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Story: Memories!

Chapter 1: The Oath

Athena and I walked out of the infirmary and made our way to the lake.

"So which sister are you going to talk to?" I asked hoping that I already knew the answer.

Athena looked at me and smiled that knowing smile that I loved. "Theseus, you know exactly which sister I'm going to talk to."

I smiled and then said, "I just wanted to hear you say it?"

"Alright, I have to talk to Artemis about something extremely important." Athena said looking very frustrated.

"Alright, would you mind if I came with you, I do need to talk to Zeus about two sons of Poseidon flying to Greece." I said trying to make her feel a little more at ease, but not too much.

"Your enjoying this aren't you?" Athena said accusingly.

"Considering I was trapped in a rip in time and space for three thousand years I should enjoy any and everything that I can." I said trying to sound hurt by her tone.

"Well stand next to me and we'll get this over with" Athena said. The area around us began to glow, I closed my eyes and when I opened them we were on Mount Olympus just outside the thrown room. It was a lot different than I remembered. I could see the new construction work proceeding all around us.

"I see Annabeth has been pretty busy trying to get this place back up and running after the titan war." I said.

Athena looked around and smiled. I could tell she was proud of the work Annabeth had put into the reconstruction. "Yes, she has, lets find Artemis" Athena said.

We entered a garden just outside the thrown room and there standing at the other end of the garden was Artemis and standing next to her was a young woman probably around fifteen or sixteen with dark black hair and electric blue eyes. I followed Athena over to where they were standing. Artemis nodded and said, "Athena good to see you sister."

"Lady Athena nice to see you again." The dark haired young woman said.

"Theseus it is you, how?" Artemis said before Athena could introduce me.

"Hello, Artemis you must have been out hunting, I would of thought Apollo would have told everyone from here to Tartarus by now." I said trying to hide my smile. I told her a brief summary of my recent adventures.

"The Theseus!" The dark haired young woman said.

"Oh, I'm sorry this is my lieutenant Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus. Thalia, this is Theseus, first demigod son of Poseidon."

"A pleasure Thalia, my brother Percy has told me a lot about you." I said.

"Hopefully its all good or I'll make that kelp face pay." Thalia said.

"It was all good, pine cone face." I said while chuckling to myself.

Thalia laughed with me as we turned to look at Artemis and Athena.

"Theseus and Thalia, could you excuse us, I need to speak with Artemis about an important issue." Athena said.

"Alright, Thalia , I need to speak with your father do you think you could take me to him?" I said.

"Sure, follow me." Thalia said. I could tell she could take a hint. We walked out of the garden toward the thrown room. I looked over my shoulder and prayed to the gods that the two sisters wouldn't destroy such a beautiful garden. I followed Thalia and she took me into the thrown room and pointed to Zeus sitting on his thrown. He was sitting alone and looked like he was lost in thought.

"I'll let you go in I need to check on the other huntresses." Thalia said as she left the room.

I walked into the thrown room and as I approached Zeus, he saw me and said, "Theseus it is good to see you, Apollo told me what happened. Thank you for helping Poseidon defeat Oceanus."

"Well, it is good to see you too uncle and as you know, I would do anything to help my father and Atlantis." I said.

"Well, is this a social visit or are you here on business." Zeus said.

"Well, I would like to fly to Greece with Percy and Annabeth. I have some things I want to do and I thought they could learn a few things about our history." I said.

"So you want my guarantee, that I won't blow you out of the sky, right." Zeus said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"Yes, that would make the trip end on a bad note." I said with the same hint of sarcasm.

"Yes, I guess it would. You have my permission and my promise that the three of you will be safe to fly to Greece and back." Zeus said.

"Thank you, uncle." I said gratefully.

"Where is Athena, I thought she would be hanging..." Zeus was saying before I cut him off and said, "Athena is in the garden talking to Artemis about an important issue."

Zeus thought about that for a moment and then he became wide eyed and I could tell he knew what the important issue was. "You don't say!" Zeus said looking out the window that faced the garden.

As if in response to our focus on the garden we heard two people shouting at the top of their lungs at each other. Zeus and I raced to the door of the thrown room and ran outside into the garden. There in front of us we saw Artemis and Athena both red in the face yelling at each other. There was so much energy and heat coming off of them that the flowers in the garden were wilting under the strain.

