Chapter 1


I looked up with wide eyes, my best friend Hailey starring down at me. I gave her an innocent glance.

"Are you listening to me?"

I nodded 'yes', but obviously, I was no where near listening or paying attention to her. I was too absorbed in my own little world.

"Really now?" She lifted her eyebrow in amusement. "What was I just saying?"

My cheeks burned slightly. "Did I mention I love your n-new shoes?" I stuttered and scratched the back of my neck.

"Did I mention you're a horrible liar?" She gave me a quick glare, but that quickly turned into a joking smile.

We were both lounging carelessly in my bedroom on a decent Saturday afternoon. The sun was out, the birds were chirping and I could hear my neighbor's playing basketball on their driveway.

"AH OH MY GOD IT'S TIME!" She squealed and ran over to the radio, cranking up the radio to full blast.

"Josh Hutchersons' and Chris Massoglias' new movie 'Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant' hits theaters next Friday! And Radio kiss is sending two very lucky fans to a meet and greet and an exclusive screening with the films stars in Los Angeles, California! All you have to do is call 1291-1271 and be caller 14 oh, and of course, answer a few questions so we can make sure you're qualified!"

Obviously without thinking, Hailey pulled out her cell phone and dialed the Radio Stations number. She looked at me expectantly.

"Hailey, do you honestly think you would be lucky caller number 14? I mean, there has to be at least two hundred people calling to do this stupid shi-"

"HELLO LUCKY NUMBER 14! Please state your name and age!" The radio blared.

Hailey screamed.

Oh My Gosh. She's lucky number fourteen?

"Hailey DiFrancesco and I'm sixteen year's old!" She squeaked.

"Well hello Hailey! Are you prepared to answer a few question's to win the chance to go to a Los Angeles Premiere!?"

"YES!" She screamed.

I stared at her in awe. No way was she going to get the answers right. I mean, it was Hailey…beautiful and all, but not exactly 'quick thinking' material.

"Ready? Question number one: Besides from Chris Massoglia and Josh Hutcherson, who else is the film starring?"

"John C. Reilly who plays Larten Crepsley" She said quickly.

There was a quiet second before the announcer blared 'CORRECT. Question number two: Describe the main characters."

"Darren Shan – sorta like a good boy, perfect son kinda person. Steve is the more rebellious one, skipping class, getting in trouble and that kinda stuff" She said calmly. I think the adrenaline was wearing off at this point.

"Nice response. Last question: This movie is based off the popular book series Cirque du Freak, name the author of these books and the first three books in the saga"

Hailey stalled and looked towards me, panic in her eyes. "I don't know this!" She mouthed to me.

I signed and walked over to the phone. "The author is Darren Shan and the first three books are Cirque du Freak, The Vampire's Assistant, and Tunnels of Blood"


I've never heard Hailey yell so loud.

The radio announcer played a song from a popular band, but was quickly exchanging information with Hailey.

I was in my own little world once again at this point. We were going to Los Angeles, California. Was this real life? Or was I just dreaming? I mean, yeah I love the book series, but the movie doesn't seem to live up to its potential. The film's stars were cute, I guess, but I wasn't interested in the movie. I was interested in LOS ANGELES!

I didn't even notice Hailey was off the phone until I saw her dancing randomly in the middle of my room singing a tune under her breath.

"Um, Hails?" I asked cautiously. She nodded in my direction, nibbling on her bottom lip.

"You alright?"

"WE'RE GOING TO LOS AN-GE-LES!" She began to sing a random song and pulled me off the bed. Soon, we were both doing our own random dance moves and celebrating the 'win'.

"Wow, you guys are such losers" I heard a voice say from behind me. I momentarily paused and turned towards my bedroom door, which had my obnoxious older brother leaning against it.

"What do you want Jason?" I asked and rolled my eyes.

"Just wanted to know what the whole commotion was" He said and shrugged, staring at a still dancing Hailey. Jason Morrison was my older brother of exactly two minutes. Yup, we were twins but complete opposites. While Jason was the athletic, party kinda guy, I was the behind the scenes don't give a shit kinda girl.

"We just won a trip to go see the Vampire's Assistant Premiere in Los Angeles courtesy of Radio Kiss" I smirked.

I saw his eyes widened before he yelled out an angry scoff and yelled "MOM, COME HERE RIGHT NOW!"

A few minutes later my mom appeared in front of the door, an apron wrapped around her thin waist and flour painted on her shirt. Caroline Morrison was my dearest mother. A frail, gentile woman with light blonde hair and nice blue eyes, which my brother inherited why I got my dad's dark roots and dark green eyes. We were a weird family.

"What is with all the yelling? I would think someone was dying" She cocked her head to the side and put her hands on her hips.

Hailey finally let out a squeak before she stopped dancing and stood beside me, bouncing with excitement. In a rush, she explained what happened.

"Wow! That's amazing!" My mom gasped. My mom was one of those cool, 'trying to be hip' moms. She tried to fit in with my friends, and it was embarrassing, but other than that she was one of the best mums out there.

"I am going to have to speak to the, erm, hosts of this event and know the full details and everything" She said evenly.

I opened my mouth to speak but Hailey beat me to it "Of course Mrs. Morrison! Here's the number" – she handed my mom a piece of paper, when the hell did she write that down? – "that's the number to the contest's head people or something" she squinted. "give it a call"

My mom left the room and Hailey began jumping up and down.

"OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! I'VE GOT TO GO HOME AND PACK! I'll call you later!"

"WAIT! When are we supposed to be leaving?" I asked.

"TOMORROW EVENING!" And with that, she was gone.