It was an accident. One that never should have happened, and if not for a particular Sanin's frustration; it never would have happened. And yet it had surprised him, to find out that the one he had used his new jutsu on; had been an unsuspecting Hatake Kakashi. Who as soon as he was hit by the jutsu, immediately lost consciousness and sprouted white wolf ears, a tail, claws and fangs. Jiraiya looked down at the part wolf part man and cringed.

Oh shit, he hadn't meant for that to happen. He had actually meant to use the Primal Jutsu on Neji, or Shikamaru. Maybe I should hide the body and pretend that I had nothing to do with this. Jiraiya thought as he looked down at the man.

All of this shit had started when he had been talking with his granddaughter, Naru about her lack of a sex life. Which had sparked his interest for several reasons, One) She was seventeen years old. Two) She had to be one of the most drop dead gorgeous young women that he had ever seen. Even more so than Tsunade in her younger years. With her mid back length platinum blond hair, vermilion red eyes, smooth ivory skin, and lush curves. Three) She still hadn't experienced the thrill of falling in love, or had sex.

All in all it was a maddening situation to the pervert, here was this perfectly healthy girl, looking for love, and no one was stepping up to the plate! Were the men of the leaf village all idiots? Did they all suffer from erectile dysfunction? Cause if so he would spike the villages water supply with enough pills to over excite a fucking herd of elephants! But instead he had devised an almost even better plan.

He would invent a Primal Jutsu and use it on one of the men and dump him in Naru's care so that mating would almost be assured. He was getting on up there in age and wanted his girl taken care of.....not that a few great, great grand kids would kill anyone. Still he really hadn't expected to catch Kakashi, although he certainly wasn't going to complain now that he had someone to give to Naru. He bent down and slipped an arm under the smaller man's armpits and lifted him so that he could toss the man over his shoulder and vanished.

Naru would be so suprised when she saw him.

Naru had just climbed out of her shower and grabbed a towel when she heard someone enter her bedroom and drop something big on her bed with a soft thud and quickly scurry out the window. What the hell? She wondered as she opened the bathroom door and looked around the room until she saw the body laying on her bed, missing a majority of it's clothes.

Oh dear god, the drunks have struck again. She thought in irritation, she really needed to start locking her windows at night. She walked cautiously over to her bed, she would wake the poor guy up and send him on his way. Reaching out she lay a tentive hand on the man's bare shoulder and turned him over onto his back and gasped when she saw his face. Jesus christ, what the hell was Kakashi doing in her room, in a cosplay ears and tail, missing his mask, head band, and part of his clothes?

She stood there for few minutes before swearing as she ran her fingers through her damp hair, how the hell was she supposed to get him out of her home if he was out cold on her bed?

"Kakashi. Pssst, hey, hey, dumbass. Wake up." She said irritably. Nothing happened.

She shook him a little more, snapped her fingers beside his white furry ears, and gave him a wet willy. He didn't even twitch. She frowned as she started to get worried. It was'nt like her former sensei to sleep so deeply, something must be wrong. "Kakashi. Kakashi wake up! Your scaring me!" she said as she shook him harder, his head jerked back and forth as she did so and she growled, baring her teeth at the sleeping man as she looked him over.

He had to be one of the most ripped, beautiful men she had ever seen. Even the scar over his left eye was beautiful. She reached out and lightly ran her finger tip along the scar and wondered what she could do to wake him up. When all else fails....steal a kiss. Naru thought as she leaned down over him and nervously pressed her lips against his. His lips parted a bit as she did, and she hesitantly slipped her tongue inside of his mouth, a soft soft coming from the back of her throat as she tasted him.

Oh god he tasted good. Like ice cream or something. She was so lost in the moment that she hadn't realised that his eyes were open and staring at her. She ended the kiss when her lungs started to burn and pulled back a bit when she noticed his eyes staring at her. Her face turned pink before she jumped back away from the bed and glared at him as he sat up. "You! You tricked me into worrying about you didn't you?!" She accused as she pointed her finger at him.

He said nothing as he climbed off of the small bed and moved toward her. What the hell is up with him? He looked weird. Even the way he moved his feet was weird. And the way he was staring at he wanted to eat her up or something. He licked his lips the action drawing her attention to his mouth, the shape of his lips and the color of his tongue. Is it hot in here? She wondered as she backed up.

She didn't know what was going on with him, but she was suddenly painfully aware of two things One) she was naked. And two) she was a girl locked in a bedroom with a half dressed male. A very hot, strong, wild looking, virile male. "Kakashi, I don't know whats up with you but stay away. I mean it, I'm naked and not at all comfortable in your presence." She warned as her back his the wall, startling her a bit.

He didn't listen. In fact he was on her in an instant, the palms of his hand slapping against the wall on either side of her body as he leaned in and sniffed her. What was this creature that smelled so nice? Kakashi wondered as he buried his nose against the soft thick fur. He knew one thing for sure, it was a female. A soft, young, female. She smelled like wild flowers, wind and rain. Such a sweet smell. Intoxicating really. And she had laid claim to him as her mate.

He knew that as surely as he knew he had blood in his veins. He nuzzled her head so that it was tilted and nipped at her. She made a strange sound and tried to push him away, making him growl in response as he bared his fangs. "Don't make me bite you." He said in a rough tone just before she grabbed something and hit him in the head with it knocking him out.

Naru stood there looking down at her former sensei's still figure and glanced at what was left of the glass vase that she had hit him with. Shit, I killed him. Now I have to dump the body.