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I looked at her and her eyes were blazing as she looked back at me.

"Bella you can't think like that. This can't be about revenge. Does Carlisle know about all this? I can't believe that he would agree to help you if he knew that you are in this to settle a vendetta."

"Yes he knows. And no, this is not about a vendetta or about revenge. This is about justice."

Chapter 6- Scars


After what I had just said there was silence. The only sound was my own harsh breathing after having been crying. I stared at the floor not wanting to look at Edward anymore. Having just bared a big piece of my soul I couldn't bear the thought of possibly seeing judgement in his eyes. I remember him saying his parents were dead. But they probably weren't murdered and if they were, hopefully he hadn't invited the killer into his life and given him access to everyone he loved, like I had. Because what I hadn't told Edward was that I was pretty sure I knew who killed my father and that bastard would never have been a part of the club, never had the opportunity had it not been for me.

I felt a hand on my shoulder; I flinched away not wanting to look at him, to talk anymore. The hand came back and shook my shoulder gently.

"Bella? Bella. Look at me please. "

It was the please that got me. I turned my head and started at his boots, working my way up from the ripped jeans, the plain black belt, the dirty t-shirt and jacket, finally to his face. Strong chin, large lips, strong nose just slightly crooked, and finally his eyes, those wide green eyes were moist as though he had been on the edge of tears. He took a deep breath and steeled himself.

"Bella I know what it is like to lose someone you love. I am sorry that happened to your dad. It is good that you told me this; the more information that you can share with me, the easier it will be to catch the bastard who did these things and put him away. But you need to understand that he needs to be put away. The goal of all this is to see this person behind bars. Not to take vengance and kill him like he did your father. Do you understand that? Like you said justice, not vengance. "

He was looking at me intently with a hand on each of my shoulders. By that time I had recovered enough to be a little annoyed by his speech and want to poke at him.

"I know." I pushed his hands away and got up to prowl around the garage, recovering my dad's motorcycle quickly.

"My idea of justice is to see that bastard rotting in jail and to be able to take the Volturi and turn it back into what it was. A club my father and mother could be proud of, a place that has some rough and rowdies but is respectable does good work and maybe we are feared but more for a reputation than actual proof of misdeeds. Even before my father died the group was changing. Getting more members with shady reputations, people who were heavy into drugs and ones who started moving things around, drugs, money. Since my father died it has gotten worse. I have seen things and done things that I am not proud of. And it just keeps getting worse. And people I love are dying and being threatened, I will not put up with it anymore. And so I put my faith in you, college boy, to help me stop it. Heaven help you if you can't do what you say and help me fix this."

I turned and glared at him, I was putting my last best hope in him and he had better fucking realize it. I expected Edward to pull himself back together and become the slightly sneering cocky bastard he had been for most of our interactions. But he remained the serious, sober man who I had spoken to only a few times, the first morning after we'd met and the earlier in the day in the office when I had harrassed him about college.

He stood up across from me and started stripping out of his shirt like he had earlier at Alice's. I backed up quickly holding up both hands.

"What are you doing?" I asked rather alarmed.

I kept back ing up until I met a bike behind me and could go no further without knocking it over. His eyes were angry; he stripped his undershirt off with jerky, heated motions.

"Comparing scars. You told me your story. Now you are going to listen to mine. You already saw most of it at Alice's anyway and I doubt that this is the first time you have seen a man with no shirt. I am tired of you mocking me. You aren't the only one who has been through shit. Maybe if we can understand each other, it will be easier to work together. Cause today was the most words I have gotten out of you in one session. You are sarcastic and caustic at every turn and if you really want my help, you can't be this way. I understand that in public you have to kick my ass, that's who you are.

But if you can't start to trust me with everything I can't find the person who killed your dad. And I think you know or suspect who it is Bella. I could see it on your face. When I talked about putting someone away I was speaking in abstract. You were picturing someone specific, talking about seeing them behind bars. Now sit down. It's your turn to listen."

