Chapter One

"Oh come on!" Adriane yelled as she flew down the steps into the subway station to find the train speeding away. "Dammit to hell!"

Adriane stood by the ledge of the platform and looked at her watch. It was 11 o'clock, which ment the next train would show up in 20 minutes. Adriane groaned and ran her hand through her hair. The beautiful young woman was so caught up in frustration that she almost didn't notice what was going on behind her.

Whispering. Adriane could hear a lot of whispering. And from turning around the slightest bit to see who was responsible for it, Adriane could tell it wasn't good.

Behind Adriane stood a gang of delinquents commonly known as the Purple Dragons, NYC's toughest gang. These guys obviously had a Don't-Mess-With-Us look slapped across their faces as they saw Adriane standing nearby. She quickly wheeled back around to face the train tracks, hoping the punks hadn't seen her looking at them.

Adriane knew she had to get as far away from them as she possibly could, but something inside her told her to stay put. She realized that the voice inside her head was telling her to find out what was going on. From her position a few feet away, Adriane could hear most of the Purple Dragon punks' conversation.

" Hun said. . .meet at the warehouse at the docks. . .to pick up some. . ." one punk whispered.

"What time?" another asked.

"Midnight, dumbass. What'd ya think? We'd just hand out. . .in fuckin' broad daylight?"

"Shit, I think somebody just settin' us up. . . so we can get locked up."

"Shut up and stop talkin' out your ass, Tony. I got this intel straight from Hun. You really think he's gonna set us up?"

"And its not like. . .All the other. . .are gonna be there."

". . .Are you sure?"

"Piss off."

Adriane had heard enough. Obviously, something big was going down at one of the dock's warehouses, the usual playground for Purple Dragon punks like these. But what? From what she had heard, Adriane figured they were handing out some type of weapons of something.

Go Figure. They're gang bangers.

Minutes later the train pulled up and Adriane and the Purple Dragons got on. The car was empty, so Adriane thankfully sat on the opposite side of the train AWAY from the gang bangers. She knew that if maybe she got some information about what the Purple Dragons were up to, she could hand them over the police and get some kind of reward of something. And being Adriane, her number one priority was NOT to loose her apartment, which required some money.

When the train pulled up to the next stop, Adriane calmly got off and boarded another empty car. She stayed low and well hidden, hoping the Purple Dragon punks in the next car wouldn't know she was tailing them. The train screeched to a stop at the dock platform and the P.D. (Purple Dragon) punks got off. Adriane waited until they were a good deal away from the station to follow, staying in the shadows of course. Looking ahead, Adriane could see several other P.D. gangs heading toward the same warehouse, one that had probably been there for more than thirty years.

Why do they always pick the old ones? Ariane thought to herself.

Adriane could feel her heart pounding as she slipped into the warehouse close behind the gang bangers. Hiding behind a pile of crates, she let out a sigh of relief as the doors to the warehouse were pulled closed and locked. The chatter echoing throughout the warehouse came quickly to an end as a man stepped into the center of the room. A huge man.

Huge not as in fat, but huge as in tons of muscle. The guy's arms were as big around as tree trunks, as were his legs and torso. He woreblack pants, shoes, and a sleeveless shirt that showed the Purple Dragon tatoo on his right bicep. His head was about the size of a phone book, with cold black eyes and thin lips, and his long blond hair was braided and fell over his right shoulder.

This guy was obviously Hun, the supreme leader of the Purple Dragons.

"My brothers, thank you for coming tonight." Hun boomed so everyone in the room could hear. "Let me just say that you won't regret attending this meeting. Let's cut to the chase, shall we? I've called you all here tonight for a business proposition. This propositon is simply: in return for your services to the Purple Dragon brotherhood, you will be rewarded. . ." Something in Hun's eyes flashed. "Greatly."

Adriane shivered. This was getting weird.

Hun snapped his gigantic fingers and two P.D. punks pried the lid off a crate and handed him what was inside. Everyone gasped.

In Hun's hands was a huge gun the side of a bar stool. But this gun was different. Instead of a barrel where a bullet would come out were two metal prongs about the same length. The rest of the gun seemed normal, with its smooth shining steel handed and trigger and all, except for its enormous size.

"A demonstration, my brothers." Hun said and aimed at a helpless Purple Dragon punk. Pulling the trigger, the two prongs at the front of the gun came together, sparking a blue light. The prongs separated and a bolt of blue lightning was released, zapping the punk and throwing him into the warehouse wall. The warehouse exploded with cheering at Hun held up a hand to silence the crowd.

"As promised, lifetime service is needed to gain possesion of this magnificent weapon. If you would all form an orderly line, each of you will have one within the hour." Hun snapped his fingers again and many of the helper punks began picking up crates and taking them to Hun. Other P.D.s formed a line before their leader, excited to get their hands on a weapon.

Only then did the thought hit Adriane. The wall of crates she was hiding behind contained weapons, and if enough were taken away, she would be exposed to the hundreds of dangerous criminals filling the warehouse.

"Shit," she hissed under her breath and desperatly searched for a new hinding place. Luckily, Adriane spotted an open crate and dove into it, taking cover. But soon enough, she felt herself being lifted and carried over to Hun.