Severus and Hermione walked hand in hand toward the infirmary, grinning like idiots at each other. Severus had had his delicious way with Hermione, all weekend. Hermione was still uneasy about the Meghan Coppertone situation, but Severus was brining her around. It was Monday evening, just after dinner, and Hermione was to have a check up with Healer Bronson.

As they walked into the infirmary all that could be heard was Abby giggling like a first year. As they walked closer to the cot that Abby was sitting on, Matty came into view, he was standing in front of her smirking. Healer Bronson could be heard discussing something with Poppy as he walked out of her office.

"Alright Abigail, you are all set to start back working with the ministry," Healer Bronson said as he walked back over to Matty and Abby. Hermione and Severus had just reached the bed.

"Finally! So, I can start back tonight?" Abby responded and then giggled again at the scowl on Matty's face.

"Tomorrow, give Matty and everyone else another restful night's sleep before you start chasing around murderers again," Derrick replied with his own scowl. "I will see you next Monday for another check up.

"What! I thought I was done with checkups!"

Derick raised his eyebrows, "I want to make sure you're not over doing it. I'll see you Monday."

"She'll be here," Matty responded with a tone that stated the decision was final.

"Fine," Abby huffed and got off the bed. Healer Bronson kissed Abby's forehead and reminded her again to take it easy. Ever since Derick had started taking care of Abby's medical needs when she was fifteen he had become another strong male figure in her life. After having a quick chat with Hermione and Severus, Abby and Matty were quickly shoed out of the infirmary by Derick.

"I wanted to discuss something with you two in private," Derick said as he waved his wand over Hermione's body. She was currently laying on the cot that Abby had been sitting on. Severus was standing beside the bed.

"Is everything alright?" Hermione asked.

Derick purposely avoided the question, "Were you two planning on having anymore children?"

"We had talked about it a few months ago…."

Severus gave Healer Bronson a strange look and sat on the bed beside Hermione, he wasn't sure where this was going. "We were discussing it, but then Hermione was captured. We haven't really discussed anything since then. But, I think the plan was yes, we would have at least one more child." Severus looked down at Hermione for confirmation and she nodded.

Healer Bronson sighed and sat down on the end of the bed, on the other side of Hermione. "I need you two to be aware of something, but I don't want any of this to sound final." Severus felt Hermione tense, so he pulled her into a sitting position, he had one arm wrapped around her back and holding her hand in the other. Derick continued, "Hermione, you had server internal damage after the attack. Your womb took an awful hit. I don't want to tell you two that it's impossible for you to ever have another child together again, but your insides are very weak from the damage. With that being said, your body is still healing. So, that's why I said I didn't want to say it's impossible. I just wanted you two to be aware that there is a likeliness that you may not conceive anymore children."

"But, it's not impossible?" Hermione asked quietly, tears were openly streaming down her face. Severus cradled her into his chest and kissed the top of her head.

Derick gave the two a sad smile and patted Hermione's leg, then stood up, "No not impossible. Only time will tell. Other than that, you're doing extremely well Hermione. I'll see you next month for your next check up. If you two need anything don't hesitate to contact me. If I'm not in the castle than I'm at St. Mungo's."

The walk back down to their chambers was quiet. Severus had his arm wrapped around Hermione, but neither was saying anything. When they entered the chambers luckily no one was in the sitting room. Jane and Edward could be heard talking in the kitchen and Ethan and the twins could be heard playing in the twin's room. Severus remained hanging onto Hermione and walked them into their bedroom and laid on the bed, with Hermione wrapped in his arms. As soon as Hermione buried her head into Severus' chest, her sobs started. Hermione's body shook as she clutched onto Severus' shirt. Severus just held onto her like his life depended on it, saying nothing. After about ten minutes, Hermione started to quiet down.

"You haven't said anything," Hermione whispered and then looked up into Severus' face. "Are you okay?"

"I never thought I'd be so sad at the thought of not being able to have anymore children," Severus responded sadly. "Not only that, those bastards ripped this privilege away from you and I hate them for that. I hate myself for not being able to protect you."

