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It had been an exceptionally hard case for everyone, but unusually it was Hotch that was suffering the most with this one. Most people wouldn't have noticed it, his normal stoic mask hardly faltered throughout the case. The only let on to the rest of the team was the way he was with the boy and the interrogation. Yes Hotch had a son but this was different. For one thing he was too old for Hotch to see similarities between him and his son. So it had to be someone else it reminded him of.

It had been a fairly usual case to start off with, although it didn't make seeing the bodies of sisters, daughters and mothers any easier. Their unsub had been beating blonde hair and green eyed professional middle-aged women to death, and then tenderly burying them in a woods. At first this had confused the team because the murder was so brutal but the pacing of the bodies showed remorse. They had later realised that the unsub was subconsciously and repeatedly killing the same women over and over again. It was classic overkill which also suggested that he had closely known a woman with the same features and she had hurt him in some way and so was taking his revenge on these poor innocent women.

The team, or more specifically Hotch had realised that the where the unsub was hitting the women up to a point were fairly carefully placed so that they wouldn't cause too much damage and would go unnoticed until anger much have overwhelmed him and he had just raged out killing them. This meant that the unsub was probably abusive to the women they represented, probably either a wife or girlfriend. The team had contacted Garcia with this information to try and find out who the women could be, based on the time the unsub began killing so when the women left him or died and the age of the victims etc. She had come up with one clear match in that area

"His name is Giles Proctor, 35 years old. Has previous for Assault, couple of DUI and the local PD had been called to his house a few times on grounds of disturbance, but has never went anywhere." There was a pause and the team could hear Garcia pounding away at her keyboard. "Oh and get this, his wife died last month of cancer, and damn… she looks just like the victims"

"Thanks Garcia" Hotch said while scribbling down the address Garcia gave before hanging up.

So the team set off to the unsub's address, it was a small place with a porch and a tiny garden but was very run down. They noticed there was no vierchal outside so it was possible their unsub had made a dash for it.

Morgan and Rossi went in the front entrance which left Reid, Hotch and Prentiss to go round the back. They all stormed in and found nothing in main rooms of the house. The place smelled extremely bad like mould and rotten food, this wasn't surprising considering the sight of the place. There was rubbish everywhere and remains of broken glass and china across the floor, there were also fist sized holes in the walls that didn't go unnoticed. It was clear, however that a woman's touch had once been there because of the decor now deep beneath filth.

"I guess he must have made a run for it" Reid stated, once they had all met up back in the living room again.

"He won't get far we have already put up a bolo so the authorities will stop him if he tries to get over the state border." Replied Rossi unnecessarily. The case was pretty much over now and there was nothing they could really do, but they decided to search the place properly and try to see if they could find out where he could possibly be trying to run to.

"Hey look at this." Came a shout from Emily in the hallway. "It looks like a picture of a cabin somewhere." As the team stood around the picture trying to connect a meaning from it there was a movement from the cupboard under the stair. Each team member reached for their weapon as Hotch broke the lock and opened the door.

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