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Riddick remained frozen and undecided. Uncharacteristically uncertain of himself, he looked to Guv, but the prisoner shook his head slowly.

"One speed," he reminded him.

Riddick fixed his gaze firmly on the approaching destruction as he made his decision.

"Your rope," he ordered.

"It's too late," Guv pleaded. "We're never going to make it."

"Your rope! Give me your rope! And your water; all of it!" Riddick roared, and they tossed them to him without further argument. "Stay in the shadow of the mountain," he instructed. "Don't wait for me; run!" He ordered as they hesitated. They disappeared without another word.

Riddick quickly knotted his rope and doused himself in water, before taking several powerful strides along the face of the cliff, and lassoing his rope around a sturdy rock as he took off. He heard Kyra scream his name as he swung resolutely down across the cliff face, before yanking Kyra from her crevice and pulling her roughly to his chest, just inches in front of the sunlight.

They landed in a heap in the shadows at the top of the cliff and Kyra assessed her arms and legs in stunned disbelief at what had just happened, and the fact that she seemed to have escaped uninjured. Her gaze shifted to Riddick who was standing in front of her, regarding her silently, looking stern and menacing.

He appeared not to notice that his very skin was smoking from his exposure to the furnace that he had just subjected himself to in order to save her. She couldn't maintain eye contact with him and quickly looked away, too awed and afraid to speak to him.

After a few moments, she finally worked up the courage to ask the question that she desperately needed the answer to. Staring at his feet awkwardly, her voice came out small and uncertain.

"I thought you would never risk your life for me?"

Riddick continued to regard her silently and she felt sure he wouldn't answer, but he finally shrugged, his face still impassive. "I was never in any danger," he assured her easily, offering her a hand and pulling her to her feet. "Let's go."

Kyra hid a small smile and her insides swelling uncontrollably. She found a second wind as she followed after Riddick, quickly descending into the valley below, where the ships hanger was located. They caught up with the other two prisoners ahead of them, and Riddick was just in time to stop them from moving out into the open, his superior instincts sensing danger.

"Listen . . ." He cautioned them.

The others paused but couldn't hear what Riddick could. They followed him carefully as he crept to the top of a ledge to survey the valley ahead of them. They immediately pressed their bodies to the ground as they saw a ship take off in front of them and glide over their heads, having just deployed dozens of ground troops that were now scouting the area. They silently retreated and huddled together under the cover of a huge overhanging rock, contemplating their next move.

"Let me guess . . . Necros." Kyra mumbled with a nod in their direction.

"One Commander, five Captains, and a whole lot of Necro fire power," Riddick answered.

"Shit . . ." she breathed. "I hate not being the bad guys."

The group waited anxiously as the Necromongers began moving cautiously up the hill towards them, following the path of a shallow gorge. Only Riddick remained unmoved. Kyra's body language became purposeful as she tied her hair up and cast a cursory glance at the sunlight that was approaching their position once more.

"I figure we got three minutes before the sun hits us again . . . burns out this whole valley."

"Wait," Riddick cautioned her, seeing that she was preparing to make a move.

"We gonna do this or not?" She replied impatiently, drawing her guns.

"Just wait . . ." Riddick replied, still composed despite the Necromongers drawing closer to their position.

Just then a mechanical grinding noise could be heard in the distance, exactly what Riddick had been waiting for. The heavy hanger doors slowly began to slide open, squealing in protest, and the Necromongers halted their advance, turning their attention back the way they had come. The doors finally opened fully, revealing half a dozen surprised looking prison guards, currently in the process of hurriedly stocking the ship and preparing it for launch.

Several long seconds of uncertainty passed as the guards and the Necromongers surveyed each other in astonishment, before one of the guards panicked, and began firing erratically, signalling the start of the gun fight. The guards were heavily outnumbered, but had the cover of the hanger to their advantage.

The Necromonger Captain, who had been approaching Riddick and the others, hesitated before sending his soldiers back down the gorge to provide support for the rest of the troops. Crouched in his hidden position, Riddick sensed that now was the perfect opportunity to launch their own assault. He began to rub his palms together in the familiar routine, anticipating the fight to come.

