Ada watched from the back of a room spinning with flashing bulbs and bustling people as they stumbled to get a word with the victorious fighters. In front of the room behind a panel sat a handful of men, with Trent falling to the very right end.

"Trent Karr, do you think your rear-naked choke victory over Diego Silva is enough to launch you back into contention for the Heavyweight Championship?" A reporter asked. Ada smiled as Trent took a pause before answering. His hazel eyes smoothly scanned the room until they found Ada's. She wriggled her fingers at him and he winked.

"Absolutely. But you know, this fight wasn't easy," Trent said and pointed to the fresh stitches over his left eyebrow, "Silva's a tough guy."

"You very well could be first in line for the title, meaning you'd be fighting in only a few months, would you be ready?" A commentator asked.

"I'm always ready for the next fight." He said simply.

"That's my guy." Ada said to herself.

"How ya feelin'?" Ada asked, tracing a knuckle along his jaw.

"You know I hate that question." Trent said as he took her hand and locked it with his.

"I know, but I still worry." She turned on her side and laid her head next to his on his pillow.

"Sometimes I hate myself for doing this to you." The remorse in his voice triggered a sharp, heavy feeling in her chest.

"I'm right where I wanna be, don't ever be sorry for that."

Flight 174 to Dallas is now boarding zones 1 and 2...

"You better get goin'." Trent said.

"Yeah." Ada replied, keeping her head down.

"Make sure you have everything." He said. Ada was known for leaving behind the most important things.

"Mmm-hmm." She nodded after checking her purse for phone and wallet. She could feel that painful lump rising in her throat, she was going to lose it. Trent snatched her in his arms and rested his chin on her head.

"This isn't gonna get easier, is it?" He asked.

"No..." She sniffled.

"Go on." He gently broke away from her. A second longer and he wasn't sure he wouldn't lose it himself. She sulked over to the shortening line, looking back and waving one last time before moving completley out of sight.

"Karr's first-round submission of Silva launches him back into title picture...Not bad." Nattie said as she read the sports section of the newspaper. Ada looked up from her plate and shook her head.

"Come on, that's enough." Ada said, grabbing for the paper, which Nattie kept out of reach. She sighed and went back to her breakfast .

"No, this is really good, you should be proud." She said.

"I am proud, I just don't want a big fuss about it."

"Fuss about what?" Randy asked as he walked into the hotel dining area.

"Trent won." Natalya said. Randy looked at Ada, waiting for a reaction.

"That's good, really good." He said.

"Thanks." Ada nodded blankly in agreement.

"You must be so happy for him right now." Ada looked up at the small-framed woman next to Randy. Her dark hair fell to her shoulders, her thin lips turned up in an insincere smile.

"Yes, I am." Ada said shortly. Randy's eyes shifted between the two and then to Nattie's who had the same idea.

"Tara and I are gonna grab somethin' on the way to the arena, see ya'll in a bit." Randy took her hand and headed for the door.

"Later." Natalya said.

"Bye girls." Tara chirped over her shoulder. Nattie nodded while Ada rolled her eyes.

"She is his fiance now, you could be a little nicer." Nattie said.

"It's something about her..."Ada started.

"You sure about that?" Nattie asked. Ada honestly had to stop and think about that. It could've very well been the fact that there was something off about the girl, or the fact that in the not-so distant past, it was Ada bolstered on Randy's arm.