Looking at him I could tell he was serious as a heartattack. There was no way to back out of this. So I sank back down onto the milk crate I had occupied before and waited. I could see it was hard for him to find the words. We can all talk about our emotions until we are blue in the face, but the big ones were more difficult. So I decided to help him.

"Tell me about the tattoo Edward. It may not be a scar technically, but if you want it covered badly enough to strip off in the middle of Alice's shop, it must have some heavy meaning behind it."

He nodded, mostly to himself and started to talk.


I was internally shaking as I tried to pick out the words to explain my story to Bella. Secrecy had been a part of my life for so long it was like an old coat. I put it on everyday, never explaining myself, never telling the whole truth because like with most people, the truth hurt. Carlisle and probably some of my superiors at the agency were the only people who knew my whole story, and Carlisle was the only one who I had willingly told.

Bella was watching me with wide eyes, kind of shocked I think that I had starting taking off my clothes.

A look crossed her face, part impatient and part sympathy. And then she said, for me to tell her about my tattoo, the playing card on my left pec that I had asked Alice about.

I blew out a breath and thought back.

"I got this, when I was in juvie the first time. It was where I first met this kid, Dimitri. I was maybe 14; he was the same age just with a whole different attitude. I thought I was all big and bad in my neighborhood. I had been doing errands for this shop, they chopped up cars. At the time I didn't think it was that big a deal. I started out running errands, and then I got jumped up to stealing the cars and bringing them to the shop. I was good at it cause I was still kind of small and quick, I could pick locks and hotwire cars, and I couldn't even drive yet. And people wouldn't look at me cause who would suspect a kid? My parents hated it. They tried everything they could to get me to stop. They were good people; I was just a little shit. "I felt my lips curve in a sort of rueful smile.

"Carlisle would probably say I was going through a rebellious stage. And I was, though most of the money I made I gave to my parents. My dad worked in a factory, my mom was a maid at a hotel, they were tough workers but it was hard to ever make ends meet. They told me to stop and that there were better ways to make money, honest ways, but I wouldn't listen. Then the shop got busted, and me along with it. Everyone else got some pretty intense jail time; I was the only one under 18 so off I went to juvie.

Anyway that's where I had the unfortunate experience of meeting Dimitri. The very first day I was there he broke my nose, that's why it's crooked. Said since I was new I owed him something, like a tax or something like that. I had nothing to give so he decked me. I didn't even see it coming. Then bam, blood pouring from my nose. After that first day I found out he ran that place like mob bosses run prisons. No one came in or out without doing something for Dimitri. I was there for a few months. I did the best I could to try and avoid him but he was always there, wanting something from me. I kept telling him I didn't have anything to give, and then two days before I left he decided that since I wasn't going to give, he was going to take. I woke up in the middle of the night to being tied to my bed and gagged with a sheet."

Bella gave a sharp intake of breath and looked at me very hard. I shook my head.

"It's not what you think. I was tied down face up; Dimitri had brought two of his goons, Felix and Alec. They ripped my shirt open and I thought that was what was going to happen when Dimitri got down into my face.

He said,'Masen I have given you time to come up with your tax, but now you are about to go home and you still haven't paid. So I have come up with a little reminder for you. You'll be back here and when you come back you will remember me, and remember that you owe me. Now be quiet little bitch otherwise this could get ugly.'

And so Alec fired up the homemade tattoo machine and they gave me this, as a reminder. "

I walked back to where I had sat while she talked and sank down; it was hard to tell these stories. Bella didn't say anything, just waitied for me to continue.

"Juvie did its' job. Scared the hell out of me and I tried for a long time to be a good kid. The only problem was that I was always getting into fights. The people I had worked for tried to get me to come back, when I said no they got mad. So I got the shit beaten out of me several times. Then I started to get older and be able to fight back, and when I saw them trying to recruit other kids from my neighborhood I started the fights. I told them to leave those kids the hell alone and to stay away.

