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Leah's POV

Angry tears pooled in my eyes as I drove through La Push in my dad's old pick-up truck. It was nearly three in the morning yet here I was, driving through the small, dark town. Sam had been having me run patrol nearly every night. Of course, never on the nights he ran patrol. No, he couldn't handle me sharing his mind; I was only a reminded of the past, the dark, bitter past. I was tired of having to see his face every day with her. I was tired of hearing about the wedding plans and the plans of the start of his new family, not when it all revolved around her. It should've been me. It should be my wedding plans and my family. But ever since my cousin came into town, it always had been about her.

I needed to escape, I wanted to escape. I wanted to just drive off and leave everything behind, but I couldn't. I had responsibility here, that responsibility being my pack, which of course, Sam controlled. I couldn't just up and leave with no reason. But I knew if I didn't get out soon, I was going to explode.

"Good morning to all you early risers out there in the Olympic peninsula." The radio host from one of my dad's favorite radio channel greeted. I was about to turn it down when something spark my interest.

"Wanna be on top?" A tune began playing. I briefly recognized it, but couldn't remember where it was from. The song was about 30 seconds long before a voice cut in.

"Want to be America's Next Top Model?" A man's voice said, "Hi, I'm Paul Wharton, your top model coach and we are looking for you. Join us Saturday July 12th, at the fashion center in Seattle Washington. It's your chance to audition for the hottest show, America's Next Top Model. So if you think you can be the next top model, come and strut your stuff."

I've never had any passion to be a model, except when I was ten, but if I could make it on this show; I would be able to leave this rotten town for at least three months. It was an opportunity to escape.

I had seen America's Next Top Model maybe twice, and I know I had the basic look down. I was already 6 foot thanks to my wolf genes, and ever since I phased, my metabolism had sky-rocketed, making me weigh around 140. I had long legs, lean muscles, and the classic looks of a Native American girl. I made my decision quicker than any other decision I had made in my life, besides when I said yes when Sam proposed, I was going to audition for America's Next Top Model.

The first audition process was simply. After making it to Seattle, I had ran in my wolf form, we were greeted by some producers of the show. They ask us each a few questions, took a headshot, and instructing us on how to film our audition tape and send it to Los Angeles where it would be watched by Tyra Banks and a few others. When I got back home, I was ready to start filming my tape.

I hadn't told many people I was auditioning, only my mom and Seth. I knew Seth had a pretty big mouth, and also shared the connection with the rest of the pack, but he promised he would try and not let it slip. I didn't really care because they were bound to find out sooner or later. I concentrated on running home, and when I finally made it, I was greeted by my mom and Seth.

"What happened?" Seth asked, excited.

"I was chosen." I replied in a happy tone, "They told me I have to film and audition tape to send to L.A. to see if I'm chosen as one of the semi-finalist."

"That's great, Leah!" My mom hugged me in excitement. I had lied to them earlier, telling them this was my dream. They seemed more excited than me. I was just happy to leave La Push.

"Pack dinner tonight at Emily's." Seth said as my mom went back inside, "Sam wants you there."

I had been skipping the dinners lately, for very obvious reasons.

"Whatever." I said, rolling my eyes. I didn't want to go, but Sam was alpha, what he wants he gets.

"And, don't be mad, I let it slip that you auditioned." Seth said, wincing back as if he knew I was going to hit him. I just gave him a brief nod before walking inside the house to take a quick shower before going to Sam and Emily's.

I grabbed a towel from the hallway cabinet, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and walked into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and as I waited for it to heat up, I shared at my appearance in the mirror.

Judging from the girls who I had audition with, I was definitely different than most. I was one of the tallest, of course. One of the darkest too. I had seen a few black models auditioning, but my skin was more coppery than theirs. I had dark hair cut short in an uneven bob I had done myself when I first phased. (Long hair plus werewolf equals giant puff ball). I had light brown eyes that shined golden in the light and looked more like wolf eyes than anything else. And I also had stronger bone features than most, probably from my Native American genes.

