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They say that that most of your brain shuts down in cryosleep, all but the primitive side; the animal side...

Riddick knew this was probably the reason why he was conscious. He hardly ever thought of himself as a man anymore, he spent too much time in solitary isolation; living like an animal, hunted like an animal, treated like an animal. He doubted there was any human left in him.

Yet the strange urge he had felt in the past few years, the need to cling to the remnants of his humanity, was what had led him to his current situation; shackled in a stiff seated position, his arms pulled tight like a crucifix, on his way to the prison planet crematoria. It was a triple max no daylight slam facility in the Igneon system, one of the few he hadn't yet had the pleasure of escaping from during his long career of prison breaks.

It was that damn woman who had started it all, Fry. He thought back dispassionately to his memory of the Hunter-Gratzner crash landing on the barren mining planet which had subsequently plunged into a lasting darkness, where carnivorous beasts ruled the landscape above and below ground. It hadn't been a hard choice for Riddick, deciding to leave his fellow survivors on the pitch black planet to be devoured by the horde of deadly creatures, it was in his nature to look after himself and no one else; it was how he had survived so long.

Then there she had appeared from nowhere, helpless but determined to live, and he had decided that she might be worth saving after all. However it was Fry's determinedness to help the other lost souls she unwillingly commanded that had surprised Riddick the most, and that was saying something, as he found other humans exasperatingly predictable.

She had made things interesting for him, challenging him to test himself, to rejoin the human race as she had put it, and so he had gone against his usual nature and saved the holy man Imam, and the young girl Jack. Fry had died in the rescue attempt, but the damage had been done. As time passed and Riddick spent more and more time with his two new companions, drifting through derelict space towards the busier shipping lanes where they might be rescued, he had almost felt proud of himself that the young girl thought him such a hero, looking up to him as an older brother and giving him her constant attention, as if she found him worthy of her; an equal.

He had even struck up a cautious friendship with the holy man in that surreal situation, and even though both knew that they would never have interacted with each other in any other time or place, they had developed a kind of understanding, stemming from their mutual protectiveness of their young companion.

And so when the time finally came for Riddick to make a choice about his immediate future, he found himself making a noble choice of sorts. True, the girl Jack wanting to stay with him would have been a nuisance, as he had not the patience or know how to look after a defenceless child, let alone a female child, but Riddick was ashamed to admit to himself that that wasn't the main reason why he left her with the holy man.

He had come to be part of a family of sorts, a miss-matched one of course, but a family none the less. This was a concept he had never known, having particularly strong memories of starting his life as a baby dumped in a trash can with his umbilical cord around his neck, and so he had a sudden strong desire to protect this new part of his life.

However to protect it, and keep this new found part of his humanity alive, it meant that he had to distance himself. Imam and Jack, especially Jack, his new younger sister, would never be safe with him around. He could never allow merc scum to use them against him by hurting them physically, or even killing them to get at him, and so he had left them without a promise to return. There had also been the issue of Jack's hero worship becoming a danger, as she at times had showed brutal opinions and behaviours that shocked Imam, and amused Riddick. Yet he knew that he shouldn't encourage her to be like him. By taking his influence away from her, he could ensure that she would grow up to be a normal teenage girl on New Mecca, not some kind of murderous prodigy roaming around the universe in his wake.

And so he had spent five subsequent years in solitude on an icy planet in the UV system, severely uncomfortable most of the time in the harsh environment, but constantly telling himself that he was hiding for a good reason for once. He could take the discomfort because he was giving Jack the good life that she deserved; she was better off without him. In hindsight, he felt foolish that he had believed so completely in his good intentions, knowing now from the recently deceased Imam about the trouble she had got herself into in his absence.

Riddick was suddenly pulled out of his recollections when he sensed someone approaching him at the rear of the small ships cockpit. His eyes were hidden behind his customary black goggles but he kept them closed anyway; he didn't need them, his other senses were equally strong.

He knew it was the female merc approaching. He could smell her sweat, a sweeter aroma than that of a man, as well as the faint lingering traces of some flowery shampoo used some weeks previously, and most obvious of all, Riddick could smell her sexual frustration. She had obviously woken from an erotic dream and weeks on the job, trapped in a metal container with a bunch of miserable excuses for men, had had an effect on her.

