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Ink and Iron


My phone buzzed on the table top next to my bed, a small yellow envelope told me I had a new text from my boss, Carlisle. Masen, meet me at the diner 8pm. We need to go over your new assignment. Great, I thought,another boring mission of observation and logging hours, following people and spending all my fucking time in cars, great, fanfuckingtastic. I sat up and scrubbed my hands over my face, need to shave, and hauled myself out of bed. I walked into the bathroom of my apartment and headed for the shower, pulling off the flannel pants I had slept in. While the steam permeated the room and my sleep fogged brain I contemplated my job.

Ever since I had become a field agent with the FBI I had spent a lot of time in cars. Going to and from far away destinations for investigations, observing people, doing surveillance and stake outs. I wanted to do undercover work but I had to prove I was trustworthy and dependable and all that crap. It was so frustrating. I felt like I was never going to be able to prove myself at this rate, because while I wanted to be in the field, this was not what I had in mind. When the bureau recruited me after college, I got the impression that my misspent youth might make me a good undercover agent. They talked a lot about using me in missions where the white bread all American college boys that I worked with just wouldn't fit. I have to admit that I looked at them with some disdain, they were soft, having never had to work for what they had. Not that things were easy in the bureau but they floated through college and through their assignments wanting nothing more than to catch some bad guys and maybe some glory. I wanted to do more. I have always wanted more.

I realized I was just kind of standing in the shower so I slapped the water off with a quick twist and continued to brood a bit. Perhaps I can admit that maybe being such a fuck up when I was younger is what helped to land me in car duty. Being caught up with the wrong fucking people and spending time in juvie doesn't exactly make me the poster boy for trustworthy, but whatever, after five years of training and working in the field I should think that I'd get some kind of chance.

I splashed some water on my face and stared at my reflection, wondering yet again what made me decide to become Dudley do-right. The green eyes and bronze colored shock of hair that stared back at me seemed to tell me that I was more suited to howdy doody than anything else. I said fuck it to my hair, as it is impossible to control and went out to throw some clothes on. Khakis, a polo and some converse seemed vaguely appropriate for a meeting with my boss, especially since we were meeting at the diner down the block from my apartment instead of at the bureau headquarters in Seattle.

I patted my pockets; keys, wallet, phone and went to check mirror to make sure that the last few pieces of my equipment were not showing. The heavy fleece that I had shrugged on to protect against Seattle's crappy weather was thick enough that the shoulder holster underneath it didn't show, the glock in it's holster didn't show and I moved and shifted a bit in the mirror just to double check. Since I was not on assignment the back up snub nose would stay in the safe in my truck and not in the ankle holster I had for it.

Walking out to the truck I kept a sharp eye around, this was not a bad neighborhood per se but it wasn't fantastic either. Working class people just trying to make it through, a few blocks over and a few social steps up from the rougher area where I grew up. I grabbed my shades out of the truck and decided to walk the block to the diner since for once the sun was shining, best enjoy it while it lasts. The diner with it's mirrored surfaces was shinning it's presence from quite a ways away, it was actually kind of painful to look at but better once I got into the shade of the building. The bell on the door rang as I pushed inside and Maggie, the usual waitress glanced at me and pointed with her pen over towards the corner booth where I saw a head of shiny blonde hair waiting for me.

I yelled, "Coffee, black and two slices of apple pie," over my shoulder as I passed by Maggie and slid into the booth across from my boss.

"You can't just sit and order like normal people? It is her job to come over here and wait on your sorry ass you know." Carlisle said an eyebrow arched at me, "You always have to stand out don't you?"

I shrugged. My boss was dressed down today, normally I saw him in suits and ties but today he actually made me look dressed up in scuffed up boots, ripped jeans and a plain black t-shirt. I was actually kind of shocked, here was Mr. Fancy all dressed down, looking like, gasp, a human being. Seeing how he likes to bust my balls all the time I did the same to him and commented on his strangely normal attire.

"Shove it Masen, I am dressed appropriately for where we are going later. You're not. Your regular clothes would have been more suited."

"Dear god no, I dressed up for a meeting with my boss."

"If your boss wanted you to dress up he wouldn't have held said meeting in a diner down the way from your place moron."

"I suppose. So what is this new assignment about anyway, do I get my fondest wish and get to spend more time in a car with my ass going numb and my eye glued to a telephoto lens?"

Carlisle rolled his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose and waited while Maggie set the pie in front of us and topped off our coffee, juggling every thing like only a career waitress can. "Anything else boys?"

"No thanks Maggie and this should cover it all, you keep the rest."

My boss actually unbent enough for a moment to smile at the waitress, Maggie has seen him tons but I think the old girl actually has a crush. I am secure enough to admit my boss is a good lucking guy, he doesn't look much over 35 and has that whole knight in shining armor thing going for him. Carlisle is definitely one of the good guys. It must work too cause I've seen his wife, and she's a babe too though it's hard to think of her like that cause she is such a mom, Esme likes to take care of everyone.

Maggie flushed a little and said "Well you just let me know if you want anything else, I'll be right over behind the counter."

I snorted, he glared at me.

"Well Eddie," he said and it was my turn to glare, "I have a job that might work for you and if the contact who we are going to meet approves of you then you will have your shot at undercover. And I swear to god if you make me regret that I'm doing this I will make your life hell for you understand?" his eyes went hard at this last statement and I understood that the man I was looking at despite seeming like a peaceful pushover had seen more action than I likely ever would.

