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Thunderbird One hovered just over the accident scene. From his vantage point, Scott could see that it was bad. He was the first to arrive and maneuvered his bird around the area trying to find a safe place to set her down.

Initial reports had come back that there were multiple vehicles involved and an undetermined number of injured persons. The reports were that there was an accident with a lot of injuries. "That's an understatement," Scott mumbled to himself. He had counted at least eleven cars. All seemed to be destroyed in some form or fashion.

Trying to piece together an idea of what had happened, he looked around. A jackknifed semi looked as if it was the cause as it came around the curve. A curve that began right at the bridge. With the thick fog there wasn't anyway that oncoming traffic could see it until they were already on top of it and then it was too late to do anything.

It looked as if there were cars on top of cars. Some having even gone over the edge of the bridge. "Thunderbird One to Thunderbird Two," Scott said as he found a safe spot to land.

"Go ahead Thunderbird One," came the reply.

"Dad, we need to get this road closed down as soon as possible," he advised. "There are cars everywhere and this fog is so thick you can cut it with a knife."

"Already on that, Son," Jeff replied. "Thunderbird Two is fifteen minutes from your location. Is it possible for you to give a status report as to how many cars were involved?"

Setting Thunderbird One down and releasing the restraints, Scott looked out the cockpit window and paused before answering. "Damn," he thought to himself, "this looked bad from the air but it's ten times worse seeing it up close and personal."

"It looks to be around eleven or more," Scott finally replied as he grabbed for the gear he'd need."

"Okay, Son," Jeff said. "Do what you can until we get there but keep comms open and apprise us of any changes in the situation."

"Will do, Dad." Exiting Thunderbird One, Scott ran quickly towards the scene. As he got closer he realized just how dangerous this rescue op was going to be. The smell of fuel and oil permeated the air, the closer he got. He saw the tanker truck just ahead and his blood ran cold through his veins and his heart skipped a few beats when he realized exactly what kind of fuel it had been hauling.

"Great," Scott breathed to himself, "this just went from bad to worse." He immediately contacted Thunderbird Two with the information.

"Dad, the tanker was hauling jet fuel," Scott said as he ran up to the rolled tanker.

There was a distinct pause before the reply as that news hit Jeff and the others, "Copy that and keep sharp, Son."

"Always do, Dad," Scott answered as he bent down and looked through the shattered windshield of the tanker. Reaching inside he checked for a pulse , but it was evident that the driver had already succumbed to his injuries. Making his way to the first car, Scott checked the passengers for any signs of life and finding none in that vehicle either, he moved on to the next.

"God," Scott whispered to himself after finding no living victims in the next three vehicles, "Are they all dead?" Scott had been relaying information to his Dad and brothers the whole time but the silence of the scene was starting to really get to him.

That is until he heard the sweet sound of Thunderbird Two's engines as she flew overhead to look for a place to make a safe landing. Climbing over the debris of a car that was on top of the another, Scott was slowly lowering himself down to the hood of the fourth vehicle. Gaining his balance on the twisted vehicle, he heard what sounded like crying coming from the inside. The SUV was smashed in from the front as well as the back from the impact of other cars. Scott had to lean over the crumpled hood to see into the vehicle, where he saw a man and woman slumped in the driver and passenger seats. The crying was coming from the back of the SUV but Scott couldn't see anything.

"Sir, sir, can you hear me?" Scott yelled through the windshield. Scott was relieved when he saw a small response from both the man and the woman at his shout. Shattering the windshield, Scott climbed further into the vehicle and began checking the injuries of both passengers. He pulled himself further inside so that he could see where the crying was coming from the backseat.

There he found a crying toddler, still in the car seat, but the seat itself was more or less in the floorboard of the vehicle. "Shhh, little one," Scott soothingly whispered as he reached to check the little fellow for injuries. "It's okay, I've got you." Relieved to see that the toddler was relatively okay, except for some minor cuts and bruises, Scott gently released him from the car seat and cradling him to his chest he slowly began to make his way out of the vehicle.

Scott was relieved to hear Virgil's voice calling for him as he finally crawled out of the vehicle with the precious cargo. Glancing around at the wreckage, Scott realized he was going to have to climb over two other vehicles in order to hand over the toddler to his brother. He would then hand the child over to Virgil so that he could get him to safety.

"I'm over here, Virg," Scott called, slowly making his way over the debris just as Virgil reached the other two vehicles.

Virgil looked up to see Scott carrying a whimpering toddler over what was left of two vehicles that were piled on top of one another and blocking the entire road. "Here Virg," Scott said, handing the child down to Virgil's waiting hands. "His parents are still in the vehicle and are stable for now. We're going to have to probably cut them from the car."

"Okay, Scott," Virgil said as he took the sobbing child from his brother. "I'll let the others know and we'll get the gear."

"Sounds good, but we need to really be careful with all this jet fuel around," Scott said pushing himself back up the debris to start his slow climb back to the SUV. "I haven't had a chance to check the other vehicles yet, Virgil, there are a lot of them. You and the others might need to start with them and we'll work our way towards each other."

"Alan and Gordy are already ahead of you. Dad dropped them off on the other end of the bridge and they are already heading this way." Virgil looked closer at his brother. "You okay Scott?"

"Yeah, I'm good. Just get that little guy to Thunderbird Two and get him checked out."

"F-A-B, Scott." Virgil turned and carefully made his way back towards Thunderbirds One and Two.

Scott watched for a few minutes to make sure that Virgil didn't have any problems getting through the debris, before he turned and climbed back down to the hood of the SUV. Reaching inside his pack he took out a neck brace and was fitting it on the woman, when he heard his dad screaming his name through the comms link.

"SCOTT, GET OUT OF THERE!" Scott quickly backed out of the SUV when the sound of screeching tires and squealing brakes could be heard in the distance.

"Oh God," Scott breathed as he jumped to his feet and turned towards the sound. There was no time. Just as there was nothing that he could do except pray that his brothers had made it to safety as the oncoming semi slammed into the overturned fuel tanker igniting the jet fuel.

The explosion swept through the entire length of the bridge. Scott was sent flying through the air and over the bridge into the frigid, rushing waters of the river below. He was only partially aware of his brothers and father screaming his name as he thought, "How the hell did he get through the roadblock?"