I kept seeing all the pushers around my neighborhood. The dope dealers and the car thieves, It was more serious than that though because all of those people answered to someone else, someone higher, the big boss, a bastard just like Dimitri had been but bigger meaner, and even harder to get rid of. The cops tried to clean up my neighborhood. I can't tell you how many of them ended up being paid off just to leave and pretend that they made thei r patrols. Almost anyone can be bought; you just have to find the right price. I went back to juvie a few times, luckily Dimitri wasn't there when I did so it wasn't such an ordeal and I didn't get nearly as much time for fighting and assualt as I did for stealing cars, especially since most of the people I fought with were worse than me. That's where a lot of these marks came from, fighting."

Bella nodded and said "What about those Edward? The marks on your back and shoulders look like burn marks."

I gritted my teeth. "They are."

Her face softened and she reached out and lightly touched my arm, "Edward its okay, you don't have to keep going. "

I tipped my head back and tried to pretend I was examining the lights while I attempted to reign myself in. I managed to push the words out despite my reluctance. "Those marks are from the fire that killed my parents."

"We lived next door to this horrible old shack. Our house was no prize, none of the ones in that neighborhood were, but the one next to ours was the kind of house little kids talk about being haunted cause it was so rundown. But there were always people coming and going. We could never figure out exactly what they were doing, but there was always this horrid chemical smell around the house….."

I looked at Bella, she had a knowing look, "A meth lab?" she said.

I nodded. "One night I had been out with the other guys, playing ball and I was walking home with some buddies when fire trucks and ambulance and cop cars just went whipping past us. They usually avoided our neighborhood unless it was something serious so we all ran along afterwards following them. I didn't realize until I was nearly there that they were headed for my end of the block. When we got there my eyes just couldn't make sense of what I saw. The old house was just gone, down to the foundations like it hadn't existed, and my house and the one on the opposite side of the where the old house had been were both engulfed in flames.

I ran towards my house and didn't stop; I was through the front door and halfway up the stairs before the firefighters caught up with me. I tried to fight them off but they dragged me out, but not before the roof started to collapse. Their suits protected them but I got hit with some flaming wood. The burns were pretty bad but I hardly felt it, all I wanted to know was had my parents been home. The car was there and my neighbors said they had seen them go in but I didn't believe it until they brought out the body bags…" I took a deep shuddering breath.

"While I was in the hospital I became obsessed with finding out what happened. My friends came to visit and did some detective work for me. The police and fireman had said that what happened was that the chemicals in the meth lab became unstable and exploded, catching both my house and the one next door on fire. Some of my friends, they found out that one of the neighborhood pushers didn't like that people were buying meth instead of coke and that his business had been suffering enough that he decided to take out his competition. So he used a couple of Moltov cocktails and poof, no more competition, no more parents.

All my good intentions went out the window when my parents died. They released me into the custody of one of my friend's families while they tried to figure out what to do with me because I was nearly 18. I stalked that motherfucker for a week after I got out before I finally got close enough. I probably would have killed him had my friend's mother not seen me beating on him in the middle of the street. No one could pull me off of him but she called her brother who was an actual decent cop and he came and stopped it.

I was nearly sent to genuine prison for assult but the story of what he had done came out during my trial and the judge was sympathetic to the kid who had just lost his parents. So back to juvie I went and that's where I met up with Dimitri again.

I tried to avoid him like I had before but it didn't work, I tried to ignore him. He would find me and rip my shirt to show the tat on my chest saying I still owed him. Then some idiot told him about my family and he said something to me one day during his daily taunting of me. I went wild, I tried to beat the hell out of him, and I got in a few good hits before the guards pulled me off him. But that night Dimitri came and got payback, tenfold. I woke up to being burned with a lit cigarette in my back. "

I pointed to the small round scar, "and then they tied my hands and mouth and took turns beating on me. I was older this time and could take a lot more considering the fighting I had been doing at home, it was painful to say the least but I let them think I was a lot more beaten down than I was. I waited until they weren't paying as much attention to me and then I worked my hands loose and pulled the gag away, I started screaming for the guards and tried to run, but I was weaker than I had thought because of the burns. Dimitri had a knife, that's where this came from, "

I pointed to a long scar on my back, over my left shoulder, "he was aiming for my heart but it didn't go deep enough. I twisted and he stabbed me in the leg, I have another nasty scar on my thigh but I will preserve your dignity and not show it to you."

