Hugo- 2

"Here you are, Hugo." Hermione handed her son a little piece of bread to feed to the ducks. They were at a pond in the nearby Muggle Park.

"Just throw it, honey." Hermione urged him. Hugo threw the small piece of bread with all of his might, and it landed just at the edge of the pond. The ducks quacked and fought over it, before one claimed it in its mouth.

"Ducky hungwy." Hugo noted with a frown, and a small crease in his forehead. "More, pwease." He stuck his hand up to Hermione.

"Here you are." Hermione broke off another small piece of bread and handed it to him. "See if you can throw it farther this time." She urged her young son.

"Okay." Hugo looked to be concentrating, before he chucked the piece and smiled triumphantly.

After a few more minutes, the pieces of bread the Hermione had, were gone.

"No more, Hugo." Hermione told him when he looked at her expectantly.

"But, Mummy…" He wined. "Duckies are hungwy!"

"I'm sorry, Hugo. I don't have anymore. Maybe we can come back another day." Hugo's frown didn't let up.

"But, Mummy…."

"Sweetie," Hermione felt bad. She knew what it was like to feel powerless and like there was nothing you could do to help. "I promise that the duckies won't go hungry." Hugo still didn't look satisfied.

Hugo looked away from Hermione, and looked to be searching for something, before he got a smile on his face.
"I gots a idea, Mummy!" He leaned down, picked up a small pebble, and chucked it into the water. It effectively hit a duck on the head.

"Hugo!" Hermione exclaimed.