"Remember that favourite game of yours?" He rumbled to Kyra, without glancing her way.

"Who's the better killer?" She replied distractedly.

She looked to him for a response and his dangerous smile appeared on his face.

"Let's play," he drawled lightly, as he drew a mean looking shiv from his boot. Then he turned and leaped out of their hiding place without another word.

"C'mon!" Kyra instructed the two remaining survivors as they charged after him, watching in awe as he hurled himself down the hill, off a ledge, and straight into the group of retreating Necromongers.

He systematically worked his way through group, blocking, stabbing, and punching fluidly in what appeared to be a choreographed routine of destruction. With Kyra and the others acting as back up and picking off those who made it past him unscathed, Riddick was untouchable and unstoppable. He and Kyra began to work together as an aerial team. He swung her easily through the air, sending her spinning as she went, whilst the knives she exposed from the toes of her boots, tore through metal, flesh and bone indiscriminately.

They moved as one organism, completely in sync, and fully aware of each other's position and movements. Kyra felt exhilaration like she had never experienced, as she finally achieved her dream of fighting side by side with Riddick, her childhood hero, as his equal. Commander Vaako of the Necromongers watched on with surprise and a grudging respect at the lethal combination of Riddick and his companion, as they tore their way through the melee towards him, leaving carnage in their wake.

Riddick worked his way towards the hanger with the speed, grace, and confidence of a deadly warrior, one that Vaako had no desire to meet in hand to hand combat. None could withstand Riddick's relentless onslaught, and the approaching sun added yet another concern for Vaako. He drew his large side arm and approached the fight ominously, well aware of the need to end things quickly.

Kyra and Riddick had now been forced apart by the sheer number of Necromongers, although he still managed to keep an eye on her progress, and came to her aid with a few well aimed daggers when she was overwhelmed. Vaako couldn't take them both out at once, but Riddick was his priority. All of the guards in the hanger were down, and Vaako quickly eliminated the last prisoner, Guv, as he advanced on Riddick. He raised his gun and released a single pulse that struck Riddick full on in the chest, and launched him backwards through the air.

He landed sprawled on his back with a heavy thud and remained motionless. Kyra watched in what appeared to be slow motion, her heart in her mouth, and tears prickling the corners of her eyes, threatening to escape. She desperately fought her way towards him, willing him to get back on to his feet, to carry on fighting, to prove he was invincible as everyone believed.

However Riddick lay unconscious, oblivious of the commotion around him, and unaware that his enemies were slowly closing in on him. He was having a strange dream that the ghostly woman who had previously shown him visions of his Furyan past, was once again communicating with him. She appeared in his head but also by the side of him at the same time, sharing flashing visions of the fall of the Furyan nation, and the part the Lord Marshall and his Necromongers had to play in it.

Finally she told him that the sign on his chest carried the rage of his entire race with it. Riddick had no idea what that meant, but he heard a humming sound and fierce vibrations shot through his entire body. He regained consciousness briefly in time to see an intense pulse of blue light emerge from his chest and radiate from him as a high energy wave in all directions. Kyra crouched behind a rock to shield herself from its impact, whilst the Necromongers that were close to Riddick were lifted off their feet and thrown to the ground violently.

Riddick immediately fell back into unconsciousness, whilst the remaining Necromongers backed away from him warily. The approaching sunlight hit the tip of the ships hanger and Vaako quickly made his decision. They couldn't remain here any longer and if Riddick was not dead now, he would be in a matter of moments when he was engulfed by the approaching sunlight. He signalled for the retreat, and the surviving Necromongers hurriedly sprinted up the hill towards their ship that had now reappeared.

Kyra was hidden in an outcropping of rocks nearby as they rushed past her, eager to escape before the sunlight incinerated them. They paid her no attention and she used this to her advantage, breaking from her cover and sprinting headlong down the hill, anxious to get to Riddick. She had to shield her eyes from the piercing brightness that was causing her physical pain, and her skin began to sear and smoke from the intense heat.

