"I declare the Fourth Great Shinobi War!"

"Colin, wake up were going to be late."

"All right, I'm coming."

He and his friends are walking to potions when he sees a fan on the ground.

A quick flash of a symbol white and red flow in his mind along with a name…Uchiha.

"Colin, are you coming?"


"Mr. Creevey, pay attention!"

"Now son you must pay attention."

"Sorry, sir."

"Good job, Creevey you didn't blow something up."

A quick flash of a person, a sentence "Art is a bang!" clay explodes, a name…..Deidara.

"Colin, are you sure your ok, you seem kind of pale."

"Don't worry I'm fine."

They enter herbology and began taking out their books when Colin notices a venus fly trap.

A quick flash and there's plant-like man, but he's split between white and black and has 2 minds, a name … Zetsu.

"Um, Professor Sprout?"

"Yes, Mr. Creevey."

"Is it possible for someone to become half-man, half-plant?"

"That's very interesting, Mr. Creevey. It might be possible with someone were skilled enough but I don't see someone doing this. May I ask what brought this up?"

"Just… a random thought."

"Very well, Now class today….."

He dreams of fire, death, sorrow, and hate.

Nine powerful individuals, the tailed beast, a sealing statue…. Akatsuki.

He gazes at the Kyuubi and commands it to attack the Hidden Leaf Village.

"Let me tell you the truth about Itachi Uchiha."

"Tobi is a good boy!"

Colin is in good spirits and his friends don't hear any more strange murmurs in his sleep.

Colin no longer dreams, and takes dreamless sleep potion every night, no catches on.

Despite being addicted to the potion, Colin feels it's worth the risk.

He no longer dreams of the strange people like Zetsu, Deidara, and the Uchiha.

His dreams are free of bloodshed, and Madara Uchiha remains a distant memory in the wind.

Author's Note: I picked Colin to be the reincarnation of Madara because it's something no one suspect. Though I did find it amusing to have Colin Creevey, the young hyper hero-worshipping boy being the infamous, and master of the red dawn Madara Uchiha.