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Cassie's POV

As Reid broke all the speed restrictions through town towards my house, I tore off my mask and pulled out all the pins holding back my hair. Caleb was right behind us with Tyler, followed by Pogue. I couldn't say I blamed Caleb for his outburst but it didn't make it hurt any less. I blamed myself for the situation Sarah was in and I had been told about how this had happened before.

But this time would be different. I would make sure Chase could never come back.

Reid skidded to a halt in the drive way, with Caleb and Pogue doing the same seconds after. Reid quickly put his hand under my chin and made me look him in the eyes. "Cassie, don't try to be everywhere at once okay. We have to work as a team."

"I know, just...never mind, we don't have much time."

I moved to jump out the car but Reid was outside my door in a flash and pulled me into a very passionate but very brief kiss. "I love you Cassie Dessen."

Without waiting for a reply, Reid ran up to join the guys and I followed suit, trying to ignore the constrictions of the dress.

I opened the front door quietly and walked inside. "Mum...mum. Are you in? Mum!"

"Lucky for her, she is away on a business trip. Looks like it's just going to be me and...oh the full gang. How lovely." We all went into the living room to be confronted with Chase sitting on the couch with Edward and Sarah tied to the chair across the coffee table. Sarah struggled against the ropes at the sight of us, tears running down her cheeks, missing with the blood from a slash on her cheek."I was going to put her to sleep but she missed such a show last time, shame she'd miss it second time round."

"This is between me and you Chase, let her go."

"Now, Caleb tried that line before and looked how that turned out." Chase stood up and walked round to place a hand on Sarah's shoulder. Suddenly Sarah's back arched as if she was in a great deal of pain. Caleb stormed in front of me, throwing a hand forward and causing Chase to be sent flying backwards. Edward jumped across the table and did the same to Caleb.

"Enough!" Chase was standing grinning from ear to ear. "I'm sure it will be fun to kill you all but being the gentleman I am I will give you a choice. Cassie, all you have to do is will me your powers and all this will go away."

"Bullshit, once you have Cassie's power you'd come back for ours soon enough. And anyway, you aren't really any place to be ordering us about, our outnumbered."

"Not really if you think about it. I have the same amount of power as you five put together. Oh and I have made some friends along the way." Edward, who was now beside Chase, was joined by three other guys. "I won't hassle you with introductions since you guys aren't staying long. Now, Cassie will me your power or say goodbye to lover boy and your friends."

I could feel my power building in the pit of my stomach in response to Chase's threats. Completely ignoring Chase's demands I looked at Edward, "You are awfully quiet, I take it you're his bitch and don't speak unless spoken to. Figures, you were all hi and might when you tried to sleep with me."

"Don't answer her Edward. Cassie, I want an answer now."

I continued to ignore him and took a step towards Edward, "what happened to you, we use to be such good friends. We told each other everything and look at us now."

"Shut the fuck up Cassie and answer my question."

"No, you shut the fuck up you murdering self righteous bastard. Do you know what...go to hell."

With that my eyes turned black and world war three broke out. I went for Chase while Reid went for Edward. Before I could see anything else, I forced Chase through the front garden and onto the grass; I jumped out the window in time for him to stand up to the perfect height for me to give him a good kick in the ribs. I raised my hand and through Chase into the side of the house, the whole time, Chase was laughing. Just as I was about to do it again I was thrown up into the air, suspended forty feet in the air. "You know, you never fail to surprise me. You are pretty strong, stronger than Edward and Caleb. But you'll never be stronger than me. You see, I don't care about the damage I cause, I don't care if I get spotted Using and that is what makes me stronger. Well...that and those who willed me their powers." I felt as if something was constricting round my throat, gradually making it harder and harder to breathe. Instead of paying attention to that, I turned my attention back to my power, focusing on building up as much strength as possibly.

Chase however remained oblivious and continued to talk. "You see, our dad protected you till his last minute. 'Please, I'll do anything, just don't hurt my daughter, she has nothing to do with this.' You see, that's how I got him to do it. I threatened to kill you. So, when you think about it, you killed him, not me." I could feel the tears begin to fall, but my anger and sadness only fuelled my powers. "So, why don't you redeem yourself by sacrificing your powers to save your friends. Oh don't cry, I'm sure they'll write about you." Now he started to laugh and that was when I had enough.

I focused on Chase and all of a sudden I started falling to the floor, managing to Use to allow me to land on my feet. I looked up to see shock written all over Chase's face. This time it was my time to laugh. "You were wrong about two things ass wipe. First of all I NEVER killed MY dad." I sent a power wave in Chase's direction causing him to slam into a nearby tree. "And second, I am so much more powerful than you because I care!" This time I threw him up into the air and slammed him back down against the ground. I walked towards where he lay groaning on the ground, ignoring the twigs and branches tugging at my dress "I care for me friends, I care for my family and that makes me a hell of a lot better than you." I focused on his throat, think of the constricting feeling I had experienced moments before. Within seconds, Chase was grabbing at the grass as if that would help him to breath.

I was focus purely on ending this bastard's life only a familiar voice pulled me back to reality. "Cassie stop! Please Cassie, this is not you." A cold hand grabbed my wrist and another pulled my face to look the owner in the eye. "Cassie stop." I looked into those beautiful eyes and all my anger drained away. I glanced behind me to see an unconscious Chase lying in the grass.

Reid never let me out of his sight, keeping my in his reach until we got back to the dorm. Sarah was very shaken up and I felt guilty and wanted to do whatever I could to help but Caleb had insisted that I get to bed as it had been a long night for all of us and that I could do whatever I wanted in the morning. The Elders had taken Chase and Edward and the other three men into their custody and were going to deal with them how they saw fit. Reid was cover in dust and had the start of a black eye but it was nothing unfamiliar to him. Pogue and Tyler were a little cut up but no one had been significantly hurt. Only time would help my wounds.

As soon as I got into my dorm, I sat on the end of my bed and stared at the floor. "Reid, I almost killed my own brother. I felt pleased at the idea of ending his life, squeezing his last breath right out of him. What if he was right about us being similar?"

"Cassie, don't you ever say that again. He has hurt countless people you care and love. That would make anyone want to kill him. But not anyone could stop. If I had been in your shoes, I might never have stopped. You are a better person than him." I looked up at Reid who was standing infront of me and could see the sincerity of his speech in his eyes.

Reid crouched down on one knee, still keeping eye contact. "You are beautiful and an amazing person, you make me a better person. You look at people and see what is best in them. You care for everyone and you have somehow managed to love me. Tonight taught me that life is to short and brought me too close to losing you, and I don't ever want to be away with you. Cassie Dessen...will you marry me?" I threw myself into Reid's arms and kissed him like my life depended on it. Reid pulled away to allow us to breathe "I'll take that as yes."

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