Bella gave me a weary smile, "Thanks. It sounds like he was trying to kill you, what happened?"

"Being stabbed in the leg was the last thing I remember cause I blacked out. I lost a lot of blood; he came very close to the artery in my leg which is what he had been aiming for. I woke up in the hospital. Sitting next to my bed was this blonde haired ken doll who asked me a million questions. It was Carlisle, the FBI was interested in the case because it turned out that Dimitri's dad was high up in the Russian mob and he had been grooming junior to take over, happily attempted murder fucked up those plans and I believe Dimitri is still at Riker's Island since he was tried as an adult.

Carlisle and I got along really well. When it came time for me to get out he talked me into moving in with him and his wife. He told me that if I did what he did, I could stop people like Dimitri and the guy that started that fire by helping take down the people who paid them, the movers, ones who moved guns, drugs, money, and people. I liked the idea and he said that in order to do that I had to go to college. He paid for it all, and I worked my ass off, not just because I was grateful but because he said that he'd given me a chance and if I wasted it there would not be another. He gave me the opportunity to be the man my parents had raised me to be, rather than the little shit I had been when they were alive. And I meant what I said earlier, I would give it all back to have them here with me again, for them to see that I wasn't always that angry rebellious kid."

I fell silent after that, not sure what else to say. After a moment Bella lightly slapped my leg.

"Well aren't we just a couple of fucked up miscreants?" Bella said obviously being scarcastic but she sounded more tired than angry. "That story would make you fit in with the club perfectly. When it was my father and Aro running the club, they liked people with families, wives, etc. Now, they prefer loners. No family. So the club becomes your family. Becomes so important that you would do anything for it. If anyone asks you about your family, tell an abbriveated version of that, just leave out the rehabilitated, joining the FBI parts. You will fit in perfectly. "

Bella scrubbed her hands over her face and blew out a breath.

"Well after all that I think we call it a day Edward."

I opened my mouth to protest but she held up a hand.

"I know that we aren't done talking. But I think we have both had enough for tonight. I am done with the emotional purging for the evening. Go home. Do whatever it is that you need to do to work through it and come back tomorrow. Personally I am going to go home and have a drink and get this goddamn tape off my back before it starts itching anymore. "

I rubbed my hand against the back of my neck awkwardly as scenes from the shop and Bella topless in a pink towel surfaced in my head, "Shit your tattoo! I forgot about it completely. Are you alright?"

Bella stood up and walked to hang the picture of her family back on the wall, she made sure it was straight then turned and gave a tight smile over her shoulder.

"Don't worry about it Edward. That kind of pain is nothing compared to the rest."

I stood and watched as she took off the leather jacket and slung it over the back of her bike. She kept her back to me and said,
"I have some work to do in here yet, shut the door behind you."

It was a dissmissal if ever I had heard one.

I lifted the garage door and ducked under it, sliding it back down behind me. It had barely hit the cement before I heard the lock click from the inside.

It was dark already; the shop closed up and sign dark. I walked over to the gravel lot where employees parked. There were no bikes and no cars remaining other than my truck.

By habit I checked around, scanned the building, my truck, Bella's private garage, no signs of anything out of the ordinary.

I was trying to get into the habit of noticing what was normal and what was not. This wasn't a fantastic neighborhood, but it wasn't too bad. A little chancy after dark but the people around here knew Charlie's. If what Bella said about the Volturi and their reputation was true, anyone around here who might think about messing with the shop would be monuementally stupid.

