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WARNING: AU, slight implied adultxchild relationship

Kodomo: Generation Two

He had once also been just a amateur at the mercy of the people and school children around him. There had been a time where he was flustered by the world of teaching, scared of making mistakes, nervous about failure and paperwork. He'd been bullied, teased and prodded thoroughly. Times before had led to frustrated tears and long nights. Being a teacher was a lot more infuriating than he'd first thought.

But Joey had grown and for god's sake, he wasn't just twenty three anymore. It had been eight years since that fateful boy had first joined his class, had terrorized him and given him hell on earth. A monster from the beginning, Seto Kaiba. Joey had somehow managed to have the boy in his class three years in a row and was given more sexual harassment than any of the female students during swimming class.

Pictures, blackmail, doodles, notes, just about anything a fourth grader, fifth grader and sixth grader could come up with and more filled Joey's first three years at his job. He could still find pictures of himself in his old books if he looked hard enough. Which did in fact make him feel somewhat nostalgic but it did also embarrass and infuriate him. Especially when they were shots from the teacher's locker room. How the dark, mysterious Kaiba boy made it in there was still a shrouded secret.

But these times were different. Eight years was plenty of experience and after Seto, nothing surprised Joey anymore. A new cycle of students had just graced him, summer winding up into the school year once more. He was feeling usually optimistic about the year. New students, new opportunities and another year of his adored job. Even the somewhat grinding of his nerves during the start-up couldn't bring down his pep.

Walking up to the front with the name roster in hand, Joey shot his new fourth graders a charming smile. "Hello, class. I'm Joseph Wheeler and I'll be yer homeroom teacher dis year."

Greeted by the familiar chorus of young voices, Joey took to glancing over the roster. Such a delightful list of students, he was truly seeing a bright year. Without any disturbance, Joey found the first day to be quite promising. Plus, he had found an incredibly bright young man who helped him propel his class forward.

"Mokuba?" Joey glanced up from his paperwork, surprised that the child hadn't left for home yet. The two were alone in the classroom, homeroom having ended fifteen minutes ago. "Are ya waitin' for someone?"

The raven-haired child shifted in his desk to smile at his teacher and he nodded once, "Yeah. My big brother is coming to pick me up today. He said he would be a little late. He's the one taking care of me." The child's face grew a healthy, responsive glow from the topic of his sibling, his smile widening.

Joey's pen paused over the spot for his signature while he returned the smile, "Alright, jus' had to make sure." He happily returned to signing and marking up files, pleased that he would be able to meet his most promising student's closest family member. What a start to the year! He most certainly had been blessed by the Gods!

The snapping of dress shoes on tile brought both their heads up and Joey standing. He attempted to brush down any wrinkles in his shirt and straighten his tie, hoping to make a good first impression. His hand worked it's way out to shake as the door slid open and Joey immediately responded, "Hello sir, it's so very nice to meet-"

The sight of the person before him sent Joey into a shocked, silent fit of horror. He couldn't even manage to pull his hand back so the man nicely fit his larger into the shake, "You've improved since you last tried to greet somebody. I remember back when you didn't even notice someone had walked into the room until they were waiting at your desk." The suave young man holding Joey's hand smirked at the memory and patted Joey's knuckles affectionately.

Joey yanked his hand free as though Seto's had burned him and stuttered, "But ya-how-why-" The words streamed from between his lips in a babble and he turned to watch his former student glide between desks to his younger brother's. The sight of the once small boy stole Joey's breath. How had he grown so tall? Joey was well aware of their now present height difference and those broad shoulders. The boy actually looked professional in his nicely pressed suit. The structure of Seto's face had grown leaner, stronger and more striking. Joey felt his pulse pick up in his throat.

While looking over Mokuba's sketch from their earlier art class, Seto's fierce blue eyes narrowed on Joey's flushed cheeks. If at least one thing hadn't changed, his condescending tone and stare. "You didn't realize we had the same last name, Mr. Wheeler?" Seto barely had to mouth Joey's name to earn a response, the once pink cheeks of his old teacher burned a vibrant red.

"It's been eight years! Who'd take notice of something like that! And don' say my name like that!"

Seto pulled himself into a seat next to Mokuba, coyly looking Joey over. A vague memory of an unfriendly, disturbed child sitting in the same chair flashed before the blond's eyes and brought him a sudden rush of deja vu. It almost knocked him to the ground.

The brunet drew a flirty little heart on the desk, smiling. But Joey knew that stare, it was deceptive and controlling and most of all, it was sadistic. He had learned about that little nasty trait early on. "It's been a long eight years; I've missed you."

Joey narrowed his own eyes on him, reading the subtext with disgust. I've missed locking you in the equipment closet and bribing you for your freedom. Appearance wise, yes, Seto had changed. Personality wise, nada. Nothing different.

"You guys know each other?" Mokuba cut in, voice light with pleased surprise. He glanced between the two and cut the staring contest short although Joey noted Seto's secret after glance.

"Joey was my teacher too." Seto agreed, resting back into his chair with a daring fold of his arms.

"Don't say my name so informally; I'm still older than you." Joey quickly scolded, trying to regain control of the situation. I've been alive longer than de two of ya combined!

"Oh, sensei." Seto cooed, voice dripping with erotica. "Scold me again."

Joey's hand slammed in front of Seto's face, startling the brunet enough to make him jump. He watched Joey closely while the older leaned down to his ear. "Not in front of the child." He hissed angrily before clearing his throat and stiffly muttering, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Kaiba." He wanted the brat gone, and he wasn't thinking about Mokuba.

The two stood, Mokuba grabbing his drawing and his backpack. He gave Joey a quick bow before running out into the hall to be free of the school day. He exclaimed, "Hurry up brother!"

Seto, on the other hand, lingered at the doorway. When he finally regained Joey's attention, he smirked and said, "Do you know the real reason why I enrolled Mokuba in this school? Out of all the private schools in the area?"

Joey sent him a questioning, but suspicious look.

"I'm keeping my promise. I've come back to marry the shit out of you, Joey Wheeler. And don't worry, I'm completely legal now."