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Please Don't Wake Me Now

Chapter One

The danger-room simulation faded away around them, going from full life colour to 3D blue print to nothing.

Logan looked at the cheeky grin in Marie's face and he knew for sure that he wasn't going to get out of some little comment from her.

"Storm is so going to kill you Logan," she said softly, low enough for only his own sensitive hearing to pick up.

Yeah, he knew the weather witch was going to be far from happy with him but then that wasn't really something new. She was always annoyed with him over something but when it came to her precious danger room sessions it was a whole new ball game.

But he wasn't about to let it go on for any longer than it had too he was already annoyed over the Colossus thing.

After they had first discovered that Marie could channel power from Phoenix and use it to block her powers they had also discovered that it drained her. She could only do so for about two minutes every day without any serious side effects – like needing to sleep for twenty four hours. And because of the stupid 'training session' and Colossus touching her to extend his mutation around her about forty-five seconds of those two minutes was gone.

If Storm allowed her to use Magneto there would be no problem – but no. She was only allowed to use her absorbed mutations during separate session. STUPID!

"What the hell was that?" Storm ground out and Logan rolled his eyes to the ceiling as they walked through the silver doors form the danger-room.

"Danger room session," he told her helpfully.

He knew that she was getting more wound up with each passing minute but she really made it too easy.

"You know what I mean," she snapped in irritation.

"Oh, lighten up Storm will ya," he told her waiting for the fireworks to start.

"You can't change the ruled whenever you feel like it Logan. I'm trying to teach them something,"

"Well I taught them something," he added cheekily.

"It was a defensive exercise,"

"Yeah," he agreed nodding his head to her back.

"And the best defence is a good offence," he paused knowing that she was going to get annoyed when he started to act 'smart'.

"Or is it the other way around,"

Storm spun round angrily.

"This isn't a game, Logan," she told him coldly.

"Yeah, you could have fooled me," he told her dryly, quickly looking over her shoulder to wink at Marie as she walked past. She smiled but continued walking.

"Told you, I'll see you in pieces Logan," she mumbled under her breath and Logan fought to keep the smile of his lips but didn't quite succeed and only angered Storm more.

She breathed deeply and went to speak again but Logan cut her off. The only reason he had done the damn session was because Marie had asked him to be 'nicer' to Scott. So when the boy scout had asked him to cover the class he had grudgingly agreed.

"Hey, Storm, I'm just a sub. You only had to put up with me this one time. Any more problem, you can talk to Scott," he told her firmly before walking away.

The problem with most of the people in the building was they didn't realise just how much of him was pure animal instinct and that instinct did not take kindly to be lectured to or seeing it mate in danger – pretend or otherwise.

He stalked a little along the corridor and took up sentry at the door to the room that had been allocated as the girl's locker room as he waited for Marie. His whole grand exit from Storm was ruined as she had to use the same room and ended up walking past him with a faint smirk on her lips.

Damn it.

He waited impatiently for Marie to come out and rolled his eyes when the little Kitty girl came out and started giggling when she saw him before she walked towards the lift.

A few minutes later after he had heard the elevator return back to the underground level Marie came walking from the room.

She had changed ever so slightly in the five months since her return from the dead.

Her hair had grown longer – longer than was possible – and now fell too nearly past her hips. She had also become curvier after putting on some much needed weight.

She walked up to him and grabbed his bare hands with her own gloved ones and began turning them over before dropping them and grabbing him by the shoulders and spinning him around.

"Uhhh what you doin' darlin'?" he asked in utter confusion when he was once again facing the right direction.

She smiled up at him mischievously.

"Just making sure everything is still attached, I thought Storm was going to kill you," she whispered before grabbing his hand and dragging him towards the elevator.

"What were you thinking anyway? You should have known better than to mess about when she's trying to train us," she told him as they stepped into the elevator.

He shrugged his shoulders. He couldn't very well tell her the real, childish reason behind him wanting the class to end quickly could he.

She just rolled her eyes at him and sighed that little sigh if hers and dragged him from the elevator.

"Why did I have to cover the damn class anyway?" he grumbled as he let her lead him towards the kitchen.

She always tried to avoid places where lots of the student gathered. Since her resurrection many of the children within the school did not feel comfortable around her – 'not that they ever sis to begin with' she had mumbled one night – so she helped them by avoiding them as best she could.

They walked into the deserted kitchen – it being 9am and all the kids making a beeline for their respective classes – and Marie dropped his hand as she headed for the counter and began pulling stuff out if cupboards.

"Because he hasn't been sleeping too well lately and he needed a few extra hours in bed, that's why," she told him as she busied herself with various spreads.

"What's he got to keep him awake all night?" he grumbled under his breath as he fell onto a wooden chair and leaned on the table.

Logan thought over the many nights of no sleep that he and Marie had suffered from over the past months. Though – according to the professor – Marie's nightmares had settled down somewhat over the time he had been away she now had something new to add to the mix, like DYING.

