During a concert tour in the UK, pop singer Britney Spears catches an episode of 'Doctor Who' while channel surfing after a sell out performance in Webley Stadium.

Inspired by the signature tune, Ms. Spears has the melody re-written and re-mixed into the single; 'Your Love Is My World'.

The music video has her in a version of Tom Baker's infamous outfit (long scarf, long coat, hat) although the costume department still manage to incorporate the minimum flesh required, and by a work of genius, the half-inch-away-from-bum-crack pants are visible, and heavily featured.

The record-breaking sales prompt studio heads to green-light a Doctor Who movie starring Ms. Spears as the Doctor.

Half way through the London premiere, Tom Baker suffers a collapse, and despite the valiant efforts of Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy performing CPR, Mr. Baker is declared DOA due to a massive stroke.

Mr. Baker's last words, muttered before he lost consciousness were 'Why have you forsaken us ...?'

Ms. Spears sings 'Amazing Grace' at Mr. Baker's funeral with an accompanying Scottish pipe band.

Reports of 'spinning' sounds from the grave are so far, unverified.

The movie wins 'Best Movie' at the MTV awards, along with 'Best Kiss', shared by Ms. Spears and co-star Nicholas Brendon (as companion Samuel-James Smith). Two sequels are commissioned.