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Chapter 18

Marie's Point of View

Things had once again settled into a comfortable routine at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. The mansion was still empty except for the teachers and the pupils who could not return home. Marie loved the atmosphere that this encouraged. She loved the mansion when there was only a few of them, they were like a big family, most of them showing up for breakfast at the same time every morning and the kitchen was always filled with bustling bodies – little and large. But there wasn't the swamp of people that came from having the mansion full of students.

Oh she loved the mansion when it was filled to the brim too but there was no denying that the students were very noisy and sometimes too boisterous and her over sensitive senses couldn't help but scream for silence on some days. She had no idea how Logan had managed to live like that for so long.

But she knew that the makeshift family atmosphere wouldn't last all that longer and that the rest of the students were due to return in a few days, some of them arriving even earlier depending on their travel arrangements. For this reason everyone was busier than usual around the grounds and building. The Professor, Ororo and Scott were busy with making up their class schedules, juggling time and subjects to try and make allowances for the extra students that were joining the school that year. Thank fully they had gained an extra teacher in Warren who had decided to stay on at the mansion and help for a time. While Logan, the ever diligent teacher that he was could be found in the garage most days tinkering with Scott's bike.

Which was exactly where he was today, with Marie watched from where she sat cross legged on the shiny bonnet of one of the mansions many cars.

She was giggling herself silly as she watched Logan stick his thumb needlessly in his mouth for the fourth time in a row after catching it on the same spot.

"Maybe I was right, maybe he does never learn," Erik commented dryly in her mind, only to earn a growl from her inner Logan.

Be nice now Erik, she giggled, watching as Logan thumped the metal body of the bike, putting several dents into the softer-than-adamantium material.

"Ohhh, I'm telling Scott," she geared, singing the words from her vantage point, unable to stop the laughter that came from her as Logan scowled at the machine like it was Magneto incarnate.

"I take offence at that comment," Erik cried at her, affronted.

Logan eyes flew from the offending bike and landed on her.

She stuck her tongue out at him playfully, not caring that the scowl he was giving him would have sent anyone else running in fear before unfolding herself from the car bonnet and leaping to the ground. She gave him one quick mischievous glance before shooting towards the mansion.

Logan's Point of View

Logan watched as Marie took off, giggling all the way. He was glad to see her so happy, since what had happened at Alcatraz she had been very quiet and slightly withdrawn but she was getting back to being herself gradually and he felt a weight lift from him with each passing day, with each smile she gave him.

He slowly stood up, frowning at the bike that had been refusing to cooperate and rubbed most of the grease and oil from his hand with a bit of rag.

He couldn't care less if Marie told One-Eye about the dent in his bike that looked suspiciously like the imprint of Logan's knuckles. But she was happy and he knew that it would make her even happier if he chased after her so he played along breaking into a run and going after his girl.

She hadn't made it very far – maybe doubting whither he would come after her or not – and didn't seem to be in too much of a rush either. That is, until she turned around.

A very girlish squeak reached his ears as she turned back to face the right way and began to run.

He laughed at her reaction. They both knew that she couldn't out run him even if she tried. He let her gain ground until they were nearer the front door of the mansion and then with one burst of speed easily caught up with her just as she dashed into the hall of the mansion.

She shrieked with laughter as he easily grabbed her firmly but gently by the arm and swung her around and into his arms, spinning her around as she giggled and laughed her head thrown back happily.

He slowed them down and carefully placed Marie back on the floor, his arms around her waist.

"Didn't anyone ever tell you not to tell tales Marie?" he growled playfully at her.

"Tell tales about what?" they both looked towards the stairs to see Scott standing there, his arms folded across his chest, frowning at their behaviour.

Marie's Point of View

Marie had never felt so ridiculously, happily, stupidly silly in her entire life, for this moment in time she had no problems. She felt so light she expected her body to float to the ceiling any mintue. And as she stood in the hall, Logan arms around her and looking at the ever so serious, frowning Scott she couldn't hold it back.

It started out as a little sniffled giggle and then grew until she was holding onto Logan for support to stop herself from falling down.