He had lost count of the number of times she had woken up gasping for air, or thinking that her lungs were filling with water, or the feeling that she was flying apart.

While his own nightmares focused around finding her lifeless on the Statue of Liberty or replaying losing her at the lake – fighting to get free of the plane but being trapped.

He came back from his thought when Marie came towards him carrying a plate and a mug and wearing a beaming smile across her face.

She placed the mug in front of him and he could smell the glorious aroma if black coffee.

That was his Marie. It was the little things like that that warmed him through. He could never remember anyone doing anything for him before, ever caring for him. Yet, she always did small things like that.

She perched happily and naturally on his knee while she chewed on her toast and his hand automatically went to her hip. It had amazed him how easily they had fallen into their relationship after they had spoken if their feelings. True, they had never exactly been reserved when it came to contact especially after sharing a room and a bed for as long as they had but there touches had become different somehow. Longer.

In fact Logan was sure that it had been the shift in their relationship that had prompted the change in treatment form Storm. Sure she was fine with him sharing a room with Marie when he was helping her with his nightmares but heaven forbid he share a room with her, while helping her with her nightmare, while also being 'involved with her'. They had had quite a spirited conversation (as the professor put it) about how 'inappropriate' it was.

Once again Logan had found that people were more than willing to jump to the worse conclusions possible about him and it was getting annoying. Just because they had both told each other how they felt didn't mean he was going to push her into something she wasn't ready for. Damn it, she was just getting used to being alive again.

And then (of course) the idea that Marie was able to touch now had opened a whole new can of worms. When the weather witch had found that out Logan was sure that a vein was going to pop in the side of her head or something. Well, now that Marie could touch he most definitely couldn't be trusted with her.

She had quickly calmed down though after being told that Marie couldn't hold back her skin for more than a few minutes – in fact she had been very happy about that little point.

He glanced up at Marie when he felt her place her hand on his shoulder and saw her looking at him with some concern.

"You OK Logan?"

He nodded his head in reply and pulled her closer to him until her back was against his chest.

"Just perfect darlin',"

Scott rolled over and nearly fell out of his bed, only just catching himself so that he landed in more of a half crouch half...heap than a full heap.

He checked his glasses out if habit before opening his eyes.

He stood up groggily and ran a hand through his hair yawning loudly and widely.

He didn't know how Logan and Rogue coped with so many sleepless nights. He had only had a few and it was starting to drive him crazy. But at least last night was the last of them and he could tell Storm that she had no reason to be worried.

Yes, the calm, unshakeably Ororo Munroe had had him - Scott Summers - spying on the mansions newest couple.

Not to the point of looking through their key hole but when they were around the mansion and also when they both decided to watch TV in the middle of the night thanks to a nightmare from one – or both – of them.

Last night they had both ended up in the rec-room and Scott (who hadn't actually woken up until they had been downstairs for about half an hour from what he could gather)) observed them through the gap in the door that hadn't been shut properly.

He had to admit that the Wolverine never ceased to amaze him with the way that he treated the young girl. He was so gentle and caring and just so un-logany that it was almost scary.

He had looked though the gap to see Rogue curled into his chest playing with the buttons on his shirt while they both watched a film.

He quickly recognised the new Alice in Wonderland and could not stop the slight twinge in his chest when he remembered that Rogue had been 'dead' when they had taken a bunch of the kids to the movies to see it all those months ago.

He glanced at the television in time to see that little mouse jam its sword into the strange cat/dog things eye and whip it from the socket and stuff it into a bag.

"Hm what would happen if someone did that to you, Logan?" Rogue's sleepy voice had came from Logan's chest and for the first time Scott noticed that the other man was wearing gloves and had been stroking the girl's hair.

"Did what?" he asked softly and Scott was once again stricken by how different his manners where when around the young girl.

"Poked your eye out," she supplied helpfully.

Logan just shrugged and Scott couldn't help but find the question interesting.

"Would it just grow back?" she asked sitting up a bit and turning around to face him. Scott could see how tired she looked and yet she hid it well when it came to classes.

"I don't know," Logan shrugged again.

"Want to see?"

With that one claw came shooting from his fist with metallic hiss and Marie squealed.

"Ewwww NO Logan," she told him.

She could obviously see something in his face that Scott couldn't from his place by the door because a small smile came to her face and she swatted at his chest with one gloved hand as she let out a breathy laugh and Logan let out a deep chuckle.

"Don't do that to me again Logan," she hissed at him, swatting his chest one more time – apparently for good measure before settling back down again.

"But your face was a picture baby," Logan chuckled and Rogue replied with something that Scott couldn't hear.

Scott had left his place by the door not long after that more than ready to stake his life on the fact that Storm had nothing to worry about the relationship between the resident Wolverine and Rogue. But before he could tell her that he had to try and concentrate on seeing straight and finding his clothes.

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