She fell on her knees by Riddick's side, her panic escalating as she found no signs of life. However there was no time to think about him being alive or dead, the sun was inching towards her only feet away, and she desperately grabbed his wrist and began to drag him towards the safety of the hanger. His huge bulk was a dead weight, and she could hardly move him more than a few inches. She began to call out in frustration, her feet slid from under her, and she landed heavily on the ground.

She wiped tears and sweat out of her eyes and had steeled herself to get up for one more attempt, when she suddenly found herself joined buy a strange, proud looking man; a Necromonger Purifier by his garb. Kyra hissed angrily at him, and threw herself over Riddick's torso protectively. She would rather be incinerated with him right here, than allow the Necromonger to harm him.

The Purifier ignored her and casually bent down to reach for Riddick's outstretched wrist. With surprising ease, he pulled Riddick from under Kyra, and then he set off back towards the hanger, dragging Riddick's body along behind him. Hardly able see them and unable to comprehend what was happening, Kyra's feet took over and she raced after Riddick, barely reaching the safety of the hanger before the full heat of the sun struck her retreating heels.

She knelt on all fours, panting heavily, her eyes fixed on Riddick, whose skin, like hers, was smoking furiously from the heat. Unable to watch him lying there any longer, she cast her eyes at the Purifier who was stood nearby, ignoring her, and carefully removing his jewellery and equipment. She was nervous by his presence but he didn't seem to pose any immediate danger, and she reminded herself that for some reason, he brought Riddick to safety.

"Do you know . . .? Is he . . .?" She gulped anxiously, unable to ask the question.

"He's alive," the Purifier assured her easily.

Kyra wiped away the tears with the back of her hand, sniffing uncontrollably. Then she leant back on her heels, letting out a sigh of relief. She crawled towards Riddick and now saw for herself that he was breathing, but she resisted the urge to collapse by his side and become hysterical. They still needed to get out of this place as fast as possible; who knew what trouble would find Riddick next.

She pushed her concern for Riddick and elation at him being alive to the back of her mind, and hauled herself painfully to her feet. She paid the Purifier no more attention; somehow knowing that he was no longer their enemy. Instead she picked up where the prison guards had left off with their preparations for the ship in the hanger. She also checked it over thoroughly for any damage it may have incurred during the gun fight, but the ship was fine.

She was busy inside the ship's cargo bay when Riddick suddenly jerked back into consciousness and immediately sprang to his feet in confusion. He stared out into the fiery devastation caused by the sun burning through the valley, and saw the Necromonger ship disappearing from the planet's atmosphere. His concern immediately shifted to Kyra and he wondered frantically where she was, if she was dead somewhere out on the runway, or if she had been taken by the Necromongers.

"Kyra?" He mumbled quietly to himself.

"What's the matter?" She replied lightly, as she reappeared from inside the ship, hopping down on to the ground and straightening up beside him.

She regarded him carefully. Her body was inches away from his, and she wanted nothing more than to throw herself at him, after knowing how close she had come to losing him, but she wasn't sure what sort of mood he was in or how he would react. He merely regarded her intently, his face showing no sign of emotion, and his eyes were hidden behind his black goggles.

The Purifier broke the long silence, and Riddick's head snapped around to face him, whilst Kyra faded nervously into the background. "I was supposed to deliver a message to you . . . ," the Purifier murmured, "if Vaako failed to kill you. A message from the lord marshal himself. He tells you to stay away from Helion . . . Stay away from him, and in return you'll be hunted no more."

The Purifier approached Riddick carefully with his Necromonger dagger. "But Vaako will most likely report you as dead . . . so this is your chance," he assured him. "Your chance to do what no man has ever done." He stepped over an imaginary line that brought him too close to Riddick, and Riddick grabbed the man by the throat threateningly.

The Purifier held up his hands in a gesture of peace and Riddick reluctantly released him, still listening to the Purifier, but offering no communication in response.

"I've done unbelievable things," the Purifier continued reminiscently as he stared out into the furiously bright sunlight only metres away. ". . . Unbelievable things in the name of a faith that was never my own."

He turned back to Riddick. "The Necromonger in me warns you not to go back; but the Furyan in me . . ." He paused and gave a small smile at Riddick's look of surprise. "The Furyan in me hopes you won't listen." He held up the dagger before dropping it at Riddick's feet. "We all began as something else."