It was just so funny. Scott was standing there so serious and disapproving and his bike was out in the garage with a Logan's fist sized dent in it. It…it was just hilarious. Plain and simple.

"She's gone crazy," she heard Scott huff and his footsteps get further away.

Her laughter finally slowed down until she was slumped against Logan's body, her forehead resting against his chest and tears of mirth drying on her face.

She looked up at Logan who gazed down at her, a slight frown on his face, creasing his forehead between his eyes in a way she couldn't help but find cute.

"Are you going to tell me what was so funny Marie?" he asked.

She shook her head slowly and smiled softly, feeling the lightest and happiest she had felt in days.

She reached up and stroked his cheek with one green silk glad hand.

"Nothing at all sugar, absolutely nothing,"


Logan's Point of View

Logan stretched, feeling the pressure in the base of his spine and hearing the satisfying pop his back made as he straightened up. Marie had already gone up to their room to have a shower and get ready for bed so he turned off the rec room television and headed for the kitchen when he felt that little unsettling, tingly feeling at the back of his mind and the professor's voice sounded in his head.

He really hated it when he did that.

"Logan, would you please come to my office. I have something to discuss with you,"

Logan grumbled back a mental reply, mumbling something about wheels, metal helmets and bald guys. He took one more gulp of beer before binning the bottle and making his way from the kitchen to Xavier's office.

It was still light outside despite it coming up to midnight thanks to the long summer nights and the usual dimmed night lights that came on in all the halls had not yet been triggered by the sensors.

He walked into the office, seeing no point in announcing his arrival since the professor had sent for him after all and he was probably already aware of him standing at the door.

"What can I do for you Wheels?" He asked, wanting whatever this was over and done with.

He couldn't be getting a lecture about swearing in front of the students since they hadn't even arrived yet and the ones that had remained through the summer knew to stay away from him.

The professor just gave him that long suffering look that he seemed to have perfected where Logan was concerned during his stay.

"I thought you may wish to know that we have a new student staying with us," Xavier leaned forward slightly, his hands clasped on the desk before him.

And why would I want to know this? There's going to be a whole building filled with them come tomorrow night.

Logan gave the other man a look that said "Yeesssss? And what does this have to do with me?"

"Jimmy," the professor announced.

Logan just kept the look on his face, having no idea where this conversation was going and thinking that Xavier had finally cracked. The end of the world hadn't been enough to do it, but the beginning of the new term was. Poetic justice?


Was this supposed to mean something to him because Logan had the feeling that they weren't both on the same page at all.

"The boy from Alcatraz, Logan,"

So that was the kid's name.

Logan nodded his head and waited for the professor to continue.

"Why do I need to know this Wheels? I don't have anything to do with the new students,"

Logan was confused. But at least he wasn't getting the 'mind your language' speech or the riot act read to him.

"Jimmy is a walking mutant suppresser, being within 15 feet of him is enough for his gift to work on a person. Since during his time on Alcatraz he was used to being alone he is a little apprehensive about sharing living space with several other boys and he is nervous about how he will be viewed because of his mutation. Considering this I have placed him in the spare room next to yours and Rogue's,"

Logan stood silently for a few minutes and he had no doubt that the professor could probably see the gears moving in his mind.

The kid was a walking, talking, breathing temporary cure. And he was sleeping in the room next to theirs...

He needed to get to Marie but he forced himself to pay attention as the professor continued to speak.

"Now, Jimmy's mutation was tested - through the cure - on every known mutation and was found to work, except on those with a healing mutation. As his mutation is regestered as a threat the healing nutralises his gift before it is given time to taken effect,"

Well that was good, atelast he wasnt going to die of metal poison.

But Marie had his healing in her now. Would that mean he would be immune too.

The professor looked at him closely, that look that made Logan feel as if he was seeing into his mind.

"For someone like Rogue, who has various mutations within her - each seperat from the other - Jummy's ability would only work with her dominant gift,"

Her skin.

