Kagome smiled up into the warm summer air. Not a cloud in the sky and blue as the clearest oceans. Only a slight breeze came to them. Today was truly a perfect day.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha called for her from the tallest tree. "Get your clothes on it's time to go!"

Kagome had to giggle, even from where she stood she could see Inuyasha's blush. He had yet to grow accustomed to the bathing suits she wore. "Okay! I just want to take another lap!" She waved up at him and watched thoroughly amused by his blush. She knew he wouldn't argue too much because of his severe embarrassment.

"Fine! Just make it snappy will ya?! I don't wanna be here all day!" Inuyasha mumbled as he closed his eyes and leaned back comfortably on the tree.

Kagome smiled up at him and then turned her attention to the cooling waters of the crystal clear river. She took a step further into the water slightly squealing from the shocking cold, but the further she ventured in the more her body grew accustomed to it. Soon she was swimming comfortably in the water.

She closed her eyes as she maneuvered on her back, and then opened them to look into the sky. She just floated there amazingly at peace. Two birds flew over her and sang as they danced. It was almost as if they were attempting to entertain her.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha called out her name in such a panic Kagome almost drank in the river water as she turned to look at him. He was looking directly behind her.

She followed his gaze to see Bankotsu, leader of the Band of Seven directly behind her. He smiled at her from the shore and jumped directly to her. Defying gravity itself he landed directly on top of the water and bent down to pick Kagome up.

"Get your hands off of Kagome!" Inuyasha jumped from the tree and drew Tetsaiga. He swung his sword aiming for Bankotsu's head, but the leader of the Band of Seven was fater than Inuyasha's sword. He dodged it and pulled Kagome closer to him.

"Your woman is almost void of clothing Inuyasha, and you sit all the way up in that tree? You are a disgrace to the male race." Bankotsu laughed and held up Banryuu anticipating another blow from Inuyasha.

"Get your hands off of me!" Kagome screamed as she pushed against him. She looked up at Bankotsu and gulped at the smirk on his face.

"After hearing about how you can detect the jewel shards? I think not my fair maiden." He laughed as he jumped further away from Inuyasha's sudden strike and Kagome squealing in protest.

"What do you think you're doing you idiot?!" Kagome snapped, "Are you TRYING to kill me?"

Inuyasha huffed and swung Tetsaiga around, "I'm trying to save you, you stupid woman! Shuddup and let me protect you!"

"You're doing such a fine job! We all can see that!" Kagome sighed when Inuyasha ignored her and ran toward them at full charge. Bankotsu raised Banryuu and not only deflected Tetsaiga, but tossed Inuyasha back.

"Enough! You two sure don't act like lovers." Bankotsu sneered.

"Omaga!" Inuyasha snarled as he regained his composer. "We are NOT lovers! Why does everyone always assume that?"

"Will you get over yourself Inuyasha and come SAVE ME!!!" Kagome yelled. "I'm not too fond of being held against my will ya know! In my BATHING SUIT TO TOP IT OFF!"

Inuyasha snarled, "I'm comin! Shut yer yap!" He jumped up and swung at Bankotsu who dodged easily. "Stop moving around and let me hit you!"

Bankotsu threw back his head and laughed, "Why would I let you hit me? You dumb mutt! I've had about enough of these games." He held out Banryuu and smiled. "I hope you enjoy my show."

The leader of the Band of Seven jumped up into the air and twirled Banryuu with such speed Kagome had trouble watching it. Dark clouds swirled above them as if the vortex Banryuu formed was drawing them in. Soon a clap of thunder boomed. "Thunder Dragon Flash!"

As soon as the words left his mouth large bolts of lightning zapped the ground below in a wild furious frenzy. Unpredictable strikes made it hard for Inuyasha to dodge them.

Kagome watched helplessly as Inuyasha attempted to dodge them all, but even he wasn't faster than lightning. She screamed out to Inuyasha as he was struck by not just one but TWO bolts and was sent flying into the water. "INUYASHA!!"

Kagome struggled as much as she could but Bankotsu's firm grip held her securely against his chest. He laughed as the dust clouds dispersed to show an unmoving Inuyasha floating face down in the water.

"Well, now that the half demon is out of the picture, it's time for us to leave priestess." Bankotsu pulled Kagome's face to meet his. "Besides, I'm way better looking than Inuyasha!"

Kagome looked up at Bankotsu, her face pure terror. As he turned to walk away with his prize Kagome mentally slapped herself, and came back to her sense, she struggled against him. "No! Inuyasha!"

Her screams were pointless because the half demon remained motionless and she watched helplessly as the one she loved vanished from her view.