Now she was going to see to that frustration. A females sexual urges were a private thing; she couldn't have shared them with her crew mates even if she had wanted to lower her standards so far, for fear that they would judge her, or take advantage. Instead she was coming to Riddick because here was a strong man, an attractive, dangerous man who turned her on, but more importantly, here was an unconscious man who she could control, who she could use for her pleasure and then forget about afterwards because he was unimportant.

Riddick remained completely immobile and impassive as she straddled him, slowly working her way up his body, her nose inhaling his masculine scent. She briefly pressed her chest against him and breathed lightly into his face, hers an inch from his as she considered kissing him.

Riddick was quite enjoying the experience, having not been in such close proximity to a woman for such a long time, but the merc turned her attention to his goggles and began gently removing them, curious to see the eyes behind the famous specs. No one removed Riddick's goggles and lived to tell the tale, well except Jack maybe, and so he put a stop to the mercs fun.

His eyes flashed open and she jerked away from him in surprise, but he held one of her knees between his in a death grip as she tried to pull herself away. Then Riddick decided to mess with her some more.

"Do you know you grind your teeth at night?" He asked in his deep rumbling voice, just to let her know that he had been awake the whole time. "Sexy," he added to unsettle her further, as she wrenched herself away desperately and retreated to the other end of the ship.

The other mercs awoke not long after as they approached planet Crematoria, and then they began what Riddick described to Toombs, the merc leader, as a skittish landing. He was led from the ship hanger heavily chained, and surrounded by mercs with guns held inches from his head; they clearly weren't taking any chances, yet Riddick could have taken every one of them down in a second with them waving their weapons in such close proximity to him.

However escape wasn't his priority at present, and so Riddick merely filed his knowledge of their incompetence away in the back of his mind for future use, and instead allowed himself to be tied down in the bed of a small mining vehicle that ran on underground tracks of some sort, mentally noting that the distance from the hanger to the prison was twenty nine point four kilometres. He did indulge himself in a little entertainment on the way, disposing of one of the mercs who had insulted him, although the others didn't seem to mind when they realised that they could each take a bigger percentage of Riddick's bounty.

Once inside the prison, Riddick was quickly lowered by his shackles into a circular hole in the ground which led to the filthy pit where the prisoners were kept housed like animals, but a last minute argument in the control room over the payment for Riddick paused his descent, and left him dangling like a fish on a hook, waiting for an attack from the surrounding sharks.

Indeed some of the prisoners were already aware of his arrival, loudly banging cups, tools, and other metal objects in time to announce the fresh meat to the rest of the prison, ands he had noticed several people eyeing up his black combat boots greedily, as he hung from his rope, well in reach of their thieving hands.

His suggestions to Toombs to take the money offered for him so that he might get out of this compromising position more quickly were ignored, and so Riddick decided to take matters into his own hands. He hauled himself up the rope until he was facing downwards, before swinging back down and using the momentum, as well as brute force, to wrap his body up in the rope. Then finally, when he had reached an appropriate height, he let himself unravel and used the speed and turning force to put pressure on his shackles, easily snapping them, before he somersaulted to the floor.

He was ready for the immediate onslaught of attacks as the prisoners rushed to overpower him and steal his valuables, easily disabling one after the other with fast, devastating moves. Out of the corner of his eye his observed another moving to attack him, and he subtly readied himself to counterattack, when suddenly the prisoner pulled up short and collapsed to the ground with a thick chain around his neck.

Riddick glanced from the man on the ground to a rocky ledge above him in surprise as to who had come to his defence, when he saw her, casually rewinding the chain around her elbow, a grim look on her face. He took his goggles off in astonishment as he studied her more closely. He knew it was Jack straight away, his sense told him that, yet this was a very different Jack. She was most defiantly older, and her head was no longer shaven. Instead she had wild brown locks, but before Riddick could thoroughly pin point all the changes in her, an authoritative voice distracted him momentarily and when he glanced back at where she had been stood, Jack had quietly slunk away.

Riddick refused to be categorised as either a convict or an inmate by the man in front of him, who was clearly in charge of the prisoners, unofficially of course, and instead passed by him to disappear into the bowels of the prison after Jack. He followed her scent easily and found her cell a short while later, a small dirty room that she had probably chosen for its isolation from the other prisoners; it was a sensible move for a young woman in a lawless environment. Jack wasn't there but as Riddick entered through the battered cell door, he felt her sudden presence and a sharp object digging into the base of his back as she greeted him.

