This is an AU crossover between Disney's Recess and Digimon set in Japan.

It is rated T for now but be warned it will be rated M later.

I'm having a hard time trying to find a place for this story. It spent the longest amount of time in the Recess category. Long story short I can't get readers there. Too much shipping.

. The only pairs will be the ones between the Digimon characters based on the cartoon. By the way I'm using the first two seasons of Digimon.

This story is set before Ash's replacement and Seven months before Souls of Chaos: the new members. Both of those stories are in the same universe. Although the stories are mostly unrelated, there are some of the same characters.




T.J. was about to step out of a bathroom stall, when he heard the sound of fist hitting flesh. Suddenly, he heard someone stumbling and a body smacking against a wall. He peered between the door and frame. In front of the stalls near the sinks there were two boys fighting.

One was a boy he knew from the lunchroom named Ken. Ken was supposed to be a genius; he was in the advance class with TJ's friend, Gretchen.

The other boy looked half-Chinese and about the same age and height as Ken but with a much stronger build. He liked to wear black tee shirts and was obviously an American.

The two of them had been arguing and fighting since the half-Chinese boy joined the school nearly two weeks ago. T.J. wondered why they had been placed in the same class. He didn't think the new kid was that smart.

Oddly neither T.J. nor his friends had figured out what the two have been fighting over. As soon as he stepped out of the stall, they stopped talking.

"I don't know why they do that. I couldn't tell what they were talking about anyway. I wonder if they stop talking whenever they realize someone is there, or do they just do this to me? "

T.J. didn't know what they were talking about; most of what he heard was a few scattered comments. When he went to wash his hands they started talking again.

"You're sick. How could you-"

"You just don't get it, but you will soon."

"Go to hell little fucker"

The brutish half-Chinese boy cursed like a sailor. TJ quickly dodged a few stray kicks and punches then ran out into the hall.

He wanted to get as far away from the fight as possible before Miss Finster heard the noise or Randall strolled in to the bathroom and saw all the blood on the floor. T.J had been interrogated before about one of their fights. This wasn't something he wanted to do again.

He entered the six-grade science class just as the bell rang. In class sat four of his closest friends along with one of the Ashley's. Well there were really two Ashley's in the room, but one refused to be called by her first name.

"Hey Gus, hey Mikey." He high fived both of them and greeted his two other friends.

As soon as he sat down, Principal Prickly, Miss Finster and Randall ran past the classroom door with the school nurse trailing them. Half the class jumped up and rushed to the door. The teacher parted the students at the door and called to the ones standing the hall.

"Come back in here! Whatever's going on out there, they can handle it without your help." She said. Davis, TK and Lawson slowly walked in.

"T.J., did you see anything strange on your way over here?" Asked Vince.

T.J. hesitated for a moment. " Yeah…that new kid and Ken Ichijoji were beating the crap out of each other in the bathroom again."

"I wonder what the hell that new kid's problem is?" Asked Spinelli

"I don't know; I never can understand what they're saying. I'm starting to think that they don't want anyone to understand them."

"Well at least Randall and Miss Finster don't have the time to pay any attention to us anymore." Said Gus.

The science teachers kept looking out the door ever few minutes. After a while she made an excuse to leave the class. Just like the rest of the classroom, she wanted to know what was going on.

For the past week, just about every kid on the playground had the freedom to do whatever they wanted. The teachers were too busy watching Ken and the new kid or doing the paper work for their fights.

Strangely, Randall had ditched his job as a snitch for Finster and stated sticking to Ken like glue. Randalls' reason for hanging around the boy genius, could be that the relationship was improving his spying skills. It appeared that Ken was giving Randall spying tips in exchange for persuading Miss Finster that Ken was the victim in all the fights.

T.J. and Gretchen thought that his enhanced skills would be a problem when the new kid was suspended and the teacher's attention was back on them. They weren't the only ones who had a problem with the relationship. Gretchen said the new kid hated Randall for hanging around with Ken.

When T.J. and his friends got on the playground they decided to put an end to this relationship.

"Have you actually talked to him?" Asked TJ.

"Yes." Said Gretchen

"He really hates Randall? Do you think he's going to beat him up? Did the new kid say he was going to do something to him?" Asked T.J.

"No, he knows Randall is too important to attack like that. He doesn't really want to get expelled." Said Gretchen.

TJ tilted his head in confusion. It was inevitable that the new kid would get expelled soon. Vince and Mikey were excited to hear what she could tell them next.

Gretchen rolled her eyes. "I know… it sounds stupid, he should know he will get expelled after a while. Anyway the Ken-Randall relationship could be a problem after he's gone. So the way I see it we have two options. Break up the Randall and Ken or keep the half Chinese kid from being suspended."

"Let's just break them up. I really don't like the new kid enough to save him." Said Spinelli.

TJ pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket and unfolded it. "I'm glad someone else was thinking the same thing I was. I made a list of reasons why Ken wouldn't want Randall around him. And over here's a list of things that could be-"

"Engineered to break them up." Gretchen finished his sentence while pointing to an item on the page.

Vince, Mikey, Spinelli and Gus stood behind them studying the paper.

"TJ, when did you make this?" Asked Vince

"Awhile ago, why?"

"Cause some of your plans are pretty complicated. You must have really been thinking about this I know plan B and D won't work. And plan E will send one of us to jail." Said Spinelli

TJ looked over his shoulder at her. He didn't expect to see the new kid standing right behind Gus. He briefly wondered why Gus didn't know someone was behind him before yelling.

"Hey, what are you doing sneaking up behind my friends like that?"

He leaned against the ladder attached to school playground's large play set, old rusty.

