Never Ending Drama

The story of my life is a simple drama. My name is Kelsi. I lived with my grandma when I was ten. She died when I was sixteen. Now I am eighteen. My mom is a crackhead and my dad is a prisoner. My parents are both dead beats and I hate them both. They can all go to hell! They are the reason for me in a nut house.

Yes I am in a nut house and I am on suicide watch. Yes I am ready to commit suicide at any given time. I hate the way my life turned out. My grandma was the rock to my existence; the reason I never gave up now that she is dead there is no reason for me to live. For what! That is what I say! I yell so what! To everyone who asks me why I want to die. If anyone would give me a valid reason for living than I would not kill myself but since they can't then I will kill myself.

It was a done deal about two years ago, when my grandma had died and I called my mom and she said, "I could never take care of a child, if I can not take care of myself." And I was so disgusted that I could not stomach to even talk to her anymore. So there you have it. I also decided to visit my dad in prison. He did not even no who I was. He thought I was one of the girls he use to pimp on the corner of Mack and Bewick. I left there and when my aunt had went to my grandma's house to check on me and found me with a gun to my head ready to pull the trigger she took me to the hospital. That is where they had transported me here.

Yes, I thought of a ton of reasons to live. I thought of all the happy moments in my life and they all were with my grandmother. I new there was not any reason for my existence anymore. I really was tired of living. Living in such a cruel world. My boyfriend had left me once he found out I was in the nut house. I really don't care because he was messing with my neighbor's daughter. I knew that all along but I was not confident enough to leave him. So I decided it would have been better at least to have a man than not have one at all.

So there you have it, I was not going to waste time discussing my looks or anything because I did not find that really important. I really do not like wasting time especially when I am trying to think of ways to kill myself. Life is hard!

" I FOUND THIS NOTE!" The guard said. He gave it to the doctor. "Doc, this was from that girl, um… um… Kelsi… Kelsi Crawfield." The doctor read it. "I wish I had received it before it was to late." The guard said, "well what happened?"

The doctor said, "everyone believed that she was find so they let her go. Three days later, news came back that she had jumped from the top of the Renaissance building."

The doctor walked away, leaving the guard there shocked from the news.

K.I. Conner

April 10, 2010