"Severus!" Hermione gasped. "Stop hating yourself! There was no way you or anyone could have known what was going to happen that night. You protect the kids and I from everything Severus, besides you weren't there that night."

"I know I regret ever letting you go there without me, or at all actually."

Hermione grabbed Severus' face gently and spoke softly, "Love, none of this is your fault. What's happened has happened. Besides, Derick didn't say it was impossible. My body is still healing, so maybe there's hope." She leaned forward and kissed him softly.

Severus gave her a sad smile, "Shouldn't I be comforting you?"

Hermione smiled back, "I think we both need comforting right now. This is just a nasty situation."

Severus nodded and snuggled Hermione back to his chest. They were both quiet for a while until Severus said, "We could adopt."

"Hmmm," Hermione replied tiredly.

"If you can't conceive anymore children, we could adopt."

"That is a possibility. I think we should keep this to ourselves for now. I think Abby and Draco will probably react the same way you did and blame themselves. Everyone has enough stress without this and things are starting to calm down a bit."

"Agreed." They were both quiet again until a knock sounded from the door.

"Mummy?" Ethan tried to whisper, but was almost yelling. "Are you sleeping?"

Hermione couldn't help but giggle and pointed her wand at the door, opening it. "No baby, daddy and I are awake."

"Oh!" Ethan said excitedly. "Can I come in?!" Severus beckoned for Ethan to get up on the bed. Neither Severus nor Hermione bothered shutting the door; they both knew the twins would be in shortly. Ethan climbed up onto the bed and was full of giggles as he climbed over Severus and wedged himself between him and Hermione. Severus and Hermione both smiled lovingly at him and started fawning over him, happy to at least have the children that they did. "Grandma gave us cake!"

Hermione groaned, "No wonder you're so talkative right now." Ethan giggled and then let out a squeal when Severus tickled his neck.

"Oh! Oh! Mummy can we come in too?!" Seth asked from the doorway, Marissa was standing beside him.

"Of course, love." The twins rushed into the bedroom. Seth hopped up onto Hermione's side of the bed and laid behind Hermione, with his face on her neck. Marissa did the exact same thing to Severus.

"So, how much sugar did we eat tonight?" Severus asked in a playful tone. The kids giggled, making Hermione laugh.

Marissa responded with, "Just some cake and some ice cream."

"Grandpa Albus gave us candy too!" Seth exclaimed.

"I see, I believe three sleeping draughts will be in order?" Severus said. Hermione snorted.

"Oh Seth! I forgot to tell you. Abby came by earlier and gave me a big box of stuff she bought from Fred and George!" The kids and Hermione burst into another fit of giggles when Severus groaned and buried his face into Hermione's hair.


Severus was lounged on the couch in his office, with Hermione curled into his side. His office was actually full of a number of people. Abby was sitting in a wingback chair in front of his desk: Isabelle was clinging to Abby's neck as she fell asleep, Abby had an arm wrapped around her and had a sandwich in the other hand. She had missed dinner due to work she had to do for the ministry, which was apparent by her Ministry robes. Matty was sitting beside them, still in his quidditich uniform, feeding Matthew a bottle as he also fell asleep. Jordan Chambers, Harry, Ron, Draco, Lucius, Albus, and Eileen were all walking around Severus' large office.

"Sorry it took me so long," Kingsley spoke as he stepped through the floo. Eileen walked over to Matty and took Matthew. Abby set Isabelle down and Eileen took her hand, taking the kids up into the Headmasters chambers.

"What's this about?" Severus asked. "Abby was vague, she just said it was about a mission, claiming that's all she knew." Severus sounded doubtful.

Kingsley nodded, "It's about two missions, and I'm going to need the help of everyone in this room for either one or both of them."

"Hermione's not going on anymore missions," Severus stated.

Hermione rubbed Severus' chest, "Love, let's hear him out."

Kingsley waved his hand, "The first mission I need Hermione at Hogwarts and the second mission, well there really isn't too much danger involved but we will get to that one later. The first mission I need Abby, Matty, Jordan, Severus, Lucius, and Harry, everyone else will be a part of the mission but will be here at Hogwarts."