"I'm not trying to offend. But I want to tell you that I don't think any of you can match Randalls' intellect now that he's been handing with the freak boy. Your plans won't work because, Randall would do anything to please Ken in exchange for his advice and Ken knows that. So any attempt to sabotage their relationship will let Ken know it isn't his fault."

"Well it's your fault Randall is hanging with Ken in the first place. And that's bad for everybody." Yelled Vince.

The new kid couldn't come up with a reasonable reply to that. "Do what you have to do about Randall, but stay out of anything that has to do with Ken." He walked off towards the volleyball sets.

One of King Mario's guards crept around the corner of the play set and followed the new kid. TJ and his friends saw it and decided to relocate near the Diggers and follow plan G.

Spinelli walked across the playground to a large tire heap. She climbed up the heap and punched at some of the tires. After a few munities, she started yelling.

"Come out; I need to talk."

"What's the password?" Replied a voice distorted by a speaker.

"The password is I'll punch you in the mouth if you don't let me in."

"Spinelli, you know we have a security system."

She glanced around, spotted robotically modified tire and decided to try to get in another way. "I know some stuff about the new kid I could tell you about or I could just keep it to myself…"

The big tractor tire at the top of the pile really was a reinforced steel door. After a few second Spinelli heard the mechanical whizzing and dived in head first. She landed with a thud in the lavish pink interior of the Ashley's clubhouse.

Ashley A. followed by Ashley B. Strolled over to her. "You better have some good gossip for us. We normally don't let anyone in for something like this."

"Um…well I wanted to tell you that he hates Randall."

"We know that already." Yelled Ashley A.

Spinelli braced herself on the table to stand up.

"He doesn't want anything to get in to his fight with Ken. Also he says he doesn't want to get expelled."

"That's not…Wait did you actually talk to him?" Asked Ashley A.

Spinelli looked at the four girls. She decided not to lie. "No it was Gretchen."

"You're information is garbage. If you want something from us, next time send her!" said Ashley B., disgusted.

Ashley T. and Q. were ready to throw Spinelli out. She backed away from them while looking for something to grab on to.

"No guys listen; I'm here to give you an offer not ask you for anything. As you know Randall's getting smarter. He's Miss Finster's pet, she has told him to follow Ken and the new kid around.

Cause of this, we've been able to do whatever we want cause Finster's attention ain't on us. But all that will change when this new kid gets suspended or expelled."

Ashley A. tapped her foot on the fine dark pink carpet. "So?"

"So? Randall's not just Miss Finster's pet anymore; Ken's been giving him tips on spying. He's Kens pet and spy now!"

"So what, Ken's not a threat; he's dreamy and smart. I've never seen him do anything bad; he's not going to harm anyone."

Spinelli shouted, "He's making Randall smarter. That's not good! Do you know what he'll do when he's not doing special duty for Finster? He'll come after us. He could even find a way to get rid of your club now that he's trickier and smarter."

"That's preposter-"

Ashley Q. grabbed her arm."Wait, Ashley A. She does have a point."

The four girls huddled in a corner of the club house for three minutes. Ashley A. stepped forward from the group toward Spinelli, while the other girls stood off to the side whispering to each other.

"What are you planning on doing about it?"

Spinelli flopped down in one of the Ashleys' low comfy chairs. "TJ has a plan. Only two of you would have to help; But it has to be the bravest of you…"

The Ashleys looked at each other with hesitation, doubt and fear.

Spinelli wandered up to Vince shortly before recess was over. She gave him the thumbs up; now it was his turn to make a vital deal.

In class, he pretended to be sick so he could go to the nurse's office. The waiting room for the nurse's office happened to be the same one for going to Principal Pricklys'. This meant he would have a chance to talk to Menlo.

Vince was upset with his mission. He thought it would make more sense for TJ to talk to Menlo. But Vince walked over to his desk anyway. "Hey….how's it going?"

Menlo took off his glasses and cleaned them with his white button down shirt. "You want something from me, don't you?"

"When have I ever asked you for anything?" Vince said confidently.

"Oh a few times, I hope you know there will be a price. But, I want to know what you want first."

"Files…a report on a fight." Vince asked nervously.

"That's classified, classified is extra." He got up and began looking in the filing cabinets "Is this something old or new?" Menlo ask while fingering through some folders.

Vince looked around the waiting room to make sure no one else was listening to his next words. "I 'm looking for something on Ichijoji in the advanced class"

"Yes, I know who you're looking for. I just added something to his folder. Something like this is going to cost you all the pizza you get at lunch for a month."

"Menlo, that's too high."

He put the folder back "A price is a price."

Vince folded his arms. "This is extortion, I'm not even asking you for the other kids' folder."

"Hey it's not me who's trying to take a look in Miss Lemon's files. What are you looking for in his file anyway?"

"I just wanted to know whose getting blamed for the fights he's been in."

Menlo pulled out a few papers and put them on his desk. Not all of them were from Ken's folder. "Let me guess; you're wondering why he hasn't been suspended."


"Simple, he's a child prodigy. Why would they suspend him and risk unwanted attention. Heck, Ken has even been seen on the news before."

Vince frowned. "Not him, the new Chinese looking kid."

Menlo looked equally confused, and then his expression cleared up. He hesitated then uttered something in a mumble.

"What?" ask Vince a little too loudly

Menlo whispered "I guess you didn't know but, in all the records the fights were pinned on Ken."

Just then, the nurse opened her door and yelled. "Vince LaSalle!"

He flinched "I have to go."

"You still owe me!" shouted Menlo.

"yeah, yeah; you'll get your pizza!" yelled Vince.

Sorry if this chapter was too slow the story needs to build through a few chapters. It won't be as good if this plot gets rushed.