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Mikan: Nope! X)

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Hotaru: She's an idiot what did u expect?

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Gakuen Alice IM name's:

Polka-dots - Mikan

BlackFire - Natsume

AnimalLover – Ruka

NanoGirl – Hotaru

ShadowMaster – Tsubasa

Cloner- Misaki

Polka-dots, ShadowMaster, & Cloner have signed in.

Polka-dots: Tsubasa-sampai! Misaki!

Cloner: Hey Mikan, Tsubasa

ShadowMaster: Hey girls

Cloner: Mikan why's your name Polka-dots?

Polka-dots: Natsume changed it and he said that if I change it back he'll burn my hair!

Cloner: that's harsh

Polka-dots: yeah :(

ShadowMaster: can't u nullify it?

Polka-dots: ....u're right!

Cloner: ......problem solved

AnimalLover has signed in.

Polka-dots: hey Ruka-pyon!

AnimalLover: hey! btw I have something u 3 will want to hear

Cloner: what?

AnimalLover: Natsume just found out about the SA family tree

ShadowMaster: so?

Cloner: wasn't Natsume put down as Ruka's bro so therefore our son?

Polka-dots: O.o

ShadowMaster: ....should I be scared?

BlackFire has signed on.

Cloner: we'll know now


Cloner: and mine not to mention Ruka's bro

BlackFire: .....what's that make Polka? my sister?

Polka-dots: NO!

ShadowMaster: no she's.....wait Mikan's all the way on the other side!

AnimalLover: her and Hotaru started it

Cloner: and her parents were those 2 uhhh....Yuka and sensei wasn't it?

ShadowMaster: ya...I should've put Mikan as my daughter..... :(

Polka-dots: does that mean we have to make a new 1?

ShadowMaster: no I'll just have u 'marry' 1 of my 'sons'

Polka-dots: but i'm Tono's wife aren't I?

Cloner: nope

Polka-dots: ok! :)

ShadowMaster: now who will be Mikan's 'husband'?

BlackFire: polka's mine

Polka-dots: what?! no!!

BlackFire: I stole your underwear, a look at your chest, and your 1st kiss

Cloner: WHAT!!!???

AnimalLover: O.O

ShadowMaster: WHAT DID U DO TO MY KOHAI?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

BlackFire: and seeing as how she keeps crying and whining about not being able to get married thanx to me....

Polka-dots: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cries*

Cloner: it's ok Mikan sigh ttyl i'm gonna go comfort Mikan

Cloner has signed off

Polka-dots: i hate u Natsume!

Polka-dots has signed off

BlackFire: i think it's time to change polka's name

BlackFire has signed off

ShadowMaster: how hard do u think it'll be to stop him this time?

AnimalLover: very but we should still try

ShadowMaster: i just hope he doesn't kill us....

ShadowMaster has signed off

AnimalLover: same

AnimalLover has signed off

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Mikan:....you ok?

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Mikan: *bolts*

LonerBlackCat5: *sigh* she's soooo f*ing lucky.


Ok first I wasn't kidding when I said I'm gonna do a Gakuen Alice, Shugo Chara crossover. This should be started some time during summer if not a little earlier. Second I'm taking requests to be in this story (send a message saying what name you would like used and if there is anything particular you want to say). Third, and I can't believe I'm doing this, I'll be taking story requests (message me with request on manga/book/ect & I'll see what I can do. Plus what kind of story. I'll say who requested it but, if there are stories that are really similar I'll just put them togeter.) but, there's a limit. I will post on my page what's going on because I've got beta reading for nicegal1 and homework and everything else. So check my page to see what's going on under the LATEST NEWS section.

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