"What does the first mission consist of?" Harry asked.

Kingsley continued, "I have word that there is a meeting taking place. You six will be using a portkey to get in and out of the area. The meeting is supposed to be small and this will be a prime opportunity to capture some of these new death eaters and get more information from them."

Severus scowled, "Just like the last mission you sent Hermione, Abby, and Draco on and they all almost died. No! None of us are going."

"Severus, I know there is a leak in the ministry. Actually, I'm positive we have several, but if we want to take over these so called death eaters we have to take risks. If not, a massive war is going to break out and it looks like it could be just as bad or even worse than the last one. Healer Bronson, Ginny, and Poppy are going to be waiting in the infirmary for any injuries. Healer Bronson also said if needed we can floo in St. Mungo's doctors, but I don't think that will be necessary. Albus, Hermione, Draco, and Ron, will be a part of the invasion team. Meaning they will strategize the attack but will be keeping tabs from Hogwarts with what's happening. Severus, Abby, Matty, Jordan, Lucius, and Harry will be doing the invading."

Severus pinched his nose and huffed, "Abby was literally just Okayed by Derick to start back at the Ministry, do you really think it's a good idea to send her into this mission?"

"I've had to put off this mission because I was waiting for Abby to get better. I couldn't send Jordan alone and none of you were in the right state of mind to do this. Now, with everyone recuperating and everything settled down, it's time for our next move. I specifically need trained people in this type of work, most of my Auror's weren't around for the last war," Kingsley responded.

Abby stood up and walked toward Severus, "Dad, it will be fine, I will be fine. If things get hectic we have the portkeys."

"They are going to be targeting you," Severus countered.

"With all of you there trying to protect me, do you really think something's going to happen to me?"

Severus scowled, "If this mission goes badly and you survive, I will kill you myself!"

Abby grinned.

The mission took place the following night. Severus was slightly pissed off that at midnight he was camouflaged behind three giant trees and a bunch of large bushes that surrounded a large field. Abby and Matty were sitting quietly next to him, while Lucius, Harry, and Jordan were stationed on the other side of the field. They were actually in a large forest that happened to have a large opening inside of it. Hermione, Albus, Draco, and Ron decided that it would be more efficient for the six of them to arrive before the meeting started and hide themselves. That way if there were way more death eaters than anticipated, they could just portkey out or run before they were noticed. Hermione thought it'd be best to group Abby, Matty, and Severus together, she knew both men would be much more comfortable if Abby were by their side. Besides, it made her feel better to know that Severus and Matty were both there just incase something went wrong again.

It was rounding one o'clock and Severus was more than slightly irritated. Abby and Matty were sitting beside him doing god knows what; he could barely hear Matty whispering into Abby's ear and then her giggling. It had been happening for almost twenty minutes. Severus snapped at them once and they stopped, but he could hear Abby stifling a giggle a few moments later. Loud pops and footsteps ceased all their activity.

Ten masked death eaters stood in a circle, immediately starting their meeting. Abby gave a noticeable shudder when the death eaters appeared. Severus knew her abduction was still fresh in her mind, but it also made him more curious as to what memories she was hiding from everyone.

"I only see ten," Matty commented quietly. "I few stunners and we should be able to capture at least a couple of them."

Abby nodded, "Yes, but don't be so quick to think that. They are actually smarter than what we originally thought. But, I'd imagine this shouldn't be too difficult. Dad, go ahead and shoot off the spark."

The plan was for Severus to shoot off a red spark and aim it for the sky above the death eaters heads. When the death eaters became distracted by the spark, the six of them would immediately start firing stunners. They were only to kill if it were necessary; they wanted to capture as many death eaters as possible for questioning. The plan was completely flawed and bond to be chaotic, but it was the only thing that really fit for this scenario.

