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Chapter 1:

I nervously tapped the armrest of my seat. I hated flying; images of the plan crashing constantly ran through my head. We hadn't even taken off yet and I was already in desperate need for a scotch on the rocks, which was my signature drink for flying only. I was a bit of a lightweight, and this did the trick. Two of those and I was peacefully snoozing until we landed at our destination, at least if we crashed I would go out with a smile on my face.

I put my head back on the headrest and took a deep breath, closing my eyes trying my best to focus. This would hopefully be my last plane ride for a while.

"Excuse me." A deep husky voice interrupted my thoughts. The instant my eyes opened my panties were wet. I looked up into the dark eyes and noticed a grin playing at the corners of his mouth, "Oh. Sorry." I instantly scooted myself in so he could get past me.

This ladies and gentleman, was going to be my neighbor for the flight, the entire six hours of it.

I licked my lips in anticipation.

I pulled one of the magazines out of the holder from the seat in front of me and began flipping through it; my mind however was not focused on this magazine at all. I watching my delicious seat compartment neighbor out of the corner of my eye getting settled in for our flight, and once he was all settled he turned to face out the window.

Let the eye fucking commence.

I studied him as he studied the airport runway and the chaos outside the window. He had the most beautiful black hair, it looked soft and silky and I desperately wanted to find out. He had the most beautiful russet skin, and the sleeves of his white t-shirt were tight against his biceps. I think I needed a napkin to wipe the drool off my chin.

I placed my arm on the armrest only to find that his was already there. I swore I felt a huge jolt of electricity pass between us, "Sorry." I said softly, his eyes met mine. "No problem." He grinned. Oh how I love his smile.

I was interrupted from my daydream of the things I would love to do with this man sitting beside me by the flight attendant going through her spiel about what to do in case of an emergency. Usually this was the part when I would be chugging my first scotch on the rocks, but for some reason I didn't think I was going to need that indulgence this flight.

I half listened to the flight attendant and then the announcement from the pilot, I began to strap myself in like he announced and our hands met for a second time. I felt the same twinge pass through my arm straight to my nether regions. My face began to grow hot, and I'm sure I was about ten shades of red. It wasn't from embarrassment, either.

When the ding of freedom finally rang signaling we could move about the cabin, much to my disappointment my sexy neighbor got up out of his seat. "Excuse me." He scooted past me and then something amazing happened.

He reached up into the overhead compartment to get something out of his carry-on, his white t-shirt riding up a little displaying to me what he had to offer. I saw a few of the very defined muscles on his abs and the tell-tell sex lines which taunted me with the perfect 'V' that would lead me to the promised land. I had to keep myself from tracing it with my fingertip.

Once he was done rummaging around in the overhead compartment, I heard it close and my eyes instantly darted elsewhere. I swear I heard him chuckle before he said "Excuse me again." This time he walked past me his front facing me, his eyes boring deep into mine. I think my heart skipped a beat.

My mystery man once again took the seat next to me getting settled in, I really thought about getting that scotch on the rocks. I put my head back on the headrest and shut my eyes, visions of me and my sexy seat companion ran through my mind.

I opened my eyes, and realized I had no idea how much time passed, quickly I glanced down at my watch. Fuck. I slept most of the flight and now my eye fucking time would be soon coming to a close. I stretched out my very kinked neck and I heard a slight laugh emit from my mystery man.

"You talk in your sleep you know? Sounds like you were having some really great dreams over there."

Oh for the love of all that's holy.

I just laughed lightly in response; I had no idea of what to even say to that. My cheeks blazed and my throat felt extremely dry. "I'll be back." I murmured as I stood up out of my seat. I stretched and looked around the plane; it looked like everyone was asleep. I guess that would make sense, it was a late flight.

Once I got my bearings I headed towards the restrooms, I hated plane bathrooms so small and cramped.

I clicked the lock shut after I entered, immediately I looked at my reflection in the mirror. My eyes had that sleepy look, and my hair was messed up a little. I straightened it out the best I could with my fingers. I pulled my lip gloss out of my pocket and applied some, it helped but I really wanted to wash my face.

I shrugged at my reflection, knowing within about 45 minutes we'd be landing in Seattle.

Home again. But oh how I would miss New York.

I opened the door to the bathroom, and there he stood. A mixture of surprise, shock, and desire filled my body.

He grinned at me, it was a mischievous grin. His hands found my shoulders and gently pushed me back into the bathroom, locking the door behind us.

Was I still dreaming? I had to be. There was no way this was happening, I was about to become a member of the mile high club with some guy I didn't even know but made my insides melt like butter on a hot piece of toast.

Our eyes met and I could see the lust in his eyes, it made me instantly wet. Our stare was broken by his lips crushing against mine, my mouth opened giving him full access and our tongues met hungrily.

My hands snaked up his body and grabbed a fistful of that beautiful black hair, and it was as silky as it looked. His hands cupped my breasts through my shirt; I knew this had to be short and sweet.

Do they kick people of planes for this? Or will we just be handcuffed when we arrive in Seattle?

I forgot all my worries when he moved his mouth from my lips down my jaw line, placing gentle kisses in his path. Once he got to my neck he began sucking and gentle nibbling. I moaned trying to keep it as low as possible.

His hands quickly moved down to unbutton my jeans, and my hands followed suit with his. I felt him push my jeans down my legs as placed a strategic lick under my earlobe, I shivered.

Before I could push his jeans down, my mystery hunk lifted me up on the small counter in the bathroom. His mouth once again found mine as I heard the tiny tear of a foil square, I moaned into his mouth with anticipation of what was to come.

He fucking growled, and it was so hot. I felt the tip of his erection on my wet folds, and with one groan he thrust into me. I wanted to moan and scream but I had to keep it low, so I bit into my mystery man's neck. He moaned into my hair. "Shit."

He continued to thrust into me, our breaths ragged and sweat running down our faces. My hands traveled up underneath his t-shirt and I felt all the lines of his muscles, I heard him groan again and I could tell he was close. I ran my fingernails down his chest, and our eyes met. "Cum for me." I begged him; our gaze never broke as I felt him tense and let out a very low moan. "Fuck that was good." His voice was hushed between breaths.

I felt him grow soft inside me while we both caught our breath. He pulled out wrapping the condom in a tissue and throwing it in the wastebasket under the counter. He shot me a sexy grin while he buckled his belt and stepped out of the bathroom like nothing happened.

I couldn't believe what I had just done; I never did that type of thing. There was just something about that beautiful stranger. I composed myself before leaving the bathroom getting a nasty stare from one of the flight attendants.

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