After one last look at Riddick, he strolled past him and out into the open, going willingly to his death. He hadn't waited for a response from Riddick; he didn't care about the outcome of events. He had long since become disillusioned with the Necromonger faith and was ready to end things on his terms. He didn't flinch away from the heat as the scorching solar winds whipped furiously around him, and made no sound as his limbs disintegrated into nothing.

Kyra had been watching in the background, and she shuddered slightly as she watched the scene play out, but her mind soon came back to the ominous words of the Purifier.

"What are you going to do?" She asked Riddick quietly.

He was still staring out on to the runway where the Purifier has been stood a moment before, and he ignored the question. "Are we ready to go?" he finally asked with a nod towards the mercenaries' ship.

Kyra realised she would get no response; Riddick was not used to sharing his thoughts. It was easy to understand why, after he had spent so much of his life isolated from other humans.

"Whenever you're ready," she replied with a shrug, and re-entered the ship.

He joined her at the controls and automatically took the pilots seat; Kyra had learnt how to fly small crafts in her short experience as a wanted criminal, but Riddick was the natural pilot. Silently he ran through the checks, closed the ships doors, and taxied out on to the runway, just as the rocky planet around them was plunged into cool darkness once more. Then he confidently launched them into the air, and out of the atmosphere, leaving the prison planet far behind.

Kyra let out an explosive breath she didn't know she was holding. The edginess and tenseness that she had felt since arriving on the planet melted away, and she relaxed back into her seat, relief sweeping over her. She couldn't believe that only days ago she had been alone in a the deepest pit of hell; since then she had passed through darkness and fire, fighting her way to freedom besides Riddick, her hero, the man she had spent nearly six years trying to catch up with, but who had actually sought her out.

They didn't speak for a long time as they began moving around the ship, separately going about their tasks; Riddick navigating, setting the coordinates, and familiarising himself with the ships computers, whilst Kyra checked and performed minor maintenance on a few of the ships systems. They worked around each other easily in the small space, performing a lazy dance as they constantly circled, ducked and slid past each other to reach a console, or piece of equipment, and the air between them was charged with electricity.

Eventually Riddick disappeared and Kyra heard the sound of running water in the bathroom. She hadn't realised until then how filthy she was and that thought stopped her from joining Riddick, to relieve some of the apparent tension. When he was done in the shower and reappeared looking clean and relaxed in his customary black pants and glistening bare chest, she slid past him awkwardly, hoping he wouldn't notice the state she was in.

As soon as she stepped into the shower and ducked under the powerful stream, she felt an unbelievable rush of pleasure as the water pelted her skin, and the steam engulfed her. She took her time scrubbing away the layers of sweat, dirt and anxiety that seemed to have taken root in every pore of her skin, and she remained under the stream of water until the shower ran cold.

When she was finally done, she slipped into a huge dark shirt, one of the only clean garments she had found on the ship, and she felt the best she had in months. She wandered into the living area humming happily to herself, and playing with long strands of her wet hair that ran loosely down her back, as she began to root through the cupboards for something to eat. Riddick, who was lounging one of the hard mattresses through an adjoining doorway, propped himself on to his elbows to watch Kyra intently.

His breath caught sharply as she reached up high to search a cupboard above her head. He caught a full view of the back of her long, naked, beautifully defined legs, and the back of her shirt rose ever so slightly to reveal the bottom of her smooth round cheeks. She heard his reaction and glanced over her shoulder to see him eying her hungrily with his mercurial eyes, and his expression clearly offering her an invitation.

Kyra made her movements slow to hide her eagerness, and slowly made her way over to him, whilst in his impatience, he had moved to sit on the edge of the bed. Without hesitating she climbed on to his lap so that she was straddling him. Slowly she reached out to the side of her and dimmed the lights, before carefully removing Riddick's goggles that were perched on his bald scalp.

The darkness and intimacy of the gesture added to the excitement they both felt and reflected in Riddick's lust filled eyes, Kyra saw her own, alight with excitement and anticipation. For a moment they remained still, their heaving chests inches from each other as they inhaled each other deeply, and their breathing became deeper and more ragged. Kyra held Riddick's face in her hands and pressed her forehead to his, letting out a sigh of contentment. He raised an eyebrow questioningly as she drew away.