Severus shot off the red spark and the death eaters immediately went silent, staring at the sky. The stunners were shot simultaneously and all hell broke loose. Severus, Abby, and Matty ran out into the open field at the same time Jordan, Harry, and Lucius did. The stunners hit four of the death eaters, leaving six on six. One of the death eaters was obviously well trained and very good at what they did. The death eater was not only fighting against Jordan, but also helping another death eater hex Matty. Severus stuck as close as he could to Abby. As he thought, the death eaters were singling her out. Defending themselves against the others but throwing as many hexes as possible at Abby. Severus noted though that the hexes were stinging hexes and nothing that would do too much harm.

"Severus Snape!" A voice cackled. Severus stopped dead in his tracks. That voice was unmistakable. Severus knew he knew who it belonged to, but there was no way it could be her. The last he had heard of her was that she was awaiting the dementors kiss in Azkaban, and that was at the end of the last war.

"Show yourself," Severus stated, pointing his wand at the death eaters face.

"Happy to see me," Bellatrix Lestrange snarled as she took her mask off.

"Never," Severus said with a smirk. He wasn't entirely sure what to think of this situation.

"Come to protect your poor defenseless child?" Bella let out a bone chilling cackle, "Too bad you weren't here a couple months ago! You should have seen what Avery, Goyle, and….."

"Shut up!" Abby spat and sent a hex, knocking Bella hard to the ground. "I will fucking kill you!" Severus pushed Abby hard with his left hand, causing her to fall to the ground. As much as he wouldn't mind someone killing Bella he didn't want that person to be Abby, besides Bella would be very useful to question.

"Abigail stop! Stay on the ground!" Severus yelled, trying to control Abby's temper.

Bella jumped back to her feet just as quickly as she was knocked down. She had a murderous glare on her face and aimed her wand at Abby. Abby looked startled for a second but then tried to scramble to her feet. It was too late; the fire had already started pouring out of Bella's wand. Severus dove as fast as he could at Abby, grabbing her body and rolling them across the grass. The fire had hit them just as Severus had landed on Abby. Abby let out an ear piercing scream. The smell of burning flesh and hair hit Severus' nostrils as the portkey activated and his world started to swirl.

"What the hell is that smell," Ron could be heard saying in a disgusted voice.

"It smells like burnt hair," Derick remarked. "Someone's back, they're on the floor!"

Severus was trying to get up, but Abby was pulling him down. He couldn't feel anything, he wasn't sure if he or Abby, or both, were burnt. Abby was clutching onto his shirt and let out a strangled moan.

"Abby! Where are you hurt?!" Severus nearly yelled and tried pulling Abby away from him. He was literally laying on top of her, but she was still hanging on to him for dear life.

"Ah my neck is killing me," Abby moaned with her eyes still closed and pulling one of her hands from Severus' chest and started to put it on her neck.

"Abby stop." Severus grabbed Abby's hand and held it in his. "The right side of your neck is burnt, don't touch it."

Abby opened her eyes and gasped, "Dad!...Your hair!" Severus just blinked at Abby and reached up and touched his head. On the right side of his head, Severus' hair stopped just above his ear. He could feel the burnt ends in his finger tips.

"It's Severus and Abby," Derick said as he, Ron, Poppy, and Ginny rushed over to them. "Help me get them off the floor!" Derick and Ron pulled Severus into a standing position and Abby started to stand on her own. "What happened? Where are you two hurt?" Derick and Severus both reached down and pulled Abby up, escorting her over to the bed.

"We got burnt; I don't know what kind of fire it was. It happened so fast I only had time to react. I think Harry threw a portkey at us and we ended up here," Severus answered. "Treat Abby first, she got it worse than I did."

"Severus!" Hermione said urgently, rushing into the infirmary. She and Kingsley had been discussing something in Poppy's office.

"It's alright, I'm alright," Severus said soothingly.

"Who's burnt?! You're burnt?!" Hermione gasped as she sniffed the air and noticed his hair. She grabbed Severus' robes and threw them off of him and then grabbed his shirt and lifted it up, looking over his body.

"It's just my hair, baby," Severus whispered and smiled down at her. He knew that endearment was usually enough to grab Hermione's attention and get her to calm down.

"You're sure," Hermione said, a little less frantic, as she pushed Severus back and had him sit on the cot Abby was sitting on. Healer Bronson was currently treating Abby's neck burn.

