Three weeks later-

Naru opened her eyes, squinted and turned her head away from the window. The mid noon sunlight was brilliantly blinding as she looked at the clock to see what time it was. Twelve thirty pm. She blinked, stared at it, then blinked again before letting out an ear drum shattering shriek, startling the sleeping man who's head had been laying on the middle of her back. Kakashi was up out of the bed with a kunai in hand, looking around the room in an instant.

"Naru? What is it?" He hissed as he lowered his hand.

"We're late!" Naru cried as she ran across the room to the closet and grabbed the white dress wrapped in plastic, and headed for the bathroom to get dressed. Kakashi blinked, rubbed his face with his hands and laughed. So what if they were late for their wedding. They were already married.

"There's nothing wrong with us being late. People expect it in fact."

"Stop lying and get dressed now!" Naru snapped as she shimmied into the dress that Tsunade had had made for her, and pushed her arms through the short sleeves and pulled them up into place on her shoulders and started to zip up the dress, when Kakashi slapped her hands away and unzipped it again.

"Hey what are you doing?"

"Come back to bed."

"Like hell I will, Tsunade and Jiraiya went all out for this event and I'm going."

"It means that much to you."

"Of course it does.....I never really thought that I would get married and now that I am....."

"You want to do things right?"

"Well, yeah." Naru said as she looked up at him. Kakashi sighed, dammit his evil plan to keep her locked in the bedroom with him until the baby was born had been twarted again.

"Alright. I'll get dressed." Kakashi said as he kissed her neck, over the mark and rezipped her dress and walked out of the room. He was so whipped it was'nt even funny.

Tsunade checked the clock on the wall and growled in irritation. Where were they? They were late! For their own wedding no less. She expected such behavior from Kakashi, but from Naru. That man is a bad influence on my gaki. She thought darkly as Jiraiya figited with his tie.

"Where are they?!" Tsunade yelled in frustration, they had been waiting for over an hour. She was about to summon the Anbu to go look for the couple when they appeared in front of the alter dressed for the occasion, Naru in her lovely white dress and pearls, and Kakashi looked fantasic in his black tux.

"Sorry we're late everyone. We sort of got lost in the bedroom...." Kakashi lied with a grin. Naru blushed as everyone in the church stood up, pointed and yelled


Naru laughed softly. The more things changed, the more they stayed the same. Kakashi glanced at Naru and smiled as he leaned in and whispered.

"I love you, Naru." In her ear before stealing a kiss. I love you too Kashi. I love you too.....

Thank you everyone for sticking with me. And for Dizzydani666, I wrote this story just for you.

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