She gave him a small smile. "You came for me."

She wasn't completely sure what she was referring to; him finding her in Crematoria, or him rescuing her during their escape, or maybe both. Riddick watched her carefully, his expression wary.

"I guess I did," he eventually rumbled.

Kyra laughed at his caginess. "You don't need to say anything else Riddick; actions speak louder than words," she whispered, serious once more as she brushed her lips with his.

"Really?" He mused with a suggestive smirk.

In reply she leaned in once more, trying to convey all of her emotions into that one look; gratitude, love, awe, respect. Over the past few days he had shown her what she meant to him; she didn't need a deceleration from him.

Slowly and tenderly she brushed her lips against his forehead, his cheek, and the corner of his mouth. Then she planted soft kisses down his strong jaw into the crook of his neck as her fingers made a smooth pattern across his shoulder blades, and began tracing light circles along every crevice of his sculpted back.

Riddick held his breath in awe, completely transfixed by Kyra's movements, having never been kissed or touched like this before. She adjusted herself in his lap as she moved on to the other side of his neck, which elicited an involuntary moan from him as his dick twitched at the friction. He thought about her bare flesh on his crotch and it was almost his undoing, but Kyra cautioned him with her eyes; she was in control this time it warned him.

She continued to set a tantalisingly slow pace as she worked her way back to his mouth, and he readily parted his lips to allow her tongue access. This helped him as they kissed deeply, their tongues massaging each other eagerly. It was difficult for him but he was really trying to follow her example. Every nerve in his body was twitching with anticipation and the feeling was new and exciting. The slowness and intimacy of it all seemed to amplify the intensity in a way he would have never thought possible.

With an agonisingly controlled effort, he brushed his fingers up Kyra's naked thighs and felt her breath hitch. As he pressed against her centre, she gave a soft moan into his mouth and he repeated the action again and again, enjoying the way she gasped in response, her hands having stopped their progress over Riddick's back muscles, as instead she desperately clung to him.

Then with trembling hands, Kyra fumbled to open the fastening of Riddick's trousers. He growled and involuntarily thrust into her hands as she took hold of him but again she cautioned him with her eyes and he allowed her to slide herself on to him, hissing as he felt the slick wetness of her surround him.

Her arms clung tightly around his neck as she ground her hips into his at an achingly slow pace and he clenched his teeth at the feel of it, burying his head between her moist breasts, whilst she pressed her face into the crook of his neck. Both of them were utterly consumed by their movements, as they rocked together, revelling in the pure stimulating pleasure.

They didn't need words; they worked the best when their bodies were moving together as one; be it fighting or fucking, their non-verbal communication more than made up for what they couldn't say to each other.

Riddick began to lift his hips upwards more forcefully to meet hers and with every thrust he worked his way deeper and deeper. Kyra whimpered and bit down onto his neck as he pulled her down onto him and she felt herself fully impaled. In response, Riddick's careful control dissolved, as he eyes glazed over once more, full of lust. He grasped her behind tightly, holding her to him as he flipped them over so that he was on top of her, and she gave a yelp of surprise.

She glared up at him indignantly. "Bully!" She hissed, although she couldn't quite keep the venom in her voice as he thrust into her; hard.

He laughed as he smothered her neck and breasts with kisses to subdue her but to his surprise and amusement, she actually managed to wriggle free from under his huge frame, determined not to let him get his way this time. She rolled away on to her stomach and smirked at him triumphantly over her shoulder.

He shook his head. "Kyra you make it so easy for me," he rumbled, before pouncing on her once more.

She gasped as the full weight of his body pinned her down and he pushed himself inside her from behind. With one hand he pinned hers tight above her head, whilst he held the other across her stomach, holding her to him. He thrust hard and deep, his inner beast growling at the control he had over her body from this angle, and he buried his head into her neck, nipping and sucking her skin frantically. Kyra moaned loudly and whimpered something incoherent as her pleasure began to build and consume her.