"Shall I go for the sweet spot?" She asked him in a voice that was entirely that of an adult, not the child he remembered. "Left of the spine, fourth lumbar down, the abdominal aorta? What a gusher," she mused absently, as she discussed Riddick's favourite killing method.

Riddick's mouth twitched into a brief smile, a rare occurrence, as he lifted his goggles and turned his head to get a better look at her as she continued to speak.

"Where do I get eyes like that?" She asked softly, repeating her question from years before.

"You've got to kill a few people," Riddick rumbled in response, playing along.

"Did that," Jack hissed, her mask of calm indifference slipping as she pressed her blade further into his back. "Did a lot of that."

This action crossed a line with Riddick and he quickly spun and grabbed her, throwing her against the bars of her cell. He pinned her arms tightly above her head, holding his face close to hers to intimidate her, just to show her who was in charge.

"Then you've got to get sent to a slam-"

She cut him off.

"-One where they tell you you'll never see daylight again? Only there wasn't any doctor here who could shine my eyes, not even for twenty menthol kools; was there anything you said that was true?" She hissed.

Annoyed by Jack's hostile behaviour towards him which was something he hadn't been prepared for, Riddick gripped the cell bar in between her legs and hoisted her up by the crotch so that her face was level with his, but she wasn't intimidated.

She did however look away, slightly uncomfortable by his proximity. "What you going to do? Go for the sweet spot?" She asked cautiously.

Riddick knew she wasn't talking about killing and he ground his teeth in frustration; frustration that she thought he would do that to her, and frustration as he realised she had clearly been raped at some point in the past. "Remember who you're talking to; Jack."

He called her by her name in the hopes that she would remember the nature of their previous relationship and know that he wasn't planning anything sexual. He was merely holding her where she was because it was the only way he knew to have a proper conversation with people these days, by restraining them.

However Jack wouldn't look at him. "Jack's dead," she said in a quiet voice. "She was weak; she couldn't cut it," she told him as she carefully eased a crude blade out of her mouth and into her teeth without him seeing.

In one movement she brought her leg up high to kick the lantern hanging from the bars in the cell, smashing the glass and causing Riddick to flinch from the bright light, whilst she sliced across his cheek with her blade, drawing blood. In a second she was out of his grasp and gone, as he span around in confusion, unsure what had just happened; no one moved faster than he did.

He turned and slowly approached the door of the cell, finally spotting Jack on the landing below, looking up at him defiantly. "The names Kyra now, and I'm a new animal," she informed him, before hurling herself casually over the balcony to the level below, leaving Riddick behind. He could only stare at the space she had occupied, rubbing the blood from his cheek absently; yes she certainly was.

He was unsettled by what had just happened, which was unusual, as Riddick was hardly ever unsettled. And the most troubling thing about the whole situation, wasn't that Jack had bested him in a close quarters confrontation, and drawn his blood, nor was it that she had changed so much, had apparently grown up, and turned out just like him after all, even without his influence, it was that his dick was ridiculously hard, even though he had not consciously been thinking of their somewhat aggressive reunion as at all sexual.

However now as he remembered holding her slim, lithe body up against the bars, the weight of her crotch pressing down on his forearm, he realised that his animal side had been growling with desire the whole time. On top of that, Riddick couldn't help but be turned on by a woman who knew how to handle herself in a fight, living such a violent life, and no woman had ever bested him which meant that Jack, or Kyra as she now called herself, was sure to stir his lust badly.

He shook his head and swore at himself severely for not realising how much five years would change the young girl who he had come to feel so protective over. These primitive feelings were wrong and Riddick was disgusted at himself for the way his mind was still entertaining the idea of hunting the girl down and fucking her senseless, even though he knew it was unacceptable to even imagine doing it; she was barely a woman, too young to be subjected to a man like Riddick.

Riddick was stirred from his dark musings by more growling some distance away, not from himself as before. However he couldn't begin to ponder the source of the sound in his current condition and he headed off towards the sound of running water; a cold shower was exactly what he needed in this situation, it would bring him back to reality.

However even as he stood fully clothed, unflinching in the freezing downpour, he couldn't get the thoughts from his brain. He wasn't helped when he felt her return to him. She kept her distance but he felt her eyes boring into his back and when he turned to look at her, she returned the gaze, whilst leaning idly against the railings, twirling a blade between her fingers in what could be seen as a childlike behaviour, even though her toy was deadly. Yet still Riddick could not rid his thoughts of her.

