Chapter 1

"Booth, we're going to be late!" Brennan stood impatiently outside Booth's apartment, she had been waiting for him to let her in for about five minutes. She was wearing a beautiful midnight blue dress which stopped just before it hit the floor, it had a very low back and was showing just enough cleavage without being too revealing. Finally she heard some movement inside, and the door swung open to reveal Booth with a white towel wrapped around his waist his hair and chest still wet from a recent shower.

"Sorry Bones, i'm running a little late" Booth said as he let his partner into his apartment. Brennan walked around Booth and stood by his couch,"wow, Bones you look...well i mean look...just wow" Booth smiled to her.

"we should have left by now Booth, you need to get dressed" she could feel the heat raising to her cheeks as her eyes flicked down to his bare chest, just for a second, but Booth noticed.

Crossing his arms and with a small smirk on his face he asked "are you feeling ok Bones? You look a little flushed..." He took a small step towards her,

"what? no, i mean yes, i mean i'm fine Booth" she stumbled "just please hurry up and get dressed so we can leave", ' and so i don't have to stare at your perfect bone and muscle structure' she thought to herself.

Booth flashed her his charm smile and promised he wouldn't be long, "make yourself at home" he threw over his shoulder as he headed towards his bedroom.

Brennan sighed as she took a seat on his couch and glanced around the room, she hated going to these formal events, but this was a charity ball and knew she should go. Her eyes fell on some of the photographs he had scattered around his apartment, many of them featuring her. She also noticed that he was reading her latest book, the pages suggested that it had been read more than once and she felt a sense of pride that there were signs of her all over his place.

"Ok! I am ready to go" Booth said as he walked towards Brennen, wearing a sleek black suit, black shoes, black tie and crisp white shirt. Of course he was still wearing his 'Cocky' belt buckle.

He offered Brennen his arm as he led her out the door, they walked arm in arm to Booths car, "you really do look beautiful Bones " she blushed at his compliment.

"thank you, and you don't look too bad yourself Booth" she said siling up at him, he grinned back at her.

They arrived at the ball, and walked up the stairs at the entrance into the lobby. Hodgins and Angela were chatting just inside, "Sweetie! you're late, come on it's going to start soon" Angela gushed as she saw Brennen enter. "Hello agent hot stuff!, you look great Booth"

"thanks Angela" Booth gave her a charm smile.

"Ok lets get this over with" Hodgins sighed. The four of them entered the ball room and found Sweets, Cam and Daisy sitting at a table, they quickly grabbed the empty seats at the table and waited for the evening to begin.