Riddick chuckled quietly in her ear. "What was that Kyra?"

She gritted her teeth indignantly, turning her head so he could hear her clearly. "I said is that all you've got?" She lied with a grin.

Riddick let out a loud laugh and in one smooth motion pulled them up on to their knees. In this position he had more room and he increased the pace further as he slammed into her again and again, revelling in her reactions as she almost sobbed his name, nearly overcome by the intensity of the pleasure that was building in her; but he held her tightly by the shoulder, so that there was nowhere for her to go to escape from it.

It only took a few more seconds to send her hurtling over the edge into her orgasm and the feeling of her tight walls closing around him as he slammed violently into her one last time found him his own release. She went limb under his grasp as she sagged with exhaustion and they collapsed to the bed, both of them panting heavily.

Kyra brushed the hair out of her face wearily and Riddick grinned widely as he kissed her neck and inhaled her once more. She smelt better than before now that his scent was all over her again, and he promised himself that she would always smell like him.

Kyra swatted him away playfully until he rolled away on to his back, both arms resting behind his head. They both wore identical smiles of contentment as they lay basking in the post sex aftermath, coming down slowly from their high.

Eventually Kyra lazily rolled off the bed and disappeared from sight. When she reappeared a minute later she had a beer pressed to her lips, and handed a second bottle to Riddick who was now lying casually against the head board. She flopped back down on her stomach beside him and they drank in contemplative silence for a while.

It was a surreal and wonderful feeling to finally relax and Kyra stretched her limbs contentedly like a cat that had enjoyed a good petting. She had been on the move and running for months on end and now finally she felt safe enough to switch off for a while.

She glanced at Riddick. Did he feel the same? Did he ever just relax and enjoy life, or did he require the conflict and confrontation to survive? She would find out soon she guessed. There were two very different paths for him to choose from. If he put his mind to it, he could easily surpass all expectation and become the hero that the Elementals calculated he could be. He could take revenge on those responsible for the destruction of his entire race and in that action save the universe from a dire threat.

On the other hand he could slink off in true Riddick style; turn his back on all those who feared and hated him and leave them to their fate. The events on Crematoria would give him a huge head start against anyone who might come looking for him, a head start he could use to disappear for good; lead a quieter life where he might not have to look over his shoulder so much, and could concentrate on just living.

Kyra had already promised herself that whatever path he chose, she would be there with him; she would follow after Riddick for as long as he allowed it, and probably longer after that. He caught her staring at him and raised an eyebrow questioningly.

"So what now?" She asked, carefully scrutinising his face for any hint he might give.

He gave her his dangerous smile and eyed her suggestively, like a predator would his next meal. He rolled on to his front and positioned her underneath him once more.

Kyra's heart pounded wildly against her rib cage and she struggled to form her words. "I was thinking slightly ahead of the immediate future," she replied hoarsely. "Fight or Flight?" she breathed after a long pause.

Riddick would know what she meant; the events of the last few hours and the words of the Purifier would still be fresh in his mind. He grasped one of her thighs and hitched it around his waist whilst his mouth and tongue dipped briefly to her breasts. Kyra's breathing had become embarrassingly lound and she knew in a few moments she wouldn't even care about his answer.

Riddick paused his kisses long enough to give her his trade mark grin.

"What do you think. . ." He rumbled.

A/N: I know I messed with the ending of the film by keeping Kyra alive, but I felt it was more in character for her to stay behind than it was to randomly get onto the Necromonger ship. She absolutely idolised Riddick and she had no idea if he was dead or alive so why would she just leave him? Also if the Necromongers had time to get up the hill, and if the Purifier had time to get Riddick's body into the hanger, then Kyra definitely had time to get back. Then even if Riddick was dead she could easily have taken the mercenary ship from the hanger as I'm sure she would be able to fly a ship by now being a wanted fugitive and all. Phew . . . rant over.

Anyway I hope you liked the story. Let me know what you think of it. It was only meant to be a snapshot and I left it open at the end for you to decide for yourselves if you think Riddick would have still gone after the Necromongers without the motivation of saving Kyra. If people express an interest, I might write a sequel to this as I've got a few ideas.