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"Yeah, I'm up for a movie." Joey said as he shoved a handful of popcorn into his mouth leaning against the counter where the massive popcorn bowl sat.

Seto half frowned and snatched the bowl away from him, "Of course you are, that's why I had you make popcorn." He glared down at the blonde who blinked through a mouthful of popcorn.

Then when the brunette passed into the other room, Joey scowled. "If I made dat, why do ya got ta be in charge of it?" He muttered but followed Seto.

"Which movie are we watchin'?"

Seto was pushing a disk into the silver DVD player sitting under the large, flat screen television on the far wall. His ice blue eyes flicked back over his shoulder at Joey then to the couch, "You'll see."

The popcorn bowl was sitting in the middle of the couch, tilted slightly to the side. Joey grabbed it up, blinking his chocolate brown eyes as he plopped down onto the cushions. "As long as it isn't too long, I hav'ta work tomorrow. And I got t'get up early."

Seto could only nod once to keep from smiling. He was sure that sleeping would be the last thing on Joey's mind. The genre of the movie... It was such a good plan, he almost couldn't keep the smirk off his face.

As he dropped down on the cushion next to Joey's, although several inches away, Seto grabbed the remote. Joey stuffed another handful of popcorn into his mouth, glancing to Seto, "What's it about?" He asked innocently, unaware of the horror he was about to face.

"Oh." Seto said slowly, drawing it out. He couldn't help it, a smirk slid onto his face perfectly. "Its a newer film. I'm sure it'll be amusing." He pressed the play button quickly, letting the movie roll on.

Joey held the bowl of popcorn in his lap as he smiled, "So its a comedy?" He asked lightly as Seto dimmed down the lights in his large living room.

"Not exactly."

Joey blinked, looking back to the screen as it crackled, showing static that blurred into the movie title. Seto could feel Joey flinch back as a scream rang through the room from the speakers. "Uh, moneybags..." He stuttered as the dreary setting flickered into view.

"What is it, mutt? Feeling the jitters?" Seto smirked again, he looked to Joey from the corner of his eyes, staring him down, daring him to admit the obvious.

Joey couldn't stand Seto being right, especially when he was feeling proud about it. So he lied."Nah, o-of course not." Joey laughed it off, although it was loud, nervous laughter that Seto saw through immediately. He watched Joey shovel popcorn in his mouth.

You eat more when you're scared Wheeler.

The movie continued rolling, the creepy music playing through the house quite loudly. Seto had made sure of several things when he had invited the mutt over. One, that Mokuba was at his own friend's house and was staying there over night. Two, he made sure to turn up the sound on the speakers so not even the scamper of a mouse could be unheard in the film. And three, Seto Kaiba made SURE the movie he had picked was a horror film, the one type of genre that Joey hated. It was the PERFECT set up. There were no flaws. He let himself enjoy a small laugh, as perfect as he was.

Joey gripped the bowl tightly in his hands, watching the girl walk slowly, so slowly up the stairs. He licked his lips, swallowing roughly. Maybe Joey was just being a bit paranoid, but he was beginning to think Seto had picked a scary movie to watch with him on purpose. Her hand grazed the doorknob and Joey gritted his teeth, sinking back farther into the couch cushions. As the door flew open she screamed, several terrifying images flickering across the screen.

Joey cried out in pure terror, popcorn flying up into the air, scattering everywhere.


There was no answer.


Seto felt another smile grace his features as he ruffled the blonde's hair as Joey hid his face into Seto's side. He was shaking all over and had gripped Kaiba's regular black button up in strong fists. So cute, he thought to himself, this was why he liked the mutt so much.

"Joey, come on, let's finish the movie. Unless you're too scared to." He coaxed, hoping either Joey would take the bait or show him some more of his cute behavior. The mutt frowned, slowly sitting back up only to squeak in fear at a shadow that flew across the screen. He slapped his hands over his mouth, taking in a deep breath.

Seto smiled, yeah, this was definitely going to be amusing.

Joey was still shaking as the end credits rolled into a finish. The pillow he had gripped to his chest was clutched tightly in his white knuckled hands. Seto was sitting by the arm of the chair, his fist supporting his chin. The movie had been a bore, the horror shallow, the acting disgusting but Joey's reaction to it, well that had been MUCH more interesting.


The blonde screamed at the sound of his name making Seto raise an eyebrow in confusion and look him up and down with suspicion.

"Uh, I mean...yeah?" He mumbled quickly, blushing with embarrassment into the pillow's soft surface.

"Was that too scary for a little pup like you?" He smirked, standing up from the couch as he stood over Joey.

The blonde stared up at him, half hiding his face behind the pillow as his big eyes watched him. Then he shook his head quietly. "No, of course n-not..." He pursed his lips, frowning as if he couldn't help his disappointment in his small lie.

"Well, then I guess you can go home now..." Seto said non-chalantly, peering down at Joey from the corner of his eye. All he had to do was word it right and the could wrap the pup around his pinky finger.

Joey's frown deepened as he buried his face into the pillow, "Y...Yeah, I guess so..."

Timid wasn't one of Joey's usual reactions. He was USUALLY loud, obnoxious, annoying and hot headed but this caused Seto to see him in a different light. And it wasn't too bad.


Joey glanced up, curiosity gleaming in his eyes, "Unless?" He repeated.

"Unless you want to spend the night, it is pretty late." Seto offered casually, shrugging his shoulders as if he didn't care, "I can have my limo driver take you to work tomorrow."

"Spend the night? Man, I didn't know you were the type for sleepovers..." Joey's face spread into his lop-sided grin. Seto narrowed his eyes menacingly, feeling a slight bit annoyed that the mutt had made him feel like his offer was unreasonable.

"But yeah, I've never stayed the night in a mansion before." Joey stood up, giving Seto a warm, puppy like smile. "Where's my room?"

Seto began leading Joey down the hall, feeling rather accomplished. Maybe, in a way, inviting the mutt to stay the night was unreasonable for him but it didn't mean he wasn't content with it. After all, it WAS his first real sleepover.