"As Rogue can access each mutation at her will if she wanted Jimmy's gift to affect another mutation she wuouls have to be knowignly ccessing at the time - otherwise it would just remain dorment like it always does,"

Silence fell for a few seconds before the professor cleared his throat and began to sort through some paper work on the desk.

"He arrived a few hours ago and is now settled in and will be joining us for breakfast," the professor wound down the conversation as is it was the most natural thing in the world to be talking about.

He had to get to Marie and tell her.

"That's all Logan," Xavier smiled at him and Logan immediately headed for the door.

He stopped before leaving and looked over his shoulder.

"Thanks professor," and then he raced up the stair case and down the hall.

He ran past the room that now held the new kid, his ears just registering the steady heartbeat and gentle breathing of the sleeping boy.

Logan slowed down when he reached their bedroom door and took a deep steadying breath before opening the door.

The room smelled of clean, washed Marie as she sat on the bed her legs folded trying to tease the tangles out of her wet hair. She had on her pyjama trousers and a long sleeved shirt, her hands glove less.

"You know something sugar, I think I am going to get my hair cut," she huffed, not even looking up as she continued her actions, carefully threading her fingers through her nearly hip length hair.

"What do you think sugar? Just get a pair of scissors and snip it all off, snip, snip, snip," she parted two of her fingers, imitating the blades on a pair of scissors and began to mock hack at her hair.

She finally seemed to realise that he wasn't saying anything and dropped her hair turning to look at him concern written all over her face.

"Logan, sugar, are you alright?" She slipped from the bed and came towards him, padding gently across the carpet.

He nodded his head. Thinking all the time of all of the doubts and questions this was going to put to rest. He thought of all the times that Marie had worried about not being enough for him - feeling inadequate because of her inability to touch. Her control was getting better but he knew she still felt disheartened. He didn't care but he knew she cared more than enough for the both of them.

"We have a new neighbour," he told her, keeping calm, wanting to see how she reacted to the news.

"Really? Aren't the students supposed to be in the dorms? Is there new teacher?"

He shook his head, smiling.

"It's the kid from Alcatraz," he told her, moving towards her slowly.

"Oh," she looked the same way he had when the professor had told him. The" aaaaaaannnnd?"Look.

He moved closer towards her, gripping her by her elbows. She tensed and he knew she was worried about her lack of gloves.

"Do you know what his gift is darlin'?" He asked her softly.

She shook her head, looking up at him like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

He leaned forward and she tensed as his lips came near to hers.

"Trust me Marie," he whispered as he closed the distance and touched his lips to hers.

He let go of her elbows, drawing her to him, wrapping his arms around her. His thumb easily found the smallest of gaps between her shirt and trousers, rubbing slow, calming circles on her skin.

Her arms wound around his neck as she stood up on her tip toes only to drag him nearer to her no doubt waiting for the tell-tale pull of her skin to tell her when to stop.

But he knew it wouldn't come. He didn't know how long there kiss lasted but he was damn sure it was longer than her control allowed.

He pulled gently away from her and looked into her shocked, wide, beautiful eyes.

She stood, struck dumb for a few second before she looked towards the wall that was shared with their new neighbour and back at him her mouth in a silent "O".

He chuckled before leaning down and pressing kisses to her cheeks, her chin, her nose, her forehead, and every inch of her face he could before she let out a giggle of pure joy and flung her arms around his neck. He swung her around holding her tightly to him, her happiness seeping into him.

Their spin gradually lost momentum and Marie raised a shaking hand to his face touching and feeling in an exploration that took minutes as she caressed every feature with her bare hands.

She finally spoke. Her voice coming out as a strangled whisper.

"I...I...Am I dreaming?"

Logan smiled gently and shook his head, brushing his lips against hers again.


She seemed to give up on talking and dragged him in for another kiss, one hand pressed against the bare skin at the back of his neck and the other buried in his hair. Making his untamed strands even wilder than they already were.

She pulled away softly not even half an inch, her lips still brushing against his as she spoke, whispering lovingly up at him, so focused on him that he thought he would gladly drown in her eyes.

"If I am, please don't wake me now,"

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