Carlisle had been raised a preacher's son but when money ran tight he joined the army instead of college. I'm not sure where he was stationed or what he did since most of it was classified missions but he has some nasty scars that I've seen when we have played basketball in the company gym or worked on hand to hand together. It's easy to forget because he is such an easy going kind of guy, but he has had a long time to learn how to smooth over all the rough edges. Carlisle's blackberry buzzed on the tabletop, he picked it up and typed while I finished my coffee.

"Let's go" he said and grabbed a worn leather jacket off the seat of the booth next to him slipping it on as we headed out. I nodded at Maggie and headed towards the parking lot.

"Where's your truck?" Carlisle asked.

"I walked."

"Well lets go get it and you can drive, I have the company blazer and it screams law enforcement a little too much for where we're going."

As we wandered down the block back towards my building I shoved my sunglasses in my pocket, it was starting to get dark and I would rather not fall on my face in front of my boss.

"Are you going to tell me anything else about the job?" I asked.

"Not much. A little more once we get in the truck, but until the contact sees you and approves of you we have to keep things quiet. I can tell you one thing, you said when I recruited you that you wanted to help stop the movers. The ones who pulled the strings and moved all the bullshit around be it guns, people, drugs, whatever. This job, if done right, has the potential to take down a lot of movers."

While Carlisle was talking my fists clenched, this was the chance that I had been waiting for. To get rid of people like some of the bastards I dealt with as a kid. The lights on my grey truck flashed as we stepped up to it.

"So where the hell are we going?" I asked as I swung up into the driver's seat.

"It's called Charlie's. Your contact, Swan, is the owner, it's on the outskirts, just punch this address into the gps and we'll get there." He showed me an address on his phone and we got moving.

As I pulled out into traffic, I asked, "So tell me more about this contact, why do they get final approval once they see me? Don't we usually handle things like that?"

"Swan is different than most other contacts. As is this job that you're looking into. The world that you will have to enter is exclusive and they can smell a cop from 10 miles away. Last time the local police tried to get someone in with this group, not only did the officer disappear but the person who they'd been using as a contact's body was found in the bay a month later, gunshot to the back of the head, execution style and it was probably a relief when it was delivered because they had been tortured pretty badly. That's why Swan gets the final say in whether or not you take this job. It is a big risk that's being taken here on both sides. If you don't fit in, can't blend into this world, you're fucked."

He was looking straight ahead as he was telling me this, from the lack of expression on his face I knew he'd done more than read the case file; he'd probably seen the last contact's body. After that I let it drop for awhile and we drove in silence. I can admit I was nervous, my already crazy hair was probably truly wild from running my fingers through it.

"There on the left," Carlisle said suddenly breaking me out of my thoughts, "the sign with the wheel and the blue neon."

I turned my truck into the drive of an old but well maintained building with two garage doors on the front of it and a blue neon sign that said Charlie's, with a flame on either end of the name and a large wheel underneath.

"Let's go in," Carlisle said, "and try not to say anything stupid. Swan will not put up with your bullshit the way I do."

I grinned at him, "Yes dad."

Carlisle rolled his eyes but kept walking towards the front of the building where there was clear window showing a desk and a small boring waiting area like you see at so many mechanic's shops. A bell rang when he pushed open the door and from within the confines of the shop floor we heard a voice say, "Be right there."

"Take a seat," Carlisle said, "I have to make a call. If Swan comes in before I'm done, don't be an asshole."

Awesome, more waiting.

45 minutes later Carlisle was still standing outside the window on his phone and the owner had still not appeared, no one in fact, had appeared and I was getting really fucking impatient. I was nervous anyway and now the contact whose approval I had to gain wasn't bothering to show up. My temper isn't the greatest and it was starting to tick the longer I stared at the back of Carlisle's head through the window and the empty doorway. I had actually gotten up and was pacing back and forth in the small room when on one of my turns I nearly ran face first into someone.

Through the empty doorway had come a young woman, who looked about my age wearing a pair of ripped filthy jeans, a tight black tank and black motorcycle boots. She had a wallet chain and long brown hair tied back in a ponytail and nearly ran into me as she was wiping grease off her hands with a shop rag and not paying attention to where she was walking. Now while it is normally a habit to notice shit about people, job necessary and all, this girl stood out as well because she was gorgeous for one thing and two, she looked really pissed once she saw me pacing in the waiting area.

I opened my mouth to apologize for nearly mowing her over when she gave me a quick up and down glance and said, "Who the hell are you?"

I couldn't stop the smart ass remark from coming. I just couldn't the waiting and the nerves had worn on my temper and I just couldn't stop it. Carlisle had warned me but sometimes it is hard to restrain the inner asshole.

"My buddy and I are waiting for Swan here princess so why don't you go find your boss and let him know we're here," I growled at her and felt my face flush with anger and annoyance.

Her expression already pissed ratcheted up a few notches once the words left my mouth and then her pretty face turned into a sarcastic sneer.

"Well prin-cess, "she began slowly, "I'm Swan so why don't you tell me what you and your buddy want otherwise you can take your sorry ass and get the hell out of my shop and off of my property!"


That was the first part, not sure when the next will be since I work full time but I will try to update with some regularity, I don't want to be an author who makes you wait forever. Hope you enjoyed.