I had a quick shower before getting dressed and meeting Seth outside. The walk to the Uley house wasn't long and we reached it quicker than I wished for. I didn't want to face Sam or Emily. I didn't want to see them gaze into each other's eyes lovingly, didn't want to see him kiss her scars and lips, and didn't want to sit back and watch as my heart shattered with every smile he sent her.

When we entered the house, the pack greeted Seth welcomingly and excitedly, while my greeting was more forced and definitely unwelcomed. I knew why too. I was also a cow to be around when I was near Sam or Emily. I knew I was a bitch, but I couldn't change that. It's hard to act and be happy when your heart is dead.

I sat down in a corner while the rest of the boys goofed around. I never really talk to them beside my occasional sarcastic comments. Instead of pitying myself, I thought of what I was going to say in my audition tape. Somehow I knew, 'Hey, I'm Leah and when I'm angry I burst into a giant wolf!' was not going to work. I briefly thought of begging, just getting down on my knees and begging them to take me away from La Push, but it was too desperate.

It wasn't long before we were all sitting at the dining table with a smiling Emily setting down the food she cooked so the boys could eat. If I wasn't so damn hungry, I would've refused anything she tried to give me. But here I was, accepting food from my ex-fianc├ęs soon to be wife. Life's a bitch.

Small chatter flow around me as I helplessly chewed on a piece of chicken. I was doing fine for a while, ignoring the stares of Emily from across the table, and not starting a yelling match with anyone. I was doing fine until of course, dumbass Paul opened his big, fat mouth.

"So I heard you tried out for America's Next Top Model." He said, his tone biting and sarcastic.

I glared, "And if I did?"

The pack gave a laugh.

"Yeah right, Leah." Quil said, "You couldn't be a model unless you tried."

"Yeah, don't models have to be attractive?" Embry laughed with him.

"I can and will be a model." I sniffed, turning my nose up, "And if you must know, I passed the audition."

The boys, excluding Seth and Sam, began a new round of laughter.'

"Nice joke, Leah." Jacob laughed, "Mind if I use it."

I glared and started trembling, feeling my anger rise and pool around the edges. I gripped the table to the point where the wood chipped a bit. I could feel Sam's caution gaze on me, only angering me more.

"Alright, knock it off guys." Sam chided, "and calm down Leah."

They just continued to laugh.

"What are you going to do, Leah?" Paul laughed, "Pose us to death?"

That was it. I pushed out of my seat, knocking over the chair.

"I'm done." I said, "That's it, I quit. I'm sick and tired of dealing with everyone's shit. When I send in my tape and I'm picked as a semi-finalist, I'm going to pack my bags, leave and never come back."

"Yeah? Good luck doing that." Paul laughed, "You have nowhere to go. Nobody's gonna want you around."

"And who wants you around, Paul?" I snapped back.

Paul began shaking as he stood up to face me.

"Just because Sam didn't want you and Emily's better than you, you sit around pitying yourself. No one cares Leah. You're just some stupid whore who thinks that everyone should be as miserable as you."

We were both shaking like crazy; ready to pounce on each other.

"That's it." Sam yelled, standing as well, "Both of you, outside, now!"

"Don't bother, Sam." I spit out, "I was just leaving."

I didn't look back as I stomped form the kitchen and out the house, slamming the door behind me. I broke out into a run once I was outside, not even bothering to phase. I ignored the calls of Seth behind me, not ready to look him in the face after my outburst and went to the place I knew no one would find me, Forks.

A few weeks later, the house phone rang threw the house, waking us all up. I made it downstairs just in time to see my mom answer the phone.

"Hello?" She answered, "Yes, Yes. Alright, hold on."

"It's for you, Leah." She said, looking excited.

I grabbed the phone from her hand.


"Leah Clearwater?" A voice asked.

"Yes, this is her."

"Congratulations, you were picked as a semi-finalist for America's Next Top Model. In the following days you will receive information as well as a plane ticket for your trip to Los Angeles. Congratulations, once again."

They hung up as I turned to stare at my mom and Seth. Seth raised his eyebrow, looking at me expectantly.

"Well?" He asked, impatient.

"I made it!" I yelled, excited that I would be leaving La Push in a few days, "I'm going to be on America's Next Top Model!"

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