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Cassie's POV

It was still hard for me to walk down the halls of Spencer without noticing the envious stares and jealous comments coming from other girls. All of them had longed to be the one Reid Garwin chose to be with, be more than just another name to the very long list of his one night stands, but he chose me. Plain Cassie Dessen. Well I thought I was just an ordinary girl but that was until I meet Reid and his brothers. They had told me who, or really what I was. I was a witch. My brother Chase Collins had been a Warlock and came from a long line of warlocks. All the males before him had possessed similar Powers. But Chase had taken our father's Powers and as a result, killing our father. Then Chase had come to Ipswich and tried to force Caleb into giving up his Powers. Chase had failed and Caleb had killed him. I then inherited Chase's Powers, but how much of that Power I didn't know yet. It's confusing, I know but try being me! No one knew how strong I was going to be. It worked out that I was slowly gaining more Power. Like charging a battery. Already I was stronger than Reid and Tyler who hadn't ascended, but not as strong as Caleb and Pogue, who had both ascended. Whilst my family history was being unearthed, me and Reid had formed a bond, finding out that I was his "intended" and he was my "intended" – whatever that meant – but one thing that that had happened was that he had said "I love you." Reid Garwin, the Bad Boy of Spenser Academy had told me that he loved me. I hadn't thought about it but as soon as he had uttered those words I knew that I loved him as well.

This had all happened about three months ago. Since then I had tried to act as if nothing had changed. Which was hard but I tried my best. I hadn't told my mother as I wasn't sure if she knew about my father's Powers. The only ones who knew were Caleb and his girlfriend and my best friend Sarah, Pogue, Reid and Tyler, and their parents. Their parents have been working hard to try and figure out exactly what we should expect, but this had never happened before. Or if it had, it wasn't in the Book of Damnations. I was scared and nervous about the whole thing but there was this weird buzz that came from it. Although I had these Powers, everyone had advised me not to use unless completely necessary because they had no clue to how it would affect me. It was hard though as there was always this niggle and the back of my mind, tempting me to use just a tiny bit. But I was adamant that I would not turn out to be like Chase. Reid kept telling me that I was nothing like Chase but deep down I knew we had thing in common but I told myself that this was the case for most siblings.

Since my mind was everywhere but in the present I didn't see Pogue step out of a class and he had his back to me so when I walked straight into him it took us both by surprise and we both ended up on the floor. I landed on my back, books going everywhere and Pogue landed on top of me, taking the breath right out of me. He was a big muscle guy and I could feel every pound of him, with a struggle I whispered "Pogue...I emm can't breathe, so please...get the hell off of me."

"Don't get you pants in a knot. That would only make it more difficult for Reid to take them off later." With this he burst out laughing, shaking both himself and me since he still hadn't gotten up. I could feel my face going red from the lack of oxygen and from the fact that people were standing around giggling and taking pictures on their phones. Like hell was Spenser that boring that Pogue landing on top of me was picture worthy. But then again, there wasn't the Girl of the Week gossip any more given that Reid had been with the same girl for three months which was yours truly.

"Ha....you're so fricking funny. Now please...get your heavy ass of me now." Just as Pogue stood up off me, Reid pushed his way through the group that was now dispersing towards the lunch hall.

"Well Cassie, I know we didn't get much sleep last night but that's what class is for, catching up on sleep. You really shouldn't sleep in the middle of the corridor. It's a safety hazard." Now that me and Reid were together, Reid had return to his cockier self but had turned it down a notch. Pogue whistled at the idea of me and Reid being up all night in my room.

"Ha, dream on Pogue. We were up for a totally different reason than what your filthy mind is conjuring up. In fact I meant to talk to you about it, I was planning to tell Caleb and Tyler and you together."

"Oh" was all Pogue replied and his face has darkened and went all serious, having a rough idea what had been keeping both Reid and I up all night.

"Erm, Reid, Pogue a little help." Reid looked and he on the floor and smirked his signature smile before offering his hand and pulling me up. Pogue picked up my books and smiled, trying to lighten up the mood.

"Here you go Baby Girl, but please watch where you're going." I couldn't help but grimace at the new nickname I had been given. Since I was now the youngest , I had official become the baby of the group to Tyler's relief, being called Baby Girl by everyone, including Sarah which was becoming very annoying very quickly.

The three of us entered the lunch hall and spotted our friends at our usual table. Reid grabbed both our lunches, which had become habit even though I protested every day that I could pay for my own lunch. Followed by Pogue, we headed towards the table and sat in our usual seats. Sarah giggled before looking at me and asking "Why on earth was Pogue lying on top of you in the middle of the corridor? Everyone is talking about."

"You can't be serious. This is gossip. Me walking into Pogue is fricking gossip, you must be joking."

"Nope," it was Reid how answered. "Since I am not a playa anymore, they don't have much to talk about." With this, the whole table erupted into fits of laughter.

"You did not just say playa," I mumbled between laughs. "And I'm sure people gossiped about more than just you."

"You weren't here long before you two got together," explained Caleb. "I swear to God that there wasn't much worth talking about other than Reid. Everyone wanted to know who his latest girl was, where he had been at the weekend and what had he done. This was all people use to talk about. Why do you think so many girls go to our swim meets."

"Oh please, say no more, Reid has a big enough head without you filling it with more hot air," pleaded Sarah, before bursting into laughter for the third time since we sat down.

"I hate to leave my people without anything to talk about but I have eyes for only one girl now." Reid turned and give me a soft gentle kiss on the lips before pulling back and smirking once again and asking "How cheesy was that?"

"Total and utter cheese, please someone pass me a bag so I can be sick, " joked Pogue.

I sat and picked at my food thinking about whether or not I should tell the guys what had kept me up all night. Reid leaned over and whispered in my ear "just tell them the now and get it over with. I hate seeing you so worried." He kissed me on the cheek and turned back to his food waiting for me to start.

After a couple of minutes I blurted out, "guys I had another dream." This made everyone at our table to go quiet. Recently I had been having these really weird and vivid nightmares. It was something that the guys referred to as Darklings, but it was usually only those who had ascended or were close to it that saw them. But I was a year away from ascending since I had only just turned seventeen so it was worrying that I kept seeing them. This was the third time this month. And the more worrying thing was that it was Chase.

Caleb was the first to break the silence, "Is it still Chase?" Caleb was the one who worried the most as he was the one that had killed my brother and he felt guilty already, and the fact I kept seeing Chase as a Darkling made him feel even guiltier.

"Yeh but this time he spoke."

"What did he say?"

"Something like, 'you stole from me and I want it back.'"

"Reid did you see it."

"No man, I was sleeping but I did hear it though and it sound a bit like Chase but more like he was in pain. We'll need to tell the elders about it. She shouldn't even be seeing the bastard never mind talking to him."

"I'm right here Reid." I protested, "Don't talk about me like I can't hear you. I know your worried but I am sick of being treated like a damn child."

"Sorry babe, I know but I just hate seeing you so scared." He put an arm around me and pulled me close.

"I know you worry, and I'm sorry I shouted. It's just I am so tired and I just want to be able to go to sleep without thinking about what might happen."

"I'll talk to my dad tonight and if they have found anything else out or if we can do anything to stop it." I knew Reid was only trying to help but I highly doubted there would be anything new.

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