Driving on the highway back to my place I watched the mirror, no one was tailing me. It was getting hard after as much time as I had spent in the garage to be on red alert all the time. Everyone I'd met so far seemed to be nice genuine people, all of whom were vouched for by Bella. I had yet to meet any of the major players, besides Bella.

I wasn't really all that clear on the inner workings of the club yet. Tonights admissions had been the most information I had gotten from her since we'd met. I was hoping that this would be a beginning something to lead to her trusting me more.

I sighed; it was hard to even think of all the things I had to learn. So many angles to explore, so many things to look for. The lights flashed as I turned on my street. I pulled into the spot at my building and headed in. It had been a long day to say the least. Once the doors were locked and I had kicked off my boots and put the guns away it was just me and an old bottle of johnny walker black. I stood at the kitchen sink looking out the window at nothing as I poured the first shot. It burned down my throat all the way into oblivion.


The next morning my head hurt but wasn't much worse for wear considering my friendship with whiskey from the night before. I think a lot of it came from spilling my guts, which is a lot more painful than any hangover I possibly could have had. As a result I was a bit light sensitive and grouchy but mostly alright. The same could be said for Bella when I got into work that morning. She was a little pale but other than that mostly normal, she gave me a brisk nod when I came in for the morning meeting but nothing else.

As usual everyone was gathered in the break room chatting waiting to hear the business or assignments for the day, when Bella came in and got settled the noise turned down and everyone looked at her expectantly.

"Hey guys. Not a real heavy load today, which is nice since it is Friday. Leah I want you to continue working on the bike for Rodriguez, and have Seth help. "Leah nodded. Bella turned her attention to the next person.

"Seth today you are staying at the shop, no errands today. I'll run any errands we have since I have to leave this afternoon for a meeting. "

When Bella said this the eyes of all the people that Bella had said were club members looked at her sharply. Bella met Jacob, Jasper, Rose and Leah's eyes each briefly and gave one nearly imperceptable nod. Something to do with club business then I imagined. Bella strictly avoided eye contact with me for the rest of the meeting.

When everyone's assignments were settled for the day I got up and headed towards the office but I noticed that Jacob and Bella had hung back behind while everyone else scattered to their jobs for the day, they were talking softly in the corner of the breakroom when I left. Once in the office I sent Bella a text.

We need to talk, what's going on?

Ten minutes later the door to the office swung open and was quickly shut and locked behind Bella.

"What's up Edward? What do you want to talk about?" She asked. She was still avoiding my gaze.

I raised an eyebrow at her.

"Really? Are you really going to try and play stupid with me? Something's up. You never leave the shop in the middle of the day, and every club member's eyes snapped right to you when you said that you had to leave for a meeting. So I repeat myself, what's going on?"

She rolled her eyes. "There are a lot of things that I haven't yet told you about the group Edward. There are some things that I can't say because if you are to be initiated they will have to be a surprise and if it was let on that you were told I could have a lot of problems."

I folded my hands behind my head in the chair and looked at her waiting.

"Fine, lets start small. What was Jacob talking to you about and don't tell me it was shop business."

Bella pushed away from the door where she had been leaning and when and sat on the leather couch. She ran her fingers through her long brown hair and pushed it away from her face.

"Jacob wanted to know if I wanted him to go with me. I told him no because this is a private meeting and only myself and a few others will be there. This meeting is to decide when and where the first good weather ride will be and what will happen at the meet to follow. I am going to tell them at this meeting that I have someone I would like to see considered for membership. In the weeks that you have been here I have gotten to know you enough that I think you can cut it."

I sucked in a deep breath when she said that. It meant that I was being given a real chance. I had passed the test.

"There will only be a few people there. If you want to compare it to the army this is a meeting of the general and some lieutenants. Jasper and Jacob could press to go if they really wanted because they are technically considered lieutenants, but since I was the one the message was passed through and they owe loyalty to me, then I decide whether or not they go. This is a private meeting. That means you can't follow me either. Don't think that I haven't noticed you."

