"Your awake." Those were the first words he had heard when he opened his eyes. He blinked, trying to register where he was. There was a clean, white ceiling above him and pale yellow walls around him, the smell of bleach hung in the air. He looked around and a dark figure stood over him.

"Mr. De Silva?" A doctor's voice?

"Is he ok?" Suze's voice!

"Susannah?" he asked, his voice groggy.

"Over here honey!" He followed the sound of her voice and saw her looking down at him.

"What happened?" he asked, studying her tired, pale face. She smiled and rolled her eyes looking over a nurse.

"You won't believe how often that happens." The nurse said with a chuckle. He felt 2 pairs of hands help him off the ground and into a chair nearby. His head was light and he felt nauseous, but he smiled slightly at Suze lying in the bed beside him. He grabbed onto her hand and gave it a tight squeeze.

It had been 5 years since Michael had attacked them and that first year together had been crazy. After Jesse's 3 surgery's and near death experience, after being hounded by the police and the press they decided to take a month vacation to a tiny island off the coast of Mexico. There they decided to make sure that they stay together forever. So they had a small, private wedding on the beach with Max as their witness.

When they got back, they put Suze's house up on the market and moved into Jesse's house. When Max left for college they decided to sell Jesse's house and look for something a bit smaller. They found a small 3 bedroom bungalow out in the country. With Max rarely home, the couple spent their time catching up on the years they missed. Since being married Jesse had gained 10 pounds and more grey hair and Suze had stopped dying her hair black, let it go back to her natural colour. He looked at his wife, lying in the hospital bed, her hair stuck to her sweaty forehead, her blue eyes tired and weak, yet her face glowed. He had never felt so much love for a person in his entire life.

"So..."He asked.

"So..." She copied and then, if possible, her grin grew even bigger. "You have a daughter."

"Really?" He asked feeling his heart swell. He reached over and kissed her. The sound of 4 squeaky wheels interrupted them and Jesse looked in the direction of the sound. A young, smiling nurse wheeled in a small cradle. She placed the cradle in between Jesse's chair and Suze's bed and backed up. Inside was a tiny bundle wrapped in a soft pink blanket. A tiny nose stuck out of the top of the blanket and her head was covered by a knitted pink hat. The nurse listed the baby from the cradle and placed the baby in Jesse's arms and he felt tears in the corners of his eyes.

"She's very healthy, a little hungry, but other than that she's-"

"Perfect." Jesse said, looking at the tiny face in his arms. The baby squirmed and a tiny hand slid out of the blanket. Jesse touched her tiny hand and marvelled at the softness of her skin and the size of her tiny fist clenching the top of his finger. Before he could stop himself a tear streaked down his cheek. He studied her face and sighed. Her skin was a soft olive colour and there were tiny white bumps on her nose, which Suze told him would go away. Her cheeks were plump and her lips were small but added character to her face. She had long black eyelashes like he had, but he could see Suze's nose on her small baby face.

"That's what Max looked like." Suze said, resting her head back on the pillow.

"Only the boy version." Max said appearing in the room with a giant pink teddy bear. Suze's eyes filled with tears and she sighed. He looked taller and very tanned. He had a goatee and his hair was brushed neatly. He looked so much older since they had last seen him. After he graduated from college Jesse decided that it was time to retire and handed his business over to Max, who just newly married to Gina took the offer almost instantly. The two of them moved out there about 10 months ago and to Suze and Jesse it had seemed like a lifetime ago.

"You came!" She said.

"Of course! I had to see my new baby sister." He said proudly. "Although I do think it is weird that my sister and my son will be 2 months apart."

"If we keep up with this pace the baby will be born tomorrow." Gina said waddling into the room, carrying a large bouquet of pink roses. Her blonde hair was in a long French braid and she wore a light blue dress that made her tanned glow and her baby bump look remarkably smaller. She slumped onto the bed next to Suze and sighed as Suze wrapped and arm around her shoulder.

Jesse placed the baby into Max's arms and looked at his two children. He grabbed onto Suze's hand and she started crying again. Gina hugged her tighter and she too started to cry. Jesse looked to Max for answers and Max just shrugged.

"Hormones." He whispered and then Jesse saw him bend down kiss the baby's face. "You're not going to be like them are you baby sis? You're gonna be tough, into dirt and cars and bugs like me. Not all that girly stuff."

"Hey! I want a girly girl." Suze chuckled as she wiped away the tears. "I already had a boy. Now I want a girl, who I can dress up."

"Well, ok, but just don't be too girly." Max said with a chuckle. "So what are we calling her?"

"Sophie." Jesse said proudly. "Sophie Marie De Silva."

They pulled into the driveway of their house and Suze let out a sigh of content. Both of them were nervous, though Jesse seemed more nervous than Suze. Suze slowly climbed out of the car while Jesse grabbed the car seat and they headed into the house. Once the door was open they were met by a jumping little Yorkie named Minney (named so because Jesse said she was as small as a mouse and therefore Suze got the idea of Minney Mouse, but they call her Minney for short.)

"We've got a couple of minutes before Max and Gina get here." Suze said.

"I think Ceecee and Adam are coming too." Jesse added patting the dog on the head.

"Well what do you want to do first?" She asked him.

"I...What did you do with Max?" He asked.

"I sat on the couch and cried." She said with a smile and Jesse shook his head.

"We could show her the nursery?" he suggested and Suze smiled.


They took the sleeping baby up the creaky wooden stairs, making jokes about her not being able to sneak down the stairs with these steps. They stopped at a door in the middle of the cream coloured hallway. On the door there was a little wooden plaque that said Sophie's Room in white letters.

"Where did you get that?" Suze asked.

"Ceecee. She brought it by yesterday." Jesse smiled and Suze shook her head, pushing away the tears that kept springing back into her eyes. She opened the door and they stepped into the room.

"Look Sophie, this is your room." Jesse said to the baby and Suze chuckled. For 3 weeks Jesse and Suze had worked on this room, fixing it up, painting it and then decorating it. They tried their hardest to keep everything gender neutral and in doing so they painted the room a soft yellow colour and added things with soft greens. There, of course, were pink and blue in the room as well, such as in the chequered crib sheets and in the stuffed animals that lined the changing table, but for the most part it was a baby's nursery.

When you walked into the room the white changing table stood beside the door. In the corner beside that was a little white dresser covered in flowers and little stuffed animals. In the opposite corner beside the window was a white rocking chair with a little brown teddy bear in it. And beside that was the white crib that, when needed, would turn into a toddler bed and eventually a child's bed. There was a mobile with baby animals on it and a tiny night light that would turn on when the baby touched it and plastic fish would swim around and around. But the best part of the room was the small picture that hung above Sophie's crib. That picture was drawn by two 13 year old kids before they took a journey that no matter how far they drifted apart would end up bringing each other back together again. After all...if it's meant to be...