Nessie and Jacob Stories Wanted!!!

I am starting a Community that consists of Renesmee and Jacob stories and I need your help. I know there are more of them out there than what you find in a basic search!

These stories can be Cannon, Alternate Universe, or All Human

Rather it be Jacob not coming back in Breaking Dawn. Volturi decides to fight and Jake and Nessie run. The Volturi showdown happens without Jake running and the loss of some Cullens. Jake meets Nessie years down the road. You name it I want to read it and add it to the community!


Must be completed stories or stories that are close to being completed. Nothing worse than spending hours or days reading a 100,000 word story to find out that the author has given up on it!

All ratings recommended.

Please PM me or leave in a review of your recommendations or if you wrote a story that you would like for me to consider!

Also for those that are looking for ideas in which you would like to write a Nessie/Jake story please PM me. I have tons floating around in my head as well as summaries written down. I would also consider collaborating on a story with someone if they are interested.