She looked at me straight.

I shrugged, "Just doing my job boss lady. " I gave her a mocking smile.

"Uh-huh." She got up and headed back towards the door. "I have errands to run. I don't know when I will next see you with the weekend coming up but I will be in touch. Let me know if you need anything. I will have some information for you on Monday for certain. In the meantime stay out of trouble. "

I saluted her, "Will do."

She wrinkled her nose at me, "Whatever college boy, just behave."

Before I could respond the door clicked shut behind her.


The rest of the day I was on pins and needles, hoping that Bella would come back before I left for the day. Mostly I just wanted to make sure she was alright. It was my job to make sure that she stayed in one piece at least that was what I was trying really hard to tell myself was the reason. It was definetly part of it; I did not want Bella to end up in the bay like Harry Clearwater had.

I tried not to dwell too much on the other parts of it, but the fact was this job was consuming so much of my mind lately and Bella was a part of every aspect. Images of her flashed through my brain as I drew, Bella's hair whipping in the wind as she rode to Alice's shop. Her smirky smile as she called me college boy, her face smugdged and dirty with tear tracks as she listened to me tell my story then other night, and last but certainly not least, her swaggering past me with nothing but a pink towel held over her breasts and a pair of low slung blue jeans as she went to get her tattoo touched up at Alice's shop. I was thinking way too much about Bella lately. In ways that weren't safe for either of us.

I was so caught up in my head and what I was drawing that I didn't hear the person standing behind me until it was too late.

"What's that you're drawing Edward?" Rose's voice rang out loudly over my shoulder.

I glanced down quickly at my pad, it was still a bike but it had taken on a more feminine style than it had when I started. You could see the suggestion of curves more like a woman's body than a bike. I covered the pad up quickly before I turned around and answered her, trying to give myself some time to recover and collect my thoughts.

"Just an idea I had for a bike. Why? What's up? Do you need me for something?" I asked her as I turned in my chair to face her.

She leaned in the open doorway all her weight on one side with her arms folded watching me. The look she was giving me was a very measuring as if I sat on a scale.

Rose gave a good imitation of Bella's normal sneer,"Honey I don't need you for anything. But some of the crew is going out to the bar tonight and you have been here long enough we thought we'd ask if you wanted to go. Interested?"

I stretched and checked the clock, I had been locked in here in my own little world for so long I had lost track of time, it was about 5 minutes after the shop had closed.

"Sure, when and where?" I stood up and started gathering my shit for the day and checking my pockets for all the usual, wallet, keys, cell, etc.

"The boys are heading over now. "She said, pointing out back where we all parked. "Hurry and you can head with them. We ladies will be there in a bit." She smirked when she said this like she was in on a secret I wasn't.

I nodded, "Okay well I'll just head over with the guys and I'll see you later, thanks for the invite."

Rose clicked down the hall towards the break room on the needle thin heels that she wore everyday and it boggled my mind how she fixed bikes in them but she called out over her shoulder.

"Oh don't worry Edward, it was my pleasure."

Not being sure what to make of that last comment I shut the door of the office behind me and quickly headed out towards the parking lot where Jasper and Jacob stood waiting for me.

The two main men in the shop leaned against the side of Bella's garage talking quietly as I walked towards them. Both tall and strong, Jacob still towered over Jasper in height; he was nearly 6'7 and had the muscles to prove it. Most of the time Jacob looked like he could lift the whole bikes by himself without using the hydrolic lifts that the mechanics worked at.

Jasper was quieter, much less of a joker than Jacob. He was tall and raw boned, he looked thin but you could see the cords in his arms when he moved. And he moved like someone who knew how to fight. Despite Jacob being such a big and imposing guy if they had been people I needed to be careful of, Jasper, not Jacob would have been the one I watched out for.

