The wait in the sterile corridor was long and unpleasant. I counted the tiles on the wall...and floor. There was another woman sitting opposite to me. She was playing with her necklace absentmindedly and I wondered for whom she was waiting.

I hate hospitals and even more when I'm actually not the patient. Plus, the staff is usually rather bitchy and doesn't want you to visit people who are not your relatives.

So when the surgery was over, after convincing several nurses that I was - first his husband, then his brother, or whatever - I was finally allowed to see Perry.

When I found his room there was a young doctor inside. She was really good-looking. Don't forget I told you that I was still feeling more straight than gay, so yeah, she wassexy. But I had more serious concerns at hand.

Perry was pale and all the little tubes made him look scary. The injured leg was propped with a soft pillow.

I neared the bed slowly and she noticed my presence.

"It's not as bad as it looks." There was a small smile on her face.

She must have spotted my anxious gaze and posture, but obviously it didn't matter to her exactly what kind of relative I was.

"Really?" I asked, more quietly than I intended.

"He lost a lot of blood, but the wound was not serious and apart from the smoke inhalation and some second degree burns on his legs, there's no more damage. He's stable."

I didn't give a shit about all the medical words. 'Not serious' and 'stable' did it for me. It was like to wake up from a really bad dream.

"Thanks." I smiled carefully, testing if it still worked after tonight.

"I'll leave you alone. He should wake up soon." She finished her check up of the monitors and quietly left the room.

I fidgeted with my hoodie and nervously watched his chest rising and falling in peace. Then I moved closer to sit down. The chair was plastic, uncomfortable and cold, but it really didn't matter to me. I grabbed his motionless hand and caressed it with my thumb.

He didn't wake up, but stirred and my heart did a little jump. I bent down and kissed him on the lips (something I wanted to do since Snake showed in front of our home), feeling overwhelmed with all the joy that the horrible night was over.

After some time he finally opened his eyes and looked very confused for a few seconds. Well, duh, who wouldn't?

Then he focused on me. "Harry?" His voice was croaky and I remembered the ice chip I'd been given for it. There was a glass on the bed table so I spooned some ice and fed it to him. I also squeezed his hand and smiled.


"Are we dead?" He asked slowly after swallowing.

"Nope." I grinned.

"But Stone..." He paused. "Harry, are you alright?"

See? He calls me an idiot and bitches about my faults, but he really cares.

Instead of a reply, I bent down to hug him and I nodded into his shoulder. Wires were making it harder, but he put his free hand on my back and patted me.

I was near to crying again.

"How..?" He asked once we separated.

"Remember 'Guardian angel'? Uh, I guess it really works after all. I activated it when Stone went away."

Perry succeeded in an attempt to roll his eyes. "Of course it works." The squawking of his voice only made the statement funny.

"Well, um..I had it in my pocket all the time, but forgot about it." I admitted.

"Because you're an idiot." Perry quipped, but it hurt me more than it should have.

I started standing up, feeling bad again. Before I could escape, there was a hand around my wrist.


He looked into my eyes. "Thanks."

I tilted my head, not believing my own ears.

"For saving us." Perry added and tugged at my hand.

I grinned. "I told you that some day it would happen! I was--" He cut me off again.

"Harry? Shut the hell up and come here."

We hugged once more and I stayed longer than necessary nestled up to his chest when I heard him murmur softly...

"Love you."

And it felt million times better than when he last said these words to me.

End. (For real ;-)

I hope you enjoyed this last bit of fluff...and the whole story!