"You took an oath, you can't just break it like that!" Artemis screamed snapping her fingers to emphasize her point.

"You know damn well the only reason I took the oath was because I thought he was dead." Athena yelled.

Suddenly there was a bright golden light and Aphrodite appeared in front of both Artemis and Athena. "Artemis please you know that Athena has loved Theseus for over three thousand years." Aphrodite said.

"Stay out of this you slut!" Artemis said giving Aphrodite a look like drop it or you'll pay.

"Enough, I order both Athena and Artemis into the thrown room to work this out. Aphrodite I know you mean well but your presence here clearly hasn't helped matters, please leave this to me. Theseus please stay out here in the garden until we return."

Aphrodite nodded and disappeared into a shower of gold. Athena and Artemis followed their father into the thrown room both looking like they were about to be grounded for a thousand years. I stayed out in the garden for what seemed like forever until a familiar voice said, "Theseus is that you?" I turned around and saw my best friend, it was Herakles, he looked good. He still looked like a modern day bodybuilder with his dark hair, dark beard and piercing blue eyes. I ran over to him and he gave me a big hug.

"Herc, you can let me go now or your gonna crush me." I was barely able to say it because of the crushing bear hug he was giving me.

"Its so good to see you my friend, Apollo told me what happened but I couldn't believe it." Herakles said.

"Its great seeing you here too. I guess we're both immortal now." I said.

"My way was easier, it didn't take three thousand years." Herakles said jokingly.

"Well my father isn't the king of the gods." I said.

"I heard screaming coming from the garden, so I ran over here as soon as I could." Herakles said.

"Well, Artemis and Athena were having an argument" I said.

"Over you I take it." Herakles said not even trying to hide his amusement.

"Does everyone up here know about my love life?" I said.

"Well, with Apollo and Aphrodite running around I'm pretty sure everyone knows." Herakles said sarcastically.

Herakles and I talked for a good hour, recalling our past exploits and all the fun we had as young men.

"Sorry I have to break this up but I have to help Hephaestus with his swordsmanship in ten minutes, I best be on my way. Its been great seeing you, we need to get together again sometime." Herakles said.

"Herc, good seeing you as well, take care my friend." I said.

As soon as Herakles left, the doors to the thrown room opened and Athena ran out towards me. "Artemis agreed to let me out of the oath." Athena said happily.

"Just like that!" I said.

"Well, father and Artemis want to talk to you now." Athena said.

I walked into the thrown room and there were Artemis and Zeus waiting for me.

"Theseus, please come in, we need to talk." Zeus said.

"As you have probably guessed, Athena has asked Artemis to release her from her oath of maidenhood. Well, Artemis has agreed as long as you tell us your intentions with my daughter." Zeus said.

"Uncle, my intentions are to ask your daughter to marry me but first she needs to be free from the oath and I want your permission to ask her, in conformance with the ancient traditions." I said.

"Well, I release her from the oath, but you will be good to my sister." Artemis said. The look she gave me showed that she meant that warning.

Zeus looked at me and smiled, "You have my permission to marry Athena." Zeus said.

"Thank you, I do have one favor to ask both of you, though." I said.

"What is this favor?" Zeus asked.

"Can you keep what I just told you a secret, I do not want this to get out before I ask her." I said.

Zeus and Artemis looked at each other and then looked at me.

"You have my word nephew. I swear on the river Styx I will not tell anyone about your intentions with Athena." Zeus said and after him Artemis repeated the same oath.

"Thank you both very much." I said

They both nodded and I ran out the side door toward the garden. Waiting for me in the garden was Athena. I ran to her and gave her a big hug, "You are free from the oath." I said.

"What did they ask you?" Athena said

"They asked if I loved you." I said hoping that she couldn't tell I was lying.

"What did you say?" Athena asked with a smirk on her face.

I looked at her and smiled and then I said the one thing she didn't expect, "Athena, I love you!" Then I gave her a passionate kiss, when we finally broke apart it took us a few moments to collect ourselves.

"Take me back to camp, I have a trip to Greece to get ready for." I said.

With that we dissolved into an aura of gold and materialized in front of the lake at camp.

I hope you liked this first chapter to the sequel to "Brothers United", entitled, "Memories". The majority of this story will be in Theseus's POV.