They stopped talking when I got closer, just a slight head tilt and eye shift from Jasper and Jacob stopped talking mid sentence. I pretended not to notice and greeted them like normal when I got closer.

"Hey, what's up? Rose tells me that we are going to a bar tonight. "

They both started towards me Jacob smiling, Jasper giving me a similar look to what Rose had earlier, as though I was being measured.

"Yeah man, we're going to do some drinking to shake off this week and ring in the weekend. You want to drive? Our women have the vehicles and since it looks like rain we might want to leave the bikes."

I gestured them towards my truck, "Sure no big deal, it would definietly be safer, hydroplaning on a bike is no fun."

We crunched across the gravel towards the truck and I unlocked it while Jacob elbowed Jasper out of the way for the front seat.

"Ow! Fuck, there was no reason for that." Jasper rubbed his side as he climbed into the back cab of the truck. "You could have just asked to sit up front douchebag."

Jacob gave him a wide grin as he settled comfortably into the front seat stretching out his long legs.

"I'm taller than you; I should get the front automatically, no matter what."

Jasper snorted and gave him a look, "I'd like to see you tell the girls that. They would have your balls for earrings."

Jacob twisted in the seat to mock glare at Jasper. "That's a whole different thing man. You don't mess with the women; you just give them what they want. It is far less painful for everyone that way."

While they argued back and forth, I swung up into the driver's seat of my truck and attracted their attention when I started the engine and the rumble drowned out the conversation.

"This is a sweet ride Edward. If I haven't mentioned before, bikes are the best, but this is a close second, a good truck with a big engine." Jacob made a grunting noise of appreciation.

I grinned back at him and pulled the truck across the lot towards the road, "Where are we going?"

"Turn left here." Jasper said quietly from the back seat.

I did as he said and we continued talking as I drove with occasional directions from the back seat. It seemed like I was driving in circles. Traffic wasn't the greatest in the city on a Friday but still, it seemed as though we took an extra long time to get a distance that wasn't all that far from the shop.

In the end we arrived at a large industrial looking building with row upon row of bikes parked outside it as well as cars and trucks, everything from old beaters to bmws.

We went indoors passing a big burly guy who made Jacob look small and headed to the bar. I scoped out the building as we walked, it seemed to be divided up because the inside wasn't nearly as big as the outside suggested. The bar itself was divided up into 3 different areas, there was a dance floor where a fair number of couples were moving to the loud blasting hard rock that the dj was spinning over the speakers. There was a long chestnut colored bar above which hung parts and motors and classic pieces of bikes, just next to the bar were a few tables and they off to the side were six pool tables, all currently occupied.

Most of the people in the bar were dressed similarly to Jacob, Jasper and I, ripped jeans, boots, lots of black and wallet chains. There werea lot of people dressed in riding leathers as well and along one wall near the bar was a line of hooks and knobs to place gear and helmets. As we walked up to the bar Jacob nodded to the bar tender, a tall man with long blond hair pulled back in a ponytail and a small goatee on his chin. Jacob held up three fingers and the bartender who paused in what he was doing to briefly shake my hand and say his name was Garret, slid three beers down the bar towards us.

Jacob tapped his bottle to both mine and Jasper's, "To the end of the work week and to being one week closer to regular riding season."

"Right." "Cheers." Said Jasper and I.

Jacob caught Garret's eye and they immediately began an indepth conversation about bikes and left Jasper and I standing awkwardly for a moment before he turned to me.

"Ali says that you have a tat you want covered up. What's wrong with it?" he asked me conversationally.

Jasper was trying to put me at ease but there was just a feeling in the background whenever I talked to him that he was trying to gauge different things about me. Like I was being watched or compared to someone.

As answer to his question I pulled my t-shirt up high enough so he could see it.

Jasper blanched and took another pull from his beer, "That looks like it hurt. You shouldn't have struggled so much."

I froze, looking at him with my beer bottle halfway to my lips. "What the hell are you talking about?"


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