"Abby!" Matty yelled franticly and boomed through the infirmary doors.

"Matty I'm fine," Abby called and then winced as Derick covered her burn with cream. Matty rushed up and stood between Derick and Hermione. He was about to say something but Abby cut him off, "It's nothing Derick can't fix. Dad knocked me out of the way before I took the full force of the flames. I'm okay, really."

"What happened exactly," Severus asked Lucius, Jordan, and Harry, they had come in behind Matty. "I mean I know what happened to Abby and myself, but how did we get here and what happened after."

"I saw Bella corner you and Abby. Once I saw her bait Abby I knew you would need assistance. I saw the fire come flying out of her wand and I was able to extinguish it just as it hit you and Abby. Harry threw a portkey at you two and it sent you here. After that the death eaters were starting to run. We managed to capture two of them, unfortunately one of them was not Bella," Lucius answered.

Hermione shuddered, "Bella? Bellatrix Lestrange?" Lucius nodded and Hermione cringed. Severus wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her into his body.

"This isn't a regular fire burn," Derick commented. "They are barley reacting to this cream. I think you are going to have to let this heal naturally." Derick turned to Severus, "Which also makes me think that you won't be able to use magic to grow your hair back. You will have to let it grow naturally." Severus growled and made a face.

Hermione smiled and turned in Severus' arms, "It's just hair."

"Yes, but I don't want to walk around with half my hair missing for months," Severus grumbled.

"You will need to cut it, baby," Hermione smiled up at him, making him smile. That endearment worked the same on him as it did on Hermione.

Severus sighed, "How am I going to do that. I don't have time to go to Hogsmeade and besides I'd probably be ambushed if I did."

"I'll cut it," Abby grinned when Severus gave her a death glare. "I'm kidding, but Ginny cuts hair. She cuts Matty's and his quidditich team all the time."

Harry nodded, "When she first was out of Hogwarts Ginny worked at a hair salon in Hogsmeade and worked under some weird French guy. She's actually rather good at it.

"Why didn't I know that," Severus asked curiously.

Harry shrugged and then grinned, "Ginny's in Poppy's office getting more burn cream, I'm sure she wouldn't mind cutting you hair tonight so you can scare the shit out of the students tomorrow."

Severus stood in his kitchen; he was barefoot and only wearing his black trousers. Ginny had just finished cutting his hair and was getting Hermione. Once Ginny was finished she looked at Severus, raised an eyebrow, and grinned. His hair was so short now. The sides of his black hair didn't even touch his ears, while the top was a little bit longer but not by much. He couldn't remember the last time his hair was this short, probably when he was a child.

Hermione was sitting in the sitting room with Abby and Matty. It's was three thirty in the morning and Severus was ready to go to bed. They all had to be up in three hours.

"Dad, Hermione said she's seeing Ginny out and then would be in. Matty and I are going to our chambers to bed…" Abby said as she walked in the kitchen and then stopped at the sight of Severus. She grinned.

"One snarky, smartass comment and I'm hexing your hair off," Severus griped.

Abby grinned, but then smiled, "Dad, you look great! You should have cut your hair forever ago! You're going to have to beat those seventh years off with a stick. Hmm, I guess Hermione really is going to have to murder Meghan Coppertone."

"Abigail, go to your chambers!"

Abby grinned and walked over and hugged Severus and then said cheekily, "Thanks for not letting me get my face burned off!"

Hermione came in the kitchen right as Abby had walked out. She stopped in her tracks and sucked in a breath.

"Is it that bad," Severus grimaced.

"Fuck Severus," Hermione breathed. "If I would have known you would have looked this hot, I would have made you cut your hair years ago." With the short hair, Severus' sharp features stood out. His nose, if it were possible, seemed to have shrank back some. It was still large, but it fit his face well. With his shirtless, muscular chest, Severus looked like he had stepped straight out of a Play Witch magazine.

The next thing Severus knew, Hermione was all over him. She had one hand in his short hair and the other was running down his bare chest, kissing him furiously. Maybe he wasn't getting any sleep tonight after all.

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