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My mind had never been decided so concretely. I would follow through with it—there was no question. I was a monster. It was time I embraced it; why fight what I am? There was no helping that.

My prey was completely unaware. I had heard his thoughts. I'd been following him the entire day—lurking in the shadows the way a monster ought. He had escaped the judicial system for lack of evidence. They never found the body of the girl he had beaten and raped, a girl who hadn't reached her twelfth birthday. Although they searched his living quarters, there was nothing left. I had no trouble with obtaining evidence; it was etched in his mind, wide open for me to see. I saw his intentions enamored with the idea of repeating his offences. He figured he'd get away with it again, again, and again. I surely couldn't let that happen. Although I was to kill, it was no one innocent, no one who deserved the privilege of walking on this earth. I must stop him from taking away the potential of other righteous beings.

I stalked him as he turned down the last block to his home; this is where he brought back his prey—it's only fitting that I would revisit the scene of his crime, bring the whole experience full circle.

He took his keys from his pocket and reached to the door. In the same moment, with speed only designated for villains of my kind, I raced ahead, leapt to the second storey of the building to a window that his apartment opened to. It was terribly convenient how empty this building was, no one would hear anything. My anger grew with the realization that it was just as convenient for him as well. No one heard the cries of a girl with her wrists tied together, hoisted up over her head to a low hanging rafter as he advanced on her with a gag to place between her lips to keep her sorry tongue from any screaming. I saw his mental image of her nude with the exception of her cotton panties which had become soiled with sweat and blood as it discharged from her body with the lashings of his belt.

He did all that for his own sadistic pleasure. While I had sadistic pleasures of my own, I would not draw this out any longer than was necessary—I had already done so for ten years. I didn't care much for his suffering. I was apathetic to the creature who was unknowingly waiting for my attack. I needed this. I needed his blood—the warm, wet sensation to coat the walls of my throat.

As I waited for him to ascend the stairs, to enter his own tenements, I took a deep inhalation. I desired his scent, letting it sting my throat, making my wanton desire grow and flare to life with even more vigor. My anticipation was growing in voracity as well.

I heard his hand turn the knob of the door. I heard his quickened pulse from climbing the stairs. I saw his face lightly flushed with his small exertion of energy. It was too much.

I couldn't wait any longer. I jumped on him without giving him the time to flick the light switch; he never saw me coming. I went right for the artery in his neck; it pulsed with the most life. As I bit down, the blood cascaded from his jugular entering my mouth, a moment for which I had waited ten years. I did not waste a drop. I sucked his body dry, drinking down every last iota, draining him of his life.

It was over all too quickly. The six quarts of blood that flowed throughout his body was not enough. I wanted more, but, not tonight. I needed to be sure of the guilt of those I stalked. I was sure it wouldn't be too hard to find another guilty person, surely someone around here was guilty of something, but I could wait.

One Week Earlier

"Moralize all you might like, Edward, but I don't believe in it." Carlisle's words rang in my ears. He continued in thought, pleading. We've talked about this.

We were never able to reach an understanding.

"I've followed your path. I've done what you thought right for ten years." My anger was intensifying. "I'm tired of feeling GUILTY for wanting human blood. This is what I am." My voice was growing louder. "You can't deny that; you made me this way." I threw that in his face, thinking it was a low blow, but no matter.

I could hear the thoughts that accompanied Carlisle's heartbreak at the words I lashed at him. This only caused an increase in the guilt I felt and I immediately stormed off. I wasn't ready to leave yet. I merely left to go hunt mountain lions, to run through the wildlife and release some of the pent up anger. I hated the thought that there was something out there that could satiate my thirst much better than a mountain lion ever could.

I turned to head back to Carlisle and Esme. In a few hours, Carlisle would leave to the house to go to work. I could see the day breaking to the east and Esme would leave the house shortly after him; I knew of her plans to hunt in the morning. I would be able to enter the home and block their thoughts with a book before they left. I wandered back, taking the slow pace equaled to a human run.

After Carlisle brought Esme into our world, we moved to Portland, Maine. The state was practically covered in wilderness, although we had to be careful of hunting too near to the logging businesses that were desecrating the forests. But, Carlisle's preparedness never ceased to amaze me. He was working at the hospital, still doing the profession he loved. Nothing could keep him from that.

I was ending my second round through high school. In all honesty, school was getting easier for me. I had never been an exceptional student. I toed the line of mediocrity in Chicago. But, by 1929, I experienced a decade of sleepless nights giving myself the opportunity to learn things for which I never thought I'd have the time. I frequented Carlisle's bookshelves and would finish a book in a matter of days. Then I would always move onto the next that struck an interest with me. Fiction got tiring after a while and I had moved on to language books. I even had the inclination to learn piano and when I mentioned this, the next day, there was a grand piano in the living room.

My classmates took to avoiding me. They were aware on some primitive level that I was a danger. Due to the size of the school house though, they couldn't get far enough away from me. At times, this made my thirst hard to bear, so I'd begun hunting each week, not allowing my eyes to lose their auburn color.

When I finally reached our home, I entered the door hearing Esme's thoughts. I'm so glad you're back. I rolled my eyes. No. I would not listen to this now. I can't deal with more of this guilt they hung over me. I loved them so much, I couldn't bear to hurt them, but I couldn't avoid what I was any longer. I couldn't reconcile the two feelings.

Before I could become distracted enough, I merely heard Carlisle think my name. Edward—

I successfully tuned them out. It lasted for just over two hours. It was difficult not listening to their thoughts. I was so attuned to them and it comforted me so to hear the inner workings of their mind. But I wouldn't allow my mind to drift to them. I heard the front door close for the second time—that was Esme leaving. I rose to follow Esme's departure from the house.

I was essentially a selfish creature; I'd do as I pleased.