You and Ukitake told me that Starrk would be here to see our baby being born. I doubted you both but when he stood in the doorway with Tadashi," she broke down again and she looked at her daughter.

"Don't cry, Tonia." Gin said he went to her and wiped away her tears. "We are family, no matter what. I want you to know that no matter what, call on us just as we will call on you if needed. When the Starrk and Byakuya promised that our families are protected by them, we will always be here for each other." They hugged and Gin kissed his little niece. He saw that she had a small hole where Starrk had his hollow hole.

Speaking to the baby, Gin told her that after everyone got some rest, they would be by to see you later. Byakuya told them that they are to stay here, at this housing until they were ready to leave. Everyone said their goodbyes and Starrk hugging Gin and thanking him for what he did.

Gin and Byakuya left and they decided to walk home. Hand in hand, Hideki met them half way. He wanted to report to them that everyone was safe and there were no casualties. Gin did not mind them talking shop because once they got home, he would be only interested in his family.

Hideki told him that infiltrating the camp was easy; deposing of them was a little more difficult. But once we freed the group, it was not longer for them to be nice. They killed the faction that wanted to over throw Starrk.

As they arrived at the home, they heard the heard babies crying and the twins being chased by staff. Kira, Yumichika and Ukitake yelling at the twins to behave. Then they heard all of them laughing as they were running after them.

"You sure you are ready to go in," Byakuya laughed.

They both laughed as they walked in the door.

Years later

Hiroki was sitting in the chair as Hitoshi was running in the room. He was carrying a cup of water to bring to him. When he was standing there, the cup was half empty. He handed it to him.

"Thanks little bro," Hiroki said he drank from the cup.

Hiroki and Hitoshi were close because he was born right around the time Hiroki had a miscarriage. It took him a while to get over it but Gin made sure that he not only be a big brother but a guardian also. Gin knew that one day he would be a parent like he was and wanted him to be prepared. Gin watched as the two interacted. He watched as Hitoshi place his hand on the Hiroki's stomach. A kick from his swollen belly made Hitoshi laugh with astonishment.

"Now tell me again how I am going to be an uncle?"

Hiroki placed a hand on top of his and answered. "It is because you have uncle powers."

Hitoshi smiled and put his arms up to show him his muscle. Hiroki told him that he was going to be the strongest uncle in the region. He laughed and left because he felt his cousins coming to play.

Gin walked over and sat next to his son. "Now that we are alone, are you feeling well?"

Hiroki smiled and said yes.

After Hiroki told his parents about his miscarriage, he started to feel better but decided that he was not ready to give up his life as a captain. When he would go on mission to the human world, he and his aunt Rukia would work with Ichigo. One thing led to another and before he knew it, he and Ichigo were in a relationship. They both tried to fight it but one night lead to another. When he told Ichigo that he was able to have children, he was elated and they decided to have a child.

Byakuya was more accepting than Gin, not because he did not like Ichigo, because Hiroki was his baby. Byakuya told Hiroki and Hideki that Gin was the same way with Emiko when she decided to be with Fumio. He told them that Gin is a typical parent but once the baby comes, all would be well.

Emiko and Hideki arrived with Byakuya. Hiroki was having dinner at Ichigo's home but they were going to leave from there. A gate opened and Ichigo and Renji walked through to the yard. All the children called to them and jumped on them. Since Hiroki wanted to be home with the baby, he recommended Renji take over the Third Division.

Hideki was married to a fifth seated officer in Megumi's Division. Megumi had jokingly told Emiko that this one was good for Hideki. She is just as anal as he was. When they announced that they were going to get married, Megumi and Emiko had to love her for being with Hideki.

Ichigo walked in and kissed Hiroki. He asked him if he was up to this. Hiroki told them all that he was healthy enough to go through the gate but he must return within twenty-four hours because he will not be able to go until six months after the baby is born.

Ichigo smiled and kissed him again. He helped Hiroki up and picked him up in his arms. Emiko and Hideki told the children to run as fast as they could because they were going to try to catch them. Ichigo told Hiroki that he knew that with a flash step but this is the only way to make it through quickly. The two followed Emiko and Hideki as Renji brought up the rear.

Byakuya and Gin went through the gate after them. When they arrived on the other side, they looked at their children playing in the back yard.

"You know after Hitoshi is grown, we have to the Spirit King's realm," Byakuya told him as they watched them playing.

"I think no matter how far we go; they will know that we are always with them.

They held hand and joined in the family fun.