Audrey and Acorns

Lucy: 5

"That's a crazy story!" Lucy Weasley exclaimed when her mother finished the story about Chicken Little. Lucy sat with her mother under an acorn tree in the background of the Nest.

"What makes it so crazy?" Audrey asked her daughter with a small laugh.

"Nobody would ever believe the sky was falling!" Lucy told her mother. "That's just too crazy!" Audrey laughed.

"Well, it ended up not being the sky, remember?" Audrey pointed out.

"Yeah, but still! I mean, why would Chicken Little even believe that in the first place? It's impossible!" Lucy threw her arms up into the air as she spoke.

"I don't think anything's impossible, Lu." Audrey told her. "Just think about this, you're a witch." Lucy smiled.

"I know that, silly Mummy!"

"Yes, but some little girls aren't witches. Remember the time that Molly was bugging you, and did accidental magic, making her fly backwards?" Lucy nodded.

"Yeah, that was awesome!" Lucy started giggling, and Audrey couldn't help but smile.

"Okay, little missy, you should believe that anything is possible." Audrey smiled, remembering something her grandmother had once told her. "Nothing is impossible if you put your heart and mind to it. Always remember that." Lucy nodded.

"Okay, Mummy." Lucy smiled at her Mum. "Do you have any other Muggle stories?"

"Uh-huh, do you want to hear them?"

"Yeah!" Lucy cheered, and Audrey smiled. She opened up the storybook, before an acorn fell from the tree, hitting Lucy on the head.

"Owie!" Lucy exclaimed, and she rubbed her head. But then, she smiled. "Mummy, the sky's falling!"