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Debra; Therapist POV

I'm sitting down in my comfortable chair sipping my coffee, I'm getting a new patient today. His mother called me last week frantically. I remember the conversation. It went something like this....

"Hello, this is Marissa Benson. I'm calling to set up an appointment for my Son, Fredward." Fredward? Who names their son Fredward? Don't judge Debbie...Don't judge...

"Oh, um. Ok. Just to let you know I charge twenty dollars an hour and..." I began before Marissa interrupted me quickly.

"Oh I already know I've done a background check on you on: Splash face, LickaPedia, Foogal, WooHoo, and of course . I know all about you. Debra Angelic Johnson. You've been married to Joseph Peter Johnson for 45 years. And have six children and twenty grandchildren." I froze in my place and put my cup of orange juice down. If this was Fredward's mother, I don't want to imagine the train wreak her child must be. I shuddered. I need to really lock my doors and windows tonight. I rubbed my temples as I answered.

"Um...That is correct. Now if you want to set up an appointment-" She cut me off again. What was with this women?

"Hold your daffodils! Do you live near woods?" Do I live near woods...What? How is that relevant and/or important?

"Um...No I do not." I answered questioningly.

"Ok, that's good. I won't have to worry about ticks than..." Ticks? Oh god, she's probably a part of 'Aggressive Parenting' group. I've been trying to shut that group down for years now. "Do you live on busy roads?"

"No...?" I answered.

"Ok so I don't have to worry about Taco Trucks." Ok, this lady is off her rocker.

"Taco trucks...." I began before she interrupted again.

"Do you live by a lake?" She asked. Probably about him drowning.

"Ok, no wild Geese. You seem safe enough. Ok, I'll be there three-thirty next Sunday. Goodbye." And like that she hung up. Oh boy, this will be interesting.

Just as I took another sip of coffee, I heard a knock on my door. I walked across the hall as I opened the door only to see a mother licking her hand and trying to fix her teenage son's hair while her son was clearly trying to make her stop.

"No...Ugh...MOM! I'm fine! No...STOP!" The young man said as he pushed his mom's hand away and messed with his hair to make the end of his hair stick up.

"Oh, hello. I'm Marissa Benson. This is my son, Freddie. Say hi young man." Marissa said more towards her son than I.

"Hello, I'm pleased to meet you." Her son politely said as he held out his hand so we could shake hands in a friendly introduction. So far, this kid seemed normal. His mother, not so much.

"Well, I'm going to be in the room right next to where your business room is so I can make sure my Fredward is safe and sound." Marissa said as she gazed lovingly towards her son.

"Mom! I'll be fine!" Fredward said whiningly to his mother. She gave him a look and pushed him inside my house.

"So, why do you have your clients come to your house?" Marissa said questioningly. I got this alot.

"Because, in order to create a open and safe environment, you need to be able to share everything with your clients." I said as I led them down to my office. Marissa sat down on a chair outside my office room. She pulled out an "Aggressive Parenting Magazine." I knew it. I lead Fredward into my room. I closed the room, it was soundproof.

"Ok, Fredward. Sit anywhere. Don't worry everything we say in this room is confidential, what is said in here stays in here. Unless you are planning to hurt yourself, hurt others, or someone is hurting you. To prove this is secretive. Scream something." I said smiling, Fredward looked cautious as he let out a weak yelp. I laughed, "that was weak!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "Marissa! I'm molesting your son!" Fredward's eyes widened. But after a few seconds when he realized she couldn't hear me. He smiled and sat down on one of my three couches in my counseling room. I sat on a chair so I was facing him.

"Now, to get started I have a survey here. I'll ask the questions. You answer and I'll answer too, and we'll both get to know each other a bit better." I smiled and he nodded in approval.

I got a good look at this boy. He's probably around fifteen or sixteen. He has dark hair that stands straight up at the end, and had dark eyes to match. He's wearing a stripped red polo with a grey layered shirt underneath. He's wearing converse and jeans. He has a bit of a boyish face, but than again so does my husband still and he's sixty-two! All-around he seems like a pretty normal kid so far.

"Ok, first question, what's your full name? Do you have a nickname you preferred to be called? My full name is Debra Angelic Johnson. But please, call me Debbie."

"I'm Fredward Karl Benson. I despise my name, so call me Freddie." Ah, the kid has common sense too. He knows he has a horrid name. What was his mother thinking.

"How old are you? When's your birthday? Even though I don't like to admit it...I'm sixty. I turned sixty on December 3rd."

"I'm sixteen, I'll be seventeen on February 4th." He answered. I'm quickly filling out this survey so I don't forget any of this information.

"Alright. Who lives at home? Well I live with my husband, Joe. And we get visits from our six children every once in awhile.

"Just me and my mom." I wrote down, 'Father?' on my separate notepad.

"Now, how did/do you do in school? I got pretty average grades, A's and B's."

"All A's." I wrote down he's a smart kid on my yellow notepad again.

"Do you have any hobbies? Well I enjoy reading, and gardening and I've been getting into quilting lately!"

"Technology. I'm even the tech producer of a web cast, iCarly!" iCarly...That seems familiar. Oh yeah! My granddaughter Lilly loves that show! I should watch it tonight and see what it's all about. '' I wrote quickly.

"Who are your friends? Well, besides my husband and family. I have three best friends. Dorothy, she's been my best friend since we were born. Delilah, I met her in college, we've been through some wild nights together! And Jennifer, she was my daughter's best friends mother. We were the Soccer Mom Duet!" I laughed at how old I must've sounded. But to my surprise, Freddie just laughed.

"My best friend's are Carly, Spencer and Sam...Carly is so perfect. My dream girl, I've been in love with her since I first met her when we where twelve. She's the host of iCarly too!" He gazed dreamily into space. I wrote down, 'THINKS he's in love...'

"Spencer is Carly's older brother, he's the only guy in my life I can turn to for advice. He's really funny too." Next to Spencer I wrote, 'Father-figure.''

"And Sam?" I asked, he seemed like he was trying to avoid that subject.

"Sam is...Sam. She constantly causes me physical and emotional trauma. I only hang out with her because she's Carly's best friend. She's obnoxious, unhygienic, insulting, and just plain disgusting." He had a disgusted look on his face.

"Than why is she your best friend?" I asked.

"Because, as much as I hate to admit it, I care about her. And I know deep, deep, DEEP down. She cares about me too. Hell, you'll find Narnia before you find a piece of her that cares for me, but you'll find it. Sam and I are the sidekicks of iCarly. She's the co-host, I'm the tech guy. She used to be really violent, heck, she still is. But she's gotten better....ish. Not really. In fact, scratch that whole, 'gotten better' thing. She's a blonde-haired demon. But she's beaten up five guys who have given me a wedge, but only because she says that's her job. And I've let her cheat off my tests because I don't want her to stay back and risk iCarly's popularity. We have a mutual hatred relationship." I wrote down next to Sam, 'Love/Hate relationship.'

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