He was actually glad when the man who had addressed him upon his arrival in the prison, again approached and struck up another meaningless conversation; a distraction was definitely welcome at this point, however Riddick ground his teeth irritably when the man insisted on talking about his past lover. Help came to him when a loud voice on the tannoy announced that it was "feeding time" and the sound of the earlier growling became apparent. The man speaking to him quickly retreated and Jack disappeared as the rest of the prison fell into chaos.

The prisoners rushed to their cells before several large four legged beasts came leaping into the prison pit, snarling viciously and attacking anyone not in their cells whilst the guards were delivering food. However Riddick remained where he was, unfazed and when one of the beasts approached him, its scaly mottled skin changing to a deep crimson to show its aggressive mood, Riddick stared it down, keeping eye contact, and showing no fear. The creature responded to his alpha like behaviour and became subservient to him, allowing him to pat and stroke its hide until a buzzer called it back to its cage, much to the surprise and awe of the other prisoners.

"It's an animal thing," he responded to the unasked question.

And indeed it was. It seemed that Riddick could communicate with animals better than he could with humans, however his taming of one beast had encouraged him and he was now determined that he could tame another if he put his mind to it. He resolved to find Jack and sort out their differences, whilst re-establishing their correct relationship in his mind.

He found her cornered in a small storage room, in the middle of an ugly fight. She was being attacked by three guards, whilst another lay motionless on the floor. She was holding her own and Riddick was impressed to see that she had somehow developed a lethal fighting style, but she was outnumbered and was quickly subdued by the neck. Riddick could hardly contain his anger as he realised that this abuse was probably regular and he wanted to kill those responsible for hurting her very slowly and painfully, but to show emotion was weak and so he made his movements casual.

He stooped and picked up an abandoned metal cup, and sauntered into the cell, leaning against the wall casually. "I don't think she like being touched," he told them conversationally. "I'd take my wounded and go, whilst you still can."

The solider holding Jack let her go and she fell to the floor with a gasp as she caught her breath, whilst he and his two remaining comrades approached Riddick with their weapons, one of them smirking condescendingly. "Is there a word for this private little will of yours? What happens there when we don't just run away; you'll kill us with a soup cup?"

The guards laughed but Riddick ignored them. "It's tea actually," he muttered almost to himself.

"What was that?" The guard demanded.

Riddick stared him down before holding up the cup and speaking more clearly. "I'll kill you with my tea cup," he said, before placing it on a rocky ledge next to him.

The guards muttered amongst themselves, whilst Riddick saw Jack in the background, smiling reluctantly at his macho display, having pulled herself up against the bars out of the way. One of the guards suddenly attacked Riddick with a knife, trying to take him by surprise, but Riddick was ready, smashing his tea cup on the rock to create a sharp edge and plunging it into the man's heart, twisting it sharply. He fell down dead and the final two guards approached Riddick angrily.

However Riddick casually bent and picked up a small pin from a can of food and placed it where the tea cup had been sat, as a clear warning that one of them would end up dead by it. The two men quickly reconsidered and retreated with their wounded companion, leaving Riddick and Jack alone. She bent over the dead body on the floor and pulled the cup out of his chest, smirking as she held it up to take a better look.

"Death by tea cup; Damn. Why didn't I think of that?" She muttered sarcastically.

Riddick was still furious and the short confrontation hadn't been enough to abate his rage. "I didn't come here to play who's the better killer," he growled, turning from her.

"But it's my favourite game; hadn't you heard?" She teased.

"I heard you came looking for me."

"Is that all?" She asked casually to his back. "Well then you missed the good part. Hooked up with some mercs out of Lupus five."

Riddick turned his head sharply at this, but Jack ignored his reaction. "Said they'd take me on, teach me the trade; give me a good cut." She slammed the cup down and approached him. "They slaved me out Riddick! Do you know what that can do to you when you're that age? When your twelve years old?"

Riddick cut her off, turning fully to face her and leaning over her menacingly. "I told you to stay in New Mecca; did you not listen!" He roared, losing his temper and yanking a lamp out of its socket before pulling off his goggles his goggles in frustration. "I had mercs on my neck; I'll always have mercs on my neck. I spent five years on a frozen heap just to keep them away from you, and you go and sign up with the same fake badges that wanted to cut you up and use you for bait!"

"What are you pitching Riddick?" Jack asked defiantly. "That you cutting out was a good thing, that you had my arse covered from half way across the universe?"

"You signed with mercs," he murmured in a disgusted tone, walking away from her.

"There was nobody else around," Jack replied in a forlorn voice that stopped Riddick in his tracks. He paused for a moment in the doorway, but Jack marched away from him and he disappeared in the opposite direction.

He found himself striking random walls and objects as he uncharacteristically allowed his temper to boil over. Usually his anger made him calm but Jack and her behaviour had done something to him. Most of the prisoners quickly cleared out of his path but a couple weren't fast enough and those poor souls were pummelled to the ground by the enraged Riddick. He couldn't understand his emotions and reactions to the girl; yes girl.

Despite the earlier thoughts that still haunted him, he refused to think of her as an adult, she was barely eighteen and even though it was painfully obvious to him that her slim, toned body and wild attractive looks were those of a woman, she behaved impulsively and childishly. She needed a firm hand to put her in line, yet Riddick wasn't sure he could forgive her for signing up with the assholes who had hunted him all his life.

But she had been looking for him; her desire to see him, him of all people had driven her to desperate measures. His mood thawed substantially and his fresh resolve to leave her behind when escaping, after all his planning to break her out, was quickly dismissed. He needed her; she was his link to humanity and for some reason, he damn well liked the kid.

When he eventually sought her out, he found her in her cell. He saw her sitting on the edge of her bed with her back to him and he pushed against the closed cell door. However the bars didn't move and looking down, he noticed that they had been secured by a small chain wrapped around the handle.

"Jack it's me; open the door," he rumbled in his deep voice.

She didn't look at him but he knew she was scowling by the harsh tone of her voice. "Go and find some other hell hole to rot in Riddick; this one's taken."

Riddick stared at her hunched shoulders and smelled the salt of her tears. He guessed that it was probably the reason why she wouldn't let him in; she wouldn't want to show him weakness. He understood but he wasn't the most tactful person in the world, and they needed to talk. Plus he wasn't sure exactly how it was supposed to work, but humans often comforted each other when one was upset, and he thought he probably ought to try something along those lines; he remembered he had attempted that sort of behaviour all them years ago when she had been afraid, and he was hoping that if he tried again, it would get their relationship back on the right level in his mind.

"I said open up, Jack," he growled a little too threateningly.

"Fuck you; its Kyra." Was her only response.

Riddick didn't bother replying, he merely ground his teeth in frustration at her petulant behaviour and yanked hard on the door again and again, pulling it towards him and then slamming it with all his considerable might, until the chain snapped and the cell door flew inwards.

When she realised what he was doing, Jack had jumped up from the bed and rushed towards the door, horrified at the thought of him intruding into her space when she was in her current vulnerable state. However as she tried to stop the door from opening, she was thrown backwards a considerable distance, her back slamming into the back wall of her tiny cell. Riddick didn't pause, but merely stepped across the room towards her, and offered her his hand without a word.

Jack glared up at him with anger blazing in her eyes and as she reached up to accept his help, she instead sliced him across his palm with a blade hidden up her sleeve. Riddick hissed menacingly and grabbed her by the throat, picking her up and slamming her against the wall. It was an instinctual reaction to being attacked but he managed to stop himself from actually killing her, instead pounding both hands against the wall either side of her head, to relieve his anger.

He realised too late what being this close to her again would mean; it was worse than last time. Now that he was actually conscious of his animal urges, he was worked up for a whole different reason than his anger. Not only did his dick harden uncontrollably again, but his breathing sped and his hands actually felt clammy against the cold rock. Yes Richard B. Riddick, murderer, hard man, convict, had sweaty palms over a woman. He swore at himself; girl damn it, just a girl. And you're just a horny fuck because you haven't been near a woman in a while; suck it up.

However as if she was reading the mood of the situation perfectly, and wanted to torment him, Jack reached up and tentatively touched both hands to Riddick's huge chest. His gaze lowered to her hands, and he remained immobile, uncertain what the right thing for him to do in this situation was. Maybe Jack just wanted the comfort thing that humans did; maybe she just wanted a big brother again; maybe this was completely normal; how the fuck was he to know?

A moment later, it became clear that a big brother was exactly what Jack didn't want right now. Once she was certain she wasn't going to be immediately rebuked, she sneaked a peek into Riddick's face as she slowly stood on her tiptoes and raised her face to his. She gently removed his goggles, in what had once been a familiar action from her. But now the gesture had a whole new meaning than childhood awe, as she held Riddick's gaze with her own, and cautiously brushed her lips lightly against his, sliding her tongue against his upper lip, before inching away slightly to gage his reaction.

Riddick was a simple man with simple needs, simple behaviours, and simple solutions to problems. His earlier thoughts didn't seem so disgusting to him now that it appeared Jack felt the same way, and had in fact initiated this interaction between them, in what was clearly a very adult kiss. But he decided that there was a simple way to determine how serious she was about going through with this.

Without waiting for permission, he plunged his hand into the front of her pants and immediately felt her wetness, which confirmed his suspicions. He circled his large fingers around her clitoris several times, and felt her writhe slightly, a small moan escaping her lips, which was the single most sexy sound Riddick could ever remember hearing.

"You really want to do this?" He asked, trying to keep calm.

"I've waited long enough for this. Do I really need to ask you to fuck me Riddick?" Jack asked in a breathless whisper as he continued to tease her with his fingers.

"Yeah you kind of do," Riddick replied. "I'm way too old for you."

"You're not really," she gasped as he inserted one finger into her slightly. "You can't be much over thirty," she insisted weakly.

In truth Riddick didn't really know how old he was. He didn't have parents to ask when he was born, and he had spent so many years in cryosleep being shipped from one place to another, that his body wasn't a fair indicator.

He shrugged. "You get one chance to back out Jack," he warned her with a growl, plunging a second finger into her. "I've not been near a woman for a long time; it might get rough."

"It's Kyra," she hissed, ignoring his warning, although her venom was lost in her apparent pleasure.

"I don't care which it is," he growled again, unable to restrain himself any longer.

Jack evidently couldn't wait either as she bucked her hips against his hand. "Fuck me Riddick."

This was all the invite he needed to release his carefully held restraint and he attacked her mouth with animalistic desire, before moving on to her jaw, her neck, her collar bone, her breasts, every bit of skin he could get to. His instincts took over completely as he let himself lose control and feel real pleasure for the first time in years, pressing her against the wall, whilst she writhed and moaned in her own pleasure. He gripped one of her thighs tightly, pulling her to him, and she wrapped her other leg around him so that that he was supporting her weight completely, with one hand grasped around her bottom and the fingers of his other continuing to pump in and out of her, whilst his thumb ran circles over her nub.

Her mouth worked its way up his neck as she gasped for breath, moving along his jaw to his mouth, kissing him furiously and entwining her tongue with his own, exuding a level of passion Riddick had never known from any of his past female partners. Here was someone gorgeous and sexy, who clearly wanted him badly, and the thought turned him on even more, so that when Jack began fumbling with the fastening on his pants, he was more than ready to proceed, ripping her own pants open in return.

He paused as he lined his dick up against her entrance, presenting her with one last chance he had promised himself he wouldn't give, but the excitement in Jacks dark eyes convinced him she wouldn't be satisfied if they stopped now. Unable to wait any longer he plunged into her forcefully until she was fully impaled on him and her breath came in a strangled gasp as she comprehended how large Riddick was.

However she recovered quickly as he thrust in and out of her and soon her hips were measuring him stroke for stroke. He buried his face in her neck as he continued at his relentless pace, never tiring as he pounded into her and though Jack was pressed hard against the rocky wall behind her, she revelled in Riddick's closeness, as if he were trying to press himself into the wall right along with her.

After chasing Riddick across the galaxy for so long, being trapped by his strong limbs, unable to escape him even if she'd wanted to was an exhilarating feeling and it was that thought that finally sent her over the edge into her orgasm. As her walls closed around his dick, Riddick also climaxed, and called her name hoarsely; Kyra, before finally stilling his movements and panting heavily on to the moist skin of her neck.

He lifted her away from the wall and still inside of her, he spun lazily and collapsed them on her small lumpy bed. As he finally withdrew from her, she caught a glimpse of his face, and saw his eyes sparkling in a way she had never seen them before, and as he lazily pulled her close to him ready for sleep, she murmured:


Completely unaware of what she was referring to, Riddick merely let out his